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Johannesburg, 19 March 1996

        A BOER militant today died in an ANC prison after being denied
amnesty granted to his co-accused (and to Black activists accused of
similar crimes) by South African president Nelson Mandela.

        Lood van Schalkwyk, 52, died of serious internal bleeding in the
state run HF Verwoerd hospital in Pretoria early on Tuesday morning,
screaming in agony while the Black hospital staff either ignored him or
were not present, and the Black prisons service guard lay drunk in a
chair in the same room.

        Lood was serving a life prison sentence for two violent
incidents at the time, and had been booked into the hospital complaining
of internal pains.

        The first incident of which he was convicted took place on 11
August 1990, when a bomb exploded at a crowded Black taxi rank in the
center of Pretoria. No-one was killed in this incident, although dozens
of Blacks were injured.

        The second incident for which Lood received the death penalty
was a blast on 2 October 1990 in Durban, Natal. A home made parcel bomb,
concealed in a computer casing, detonated on the premises of a private
computer company,  PC Plus. A 23 year old White employee of the company
died in the blast.

        PC Plus was fairly well known in the Durban area as being owned
by a left wing sympathizer who specialized in supplying computer
equipment to left wing organizations, including ANC aligned trade
unions. The director of the company was a draft dodger who had refused
to serve in the South African Army. Shortly after this blast Lood and
two other men were arrested - Henry Martin and Adriaan Maritz. After
being charged with the blasts, the men applied for bail but this
application was turned down.

        They then embarked on a prolonged hunger strike, with the men
claiming to have sensitive information which they wished to reveal.
Eventually the publicity surrounding the hunger strike grew so intense
that ANC leader Nelson Mandela visited them personally, after which they
were granted bail.

        The three men then promptly skipped bail. Martin (a British
citizen) and Maritz fled to Britain, while Van Schalkwyk went
underground once again. Martin and Maritz split with Lood van Schalkwyk
over religion - the former two were supporters of the South African
branch of the Church of the Creator, while Lood was a follower of the
Israel Vision (known in America as Christian Identity) belief.

        While in the United Kingdom, Martiz and Martin applied for
political asylum, spinning a cock and bull story to the British that
they were in fact South African military intelligence agents who had
been instructed to infiltrate the right wing to provoke opposition to
the ANC.

        Although patently untrue, and known to be so by all those who
knew the two men personally, this story was taken seriously enough to be
included in the ADL report on the International Church of the Creator.

        Lood was soon re-arrested, tried and sentenced to death in 1992.
Maritz tried to re-enter South Africa in May 1994, and was rearrested at
Jan Smuts airport by the South African Police who had been tipped off by
the British police. He however only spent a short time in jail and he
was given amnesty early in 1995 under an amnesty law granted by the last
white State President of South Africa, FW de Klerk. (Martin was also
granted amnesty, although he never returned to South Africa.)

        De Klerk however only commuted van Schalkwyk's sentence, and did
not grant him amnesty.  For some inexplicable reason Lood was never
granted amnesty, although he clearly qualified for it.

        A committee, appointed by the ANC to review all outstanding
amnesty applications in 1995, recommended to the ANC government that
Lood be released, but Mandela personally turned this recommendation

        Herewith follows a press statement on the matter released by the
AWB on the matter:

Press statement issued by the National Executive of the AWB 19 March


1. Lood van Schalkwyk, Boer Freedom Fighter, died on 19 March 1996,
while still incarcerated by the ANC led government.

2. The AWB extends it's deepest sympathy to the widow and family of Dr.
van Schalkwyk.

3. The Whites of this country must not let this patriot's death be in
vain. On numerous occasions the AWB appealed to the president to release
this man, even though he was not an AWB member, on the grounds that his
continued detention was unjustified and malicious.

4. The alleged offenses for which he was incarcerated were all committed
before the first cut off amnesty date of 8 October 1990, and his two
co-accused were granted amnesty a long time ago. There was no reason at
all, apart from bureaucratic bungling, for Dr. Van Schalkwyk to be in

5. The Currin Commission, appointed by the ANC government to review all
outstanding amnesty applications, in fact recommended to president
Nelson Mandela that Dr. Van Schalkwyk be released - but Mandela turned
this recommendation down.

6. Quite apart from the fact that Dr. Van Schalkwyk qualified for
amnesty years ago, was recommended for such amnesty by a commission
appointed by the ANC, he should have qualified for amnesty on
compassionate grounds as well. His health had been deteriorating for  a
number of years and he was in urgent need of a third heart bypass

7. President Mandela ignored our and many others' requests to release
Dr. Van Schalkwyk. Because of Mandela's refusal to listen to these
reasonable and completely justified requests, he is to blame for the
fact that this man has now tragically died separated from his loved

8. Let it now be clear to all Whites that despite his conciliatory
gestures, Mandela's anti-White racism shines like a beacon from a
mountain top. Compare his handling of the Van Schalkwyk case with the
mass release of thousands of Black murderers and criminals because they
were members of the ANC.

9. Can anyone be surprised that White patriots will do anything to
escape the hell prisons of this anti-White government?

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