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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:34:56 GMT
From: (Daniel Keren)
Subject: Re: The reason I defend the nazis

Kreiberg now resorts to quoting the opinion of Ivan Legace,
who testified on behalf of Zundel.

Legace's testimony is right in there with the testimonies
of Leuchter and others who testified on Zundel's behalf - all
have lied through their teeth.

Let us look at what Legace said:

1) A cremation furnace can only burn three (!!) corpses a
   day. (Legace "proved" this by another fantastic argument
   see 2).

This is, indeed, a new record of "revisionist" insanity. In 1951,
Topf (the same firm that built the Birkenau furnaces), submitted
a patent for a furnace that could cremate a corpse in "30-45
minutes". Numerous other documents written during the war cite
the same duration of time for a cremation. Legace's "3 corpses
a day" is utterly ridiculous.

2) Legace reaches new heights, claiming that the furnace needs
   to be cooled down for a long period of time, otherwise, so
   he seems to claim, the corpses inserted to it may "explode"
   because of the heat.

This seems like total insanity, and, moreover, it contradicts
all the literature on the subject posted here. Can a corpse
"explode" when it is inserted into a hot furnace? Comments?
It may well catch fire and burn, but "explode"!?

Are there any recorded cases in which people who were burned
have "exploded"? Say, someone trapped in a burning building,
or people who commit suicide by dousing themselves with
gasoline and setting themselves afire - are there recorded
cases in which such people "exploded"? What about people killed
in bombing raids, where there were great fires raging? Has any
of them "exploded"?

3) Legace rules out open-air cremation of a great number of
   corpses, by arguing it takes time and energy. It did take time
   and energy, but it was done. Holocaust-deniers, after all,
   agree that numerous corpses of Germans killed in air-raids
   were burned in the open. But then, maybe they claim it's
   different with Jews...

-Danny Keren.

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