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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 10:49:50 GMT
From: (Daniel Keren)
Subject: Re: Kreiberg's 'Exploding Corpses'
Message-ID: (Ole Kreiberg) writes:

# It does however prove the possibility that under certain
# circumstances a body may be capable of exploding, if exposed to
# sudden enourmous heat.

Yes, if there's a grenade in it, maybe.

The microwave story is irrelevant, as noted - totally different
method of heating. BTW, as some other poster noted, the story
about the old lady who put the cat in the microwave to dry it
(causing it to explode) is probably a joke/urban myth; these
stories of cats in microwaves pop up all the time. I read
one about a six-year-old boy who wanted to warm his cat by
putting it in the micro. This is, however, a somewhat moot point.

# Remember that the type of crematory in the concentration-camps
# worked by first drying the body out


# I am not staing that I necessarily agree with Ivan Lagace on this
# point.

Good, there may be some sanity left.

# I am just suggesting the possibilty that he could be right.

Yeh, yeh.

Suppose... suppose there would have been a testimony from a
survivor/SS-man about corpses exploding with great force when
put into the furnaces. Would the revisionazis accept it? Of course
not, they would say it's crazy, impossible, etc. When they say
it, it's "a possibility".

Legace's opinion rests very heavily on this "exploding corpses"
thing; because of this danger, so he said, the furnaces would
have to be cooled down for a very long time between cremations,
and therefore it would only be possible to cremate 4 corpses a
day in one furnace. If the "exploding corpses" conjecture is untrue,
all of Legace's argument vanishes right into the black hole of
revisionazi garbage, lies, and insanity.

-Danny Keren.

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