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Subject: Einsatzgruppen: Operational Situation Report: USSR No. 24 
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Keywords: Einsatzgruppen, Daugavpils, Riga

The Chief of the Security Police and the SD

Berlin, July 16, 1941

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Einsatzgruppe A:
Location: Riga
EK 1b
Location: Daugavpils

	Daugavpils was occupied by the German troops on July 6. The greater
part of the town was burned down during the following 2-3 days. Only a
relatively small part of the town was damaged through direct fighting. The
fires on the days that followed were caused by arson. Before leaving the
town, The Russians released a proclamation in which they ordered the town to
be burned. The Jews are said to have participated in the burnings. 5 Jews
were caught red-handed during the first 3 days and were immediately shot.
	Of the vital services, the electrical works are totally gutted by
fire. Only the reservoirs and water towers of the waterworks are destroyed;
thus a limited supply of water is available for the population. The water
system is intact.
	The population, with the exception of a very few, had fled from the
town. At present, there are approximately 8,000 persons in town again. The
steady flow of returning inhabitants can be observed.
	The attitude of the Latvians is absolutely positive. They are
solelyinterested in creating conditions in Daugavpils that will enable the
population to renew the most vital services for normal life.
	So far, no political involvement has been observed. Activity and
interest of the leading Latvians are absolutely guided by the conditions
caused by the destruction of the town.
	The Latvians, including the leading activists, have been, so far,
absolutely passive in their anti-semitic attitudes, not daring to take
action against Jews. Until now, Dunaburg had about 45,000 inhabitants, 50%
of whom were Jews. They ruled the town absolutely. As the Russians left, the
Jews spread the rumor that the Russians would return soon. Thus, unlike the
Lithuanians who had an active attitude, the Latvians are hesitatingly
organizing and forming a front against the Jews. The Latvian population has
been further weakened as the Russians, during the last fourteen days before
the war's outbreak, deported about 500 Latvian families belonging to the
intelligentsia to Central Russia.
	Since July 3, the Latvians have a town administration and an
auxiliary police force. Both organizations headed by the former Latvian
captain, Petersons.
	The auxiliary police force consists of former police constables,
members  of the former Latvian Amy, and members of the former ATZSARGI
organization (Organization for Self Defense). The latter was founded during
the Ulmanis dictatorship in 1934. Its individual members did not swear
allegiance to him; so it is reported.
	Owing to the initiative of the EK (Einsatzkommando), the auxiliary
police force at present consists of 240 men and has been strictly organized.
New men are currently being enlisted. They help the EK as auxiliary police
and are on duty in the 6 police districts established so far. Some members
have been assigned to criminal police and security police work.
	By July 7 the Latvians arrested 1125 Jews, 32 political prisoners,
85 Russian workers, and 2 women criminals, the greater part during the last
days. This is due to the EK backing the Latvians. Actions against the Jews
are going on in an ever-increasing number. Conforming to a suggestion of the
EK, the Jews are being evacuated by the auxiliary police force from all
houses still standing. The apartments are being allocated to non-Jewish
inhabitants. The Jewish families are being driven out of town by the
Latvians; most of the men have been arrested.
	The food supply is inadequate as nearly all stocks were destroyed by
	The arrested Jewish men are shot without ceremony and interred in
previously prepared graves. Until now the EK 1b has shot 1150 Jews in
	The advance units of EK 1a Sandberger are located in Pskov, Fellin,
Pernau, and before Dorpat, EK 1b Ehrlinger is in Zilupe (Rosenhof) and
	In Riga, Einsatzkommando 2 sifted through the entire documentary
materials, searched all offices, arrested the leading Communists as far as
they could be found. These actions initiated against the Jews were headed by
SS-Sturbannfuhrer Barth and were carried out in an exemplary manner. At
present, 600 Communists and 2,000 Jews are under arrest. 400 Jews were
killed during pogroms in Riga, since the arrival of EK 2; 300 by the Latvian
auxiliary police and partly by our units. The prisons will be emptied
completely during the next few days. Outside of Riga, within Latvia, an
additional 1,600 Jews were liquidated by EK 2.
	The political considerations are still not clear. Various Latvian
groups have finally come together. With German officials they try to
commence their work, but so far, with no success. Clarification of these
conditions would be highly desirable, as well as an indication of the
expected directions of political developments. Because of the urgency of
settling the economic questions, contact has been made with the higher SS
and police leaders and the German Army. Agreement has been achieved.

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