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Allen, Jerry: Directors of Destiny. 
Good Housekeeping 109 .pp. 30.31 1939.                                                                                      

The despair, the feeling of failure in her own life, never left 
(Klara Poelzl). She waited only for the day, when her son 
would realize all the hopes that she hadrenounced [sic]. 
She wanted him to have... education, money, a place in the 
world. (Her).... unhappiness drove her more and more to 
expect great things of her first-born, Adolf, her best 
loved. Her second child ... was always given secondplace 
[sic]. From the day he was born ... Klara Hitler fussed 
over her son Adolf. He was a sickly child, and he became, 
as he has since said, his mother's "pet". She could see 
no flaw in him, and many of those ever-recurring quarrels 
in the Hitler household were over Adolf. His father, a 
hard man himself, thought he was soft and coddled too 
much by his mother. Sober or not, he seldom lost his 
chance to lunge at his whimpering son with a cuff or 
a kick. And every time Klara, white with rage, would 
fly to Adolf's aid, taking the blows herself....

When later he brought back poor report cards, she was 
sure it was the fault of the schools, and she moved him 
from one to another.... In drawing and gymnasium... he was 
usually marked excellent. Klara was proud of that. She 
said Adolf would be an artist, a famous artist. And all 
artists, all great artists were "moonstruck." Her boy 
was different from other boys....

...She was afraid that he might  grow up to be like 
his father, a man who drank too much, ate too much, 
smoked too much... Day after day she drilled it into 
the boy that his father's life was wrong. She swung 
him away from every temptation that he, by himself, 
would not have been strong enough to resist. So he 
did not run around with the boys of his age; he did 
not have a girl as they did, he did not drink or smoke. 
He avoided the taverns where the townspeople went....

Adolf hated his father. Fearing him, Adolf learned 
to lie facilely to avoid the conflicts he knew he 
must lose. Klara did not mind her son's audacious 
lies - she almost believed them....

....Until he was eighteen Adolf loafed at home, doing 
odd jobs for his adoring mother... She left her... son, 
penniless, too proud to work, and trained for nothing....

....Ever since then Adolf Hitlerhas [sic] has been trying 
to justify his mother's faith in him. (She) ... gave him 
his mission in life and his wish to achieve it; but his 
father alos [sic] gave him an inheritance....first of all 
a ruthless willpower that may break, but will never 
bend. From his father, too, Hitler learned what fear is 
and what force can do... He saw that the ability to give 
(him) those beatings, pure force (made his father) boss, 
even in his own home. And he has never forgotten that 
in boss rule it is force that counts....

...he is internally frightened... an unsure yet undeviating 
man who bursts into tears when his will is obstructed....

... Klara Hitler never cured a great deal of her son's 
weakness. For nineteen years she helped him to build 
an arrogant covering for it, and she coached him in 
greatness. She gave him a god complex, but she could 
not make him a god.

Allen, Jerry: Directors of Destiny. Good Housekeeping 109. 

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