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Subject: Re: Julius Streicher - Pornographer 2 Sara
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Belling can't seem to reply in the group:


I'm not much on putting porno on the newgroup, but I can track it down
if you want the trash posted. I haven't read "Screw" so I have no
comparison. I don't think the people of Streicher's time had "Screw"
to do comparisons with either.

 Belling retorts: You have not provided proof that Streicher published

I have to reply that I am amazed that he disbelieves the words of the
Germans and the Nazis in their descriptions of Steicher's stuff. It
was always pornographic, Mr. Belling, but it sometimes was. I did post
you an actual sample in another thread.

Belling points out something that I wasn't trying to do: " nor can you
provide an explanation as to why this man was hanged."

Let's try stuff from Der Stuermer:

"Der Stuermer's 15 years of enlightenment has already led an army of
initiated--millions strong--to Natinal Socialism. The continued work
of Der Stuermer will help assure that every German down to the last
man will, with heart and hand, join the ranks of those whose aim it is
to crush the head of the serpent Pan-Juda beneath their heels. He who
helps to bring this about helps to eliminate the devil, and this devil
is the Jew."

September 1939: "The Jewish people ought to be exterminated root and
branch. Then the plague of pests would have disappeared in Poland also
at one stroke."

December 1939:"The day will come some time when the French will awake.
Then they will slay the Jews in masses."

February 1940: "Atthe end of this Jewish war the extermination of the
Jewish people will have been brought about."

March 1940: "The Jew is a devil in human form. It is fitting that he
be exterminated root and branch."

September 1940: "Not for nothing did the Fuehrer say: 'A war in Europe
will  ring about the complete extermination of the Jews in this part
of the world.'"

November 1940: "The Jewish rabble will be exterminated like weeds and
vermin so that it can never again disturb the bloodily fought for
peace of the European peoples."

January 1941: "Now judgement has begun and it will reach its
conclusion only when knowledge of the Jews has been erased from the

August 1941: "Behind the German Wehrmacht, however, a new, awakened
Europe is marching. And this new Europe will see to it tat the Jewish
devils of the Soviet hell are annihilated for all time."

December 1941: "If the danger of reproduction of that curse of God in
Jewish blood is to finally come to its end, then there is only one
way: The extermination of that people whose father is the devil."

November 1943: "It is actually true that the Jews have so to speak
disappeared from Europe and that the Jewish 'Reservoir of the East'
>from  which the Jewish perstilence has for centuries beset the peoples
of Europe, has ceased to exist. But the Fuehrer of the German people
at the beginning of the war prophesied what has now come to pass."

[quotes are from _Tyranny on Trial_ by Smith]

STREICHER: " . . . For his 25 years of speaking, writing and preaching
hatred of the Jews, Steicher was widely known as 'Jew-Baiter Number
1.' In his speeches and articles, week after week, month after month,
he infected the German people to active persecution . . . Streicher
had charge of the Jewish boycott of April 1, 1933. He advocated the
Nuremberg Decrees of 1935. He was responsible for the demolition on
August 10, 1938, of the synagogue in Nuremberg. And on November 10,
1938, he spoke publically in support of the Jewish pogroms which were
taking place at that time. But it was not only in Germany that this
defendent advocated his doctrines. As early as 1938 he began to call
for the annihilation of the Jewish race . . . With knowledge of the
extermination of the Jews in occupied Eastern Territories, this
defendant continued to write and publish his propaganda of death . .
.Streicher's incitement to murder and extermination at the time when
Jews in the East were being killed under the most horrible conditions
clearly constitutes persecution on political and racial grounds in
connection with war crimes, as defined by the Charter, and constitutes
a crime against humanity.

Verdict: GUILTY on count 4
Sentence: Death by hanging.

[From _Nuremberg Diary_ By G.M. Gilbert, Farrar Straus, 1947, pp

Belling suggests per children:  Perhaps adhereing to some of
Streicher's advice might be commendable.

Take a look at some of that advice above.

Belling:Show me court
 records where he was convicted in a court of law for sex crimes,

I must reply that I'm not the expert on Steicher as Mr. Belling seems
to be.

Mike Curtis E-mail

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