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Subject: Re: Brit rabbi admits 6,000,000 is fraud
Date: 28 Jun 1996 20:52:49 GMT
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A Huber ( wrote:
: >"The invention of magnetic recording tape is variously attributed to
: >J.A. O'Neill, who is said to have created a paper version in 1927 in
: >the United States, and the German engineer Fritz Pfleumer, who in 1928
: >developed a tape made by bonding a thin coating of oxide to strips of
: >either paper or film.  It was Pfleumer who filed the first audiotape
: >patent in 1929...
: In those days there was a significant time lag between 'invention' and 
: public familiarity. 

Yes, indeed.  However, we weren't talking about public familiarity--
we were talking about invention.  You claimed that magnetic tape wasn't
invented until the 50's, presumably as a ploy to discredit certain tapes
which have been presented to counter revisionist nonsense.  That was either
a lie or an indication of ignorance; magnetic tape was invented in the early
30s and was widely used for propaganda purposes by the Nazi government.
You're caught, Huber.  Give it up.

: Prior to the fifties, there were NO magnetic tape media available 
: to either industry or the masses. 

We aren't talking about "industry or the masses"; we're talking about
the Nazi government.

: Such devices were experimental in nature. 

No, they were not experimental.  Perhaps they weren't commercially viable,
but they were way past he experimental stage by the time the war started.

: Alva Edison made many such discoveries & inventions, most of which 
: took decades to reach consumers.

We're not talking about consumers, Huber.  We're talking about the Nazi
government.  You lied, you got caught.  Give it up.


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