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Subject: Smith - den Ouden Exchange on the CODOH site
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I just read the exchange between Brad Smith and myself as posted on the =
CODOH site.  It is substantially correct, although there are a few =
typos. He omits bits and pieces indicated by (...) so if you want the =
complete exchange, I'll send it along.  Since he quoted a piece of my =
article about Nizkor from our last libertarian newsletter, let me =
reprint the entire article here:

Holocaust Historian Supports Net Nazis
Ken McVay, the British Columbian who runs the Nizkor Project, a huge =
website that systematically refutes every scrap of Holocaust revisionist =
literature on the Internet, says Jewish and anti-racist groups are wrong =
to try and get B.C. Tel to pull the plug on an Oliver, B.C. Internet =
service provider who hosts racist and revisionist websites on his =
     Fairview Technology Centre, the ISP at the center of the =
controversy, hosts sites for white supremacists, skinheads and holocaust =
deniers. After failing to find legal means to shut down Fairview, the =
B'nai Brith and the Vancouver based Canadian Anti-Racism Education and =
Research Society are now trying to get B.C. Tel to deny service to =
    McVay  has been fighting Holocaust revisionism on the Net the way it =
should be fought - intellectually. For six years he has been compiling a =
huge archive of literature on the subject and personally monitoring and =
responding to every revisionist post on Usenet.  He even offers to =
exchange links with revisionist sites. Read their stuff, he says, then =
read mine and then make up your mind.  Ernst Zundel was skeptical, at =
first, and reluctant to post a link to the Nizkor site on his =
Zundelsite. After a lengthy corrspondence, he agreed. (The =
correspondence is reproduced on the Nizkor site.)  Two other revisionist =
sites, including that of Greg Raven, head of the Institute for =
Historical Review, have refused to cross-link.  In such cases, McVay =
unilaterally links to their sites anyway. He believes the truth will not =
come out by stifling dissent and discussion.=20
    McVay proudly displays the Electronic frontier Foundation's Blue =
Ribbon freedom of speech logo on his front page with the declaration =
that "Nizkor supports the EFF's Blue Ribbon Campaign. and opposes =
censorship in all forms, and in particular strongly opposes violence as =
a "response" to speech."
     What a breath of fresh air after the censorship antics of the =
professional anti-hate activists. As B.C.Civil Liberties executive =
member Sam Black puts it, "the best recipe for bad speech is more =
      Recently anti-racism activist Alan Dutton (who accused the ISIL =
Conference of racism two years ago) called for legislation to make the =
possession of racist literature a crime.  McVay reprints the primary =
holocaust denial material verbatim on his website as well as linking to =
the revisionist sites. Would Dutton prosecute McVay?
    The Nizkor archives can be found at and the =
Fairview website can be found at  They  have put up a =
"Friends of Freedom" newsletter which documents all the attempts to =
stifle free expression in Canada from Zundel to Doug Collins. Both sites =
are worth a look see.

So far I have sent and received seven emails from Brad Smith plus a few =
other exchanges with David Thomas who reads Brad's mail and jumps in =
with a comment of his own now and then.  My most recent missive to Brad =
has not yet been added at the site.


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