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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 10:11:43 -0100
From: (Ole Kreiberg)
Subject: Re: The reason I defend the nazis

In article , Daniel Keren wrote:
>Ole Kreiberg's article is amazingly stupid in a few regards.
>First, he suggested that burning the corpses in ditches is
>less efficient than burning them on pyres, because it "takes
>more time to clean the ditch". 
>Now, Kreiberg has never burned corpses, has never burned corpses
>on a pyre, has never burned corpses in a ditch, has never erected 
>a pyre and put corpses on it, yet he can state with total
>certainty that burning them on pyres is more efficient - even
>when it is pointed out to him that one obvious advantage
>of ditches over pyres is that one doesn't have to lift
>all the corpses and put them on top of the pyre.
>I've always been amazed by ignorant fools who endlessly babble
>about areas they know nothing - zilch, zero - about. Kreiberg
>knows nothing, absolutely nothing, about burning corpses - he
>never burned a corpse, did he? Then how does he "know" that
>it takes more time to clean a ditch than to erect a pyre and put
>the corpses on top of it? Did the ghost of Paul Blobel whisper
>it to his ear one gloomy night?

   Well I am certainly not an expert in cremation, and the same goes for
 Mr. Keren (Ph.D in computer science). However I do rely on experts such 
 as Ivan Lagace, who is the leader of the crematory in Calgary, Canada.
 Ivan Lagace testified in the Zundel-case. According to him it would only 
 be possible to cremate 3 bodies per day in each crematory. After the first
 body is burnt the oven needs 1 hour to cool down. After the second cremation 
 the oven needs 2 hours to cool down. After the third cremation the oven 
 needs 3 hours to cool down. The type crematory in Auschwitz needed to cool
 down, because else the new body might explode because of the sudden 
 exposure to the enormous heat. Such an explosion would have destroyed the  
 heat-resisting inner lining, which would have meant a repair of the 
 duration of one week. In the court he was also asked of the possibility  
 of burning hundred-thousands of bodies in the open air. Here he just
 laughed and talked about how much time and energy, it takes just to burn
 a single body. 
   As far as I know, he has never been contradicted by other cremation-
 experts. Why Mr. Keren is it so stupid to rely on real experts in cremation
 rather than on some military-trained SS-men and some Jewish-eyewitness?  

>The rest of his article goes on in the same vain - Kreiberg keeps
>making claims he cannot prove, about processes he knows
>nothing about. Then, he goes on to dismiss all testimonies
>by everyone who was in the camps, both survivors and SS-men.
>Naturally, if someone contradicts what Kreiberg says, he must
>not be believed, right?
>Kreiberg's articles capture, in a nutshell, the whole "spirit"
>of Holocaust-denial. He contradicts logic, he writes about
>things he knows nothing about and has never experimented with,
>and he dismisses all the evidence that contradicts his incredibly
>idiotic assertions.
>-Danny Keren.
>"He is a second Dirac, only this time human" | "Atem noar, atem? 
>  -Eugene Wigner, about Richard Feynman      |  Atem &^%$#@!!"
>                                             |  -Alexander Shapira

Ole Kreiberg

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