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+   E X C L U S I V E   I N T E R V I E W   +
+ (ANA) Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 16/5/95 +

*I'm talking with Tim Mudde of the National People's Party/CP'86
*Could you introduce the CP'86 for those who are not familiar with it?

The CP'86 developed from an old party which was founded in 1980's under
the name Center Party. The word Center was in a meaning of being not
capitalist and not communist. An early form of Third Way politics in The
Netherlands. In 1984 there was a split and the more radical fraction, they
reformed under the name Center Party '86, CP'86. In the beginning of the
90's there's a large group of young people who became members of the CP'86
and than the politics became pretty much radical, more or less like the
BNP in England. Because the old fraction which was sort of kicked out of
the Center Party reformed under the name CD instead of CP we had to change
our name, and that was in November 1994. We changed our name to National
People's Party/CP'86. Our politics have become more educational, radical,
we try to break away from mainstream right-wing politics, and we now say
that we're national revolutionary. We think in the Third Position way. 

*Recently you are engaged in a trial against your propaganda, that they
take as racist. Could you tell us more about the trial?

Yes, In September '93, our houses were searched, the houses of our members
of our board, the presidium. They tried to locate weapons and all sorts of
illegal things. But since they didn't manage in that we were trailed for
our propaganda, which we used in elections in 1994, mainly for
town-councils and for parliament. Because they couldn't find anything
blatantly racist or blatantly anti-Jewish they now try to convict us on
our usual very mild form of propaganda. I think the people in the States
wouldn't understand what the fuss is all about. The only thing we say is,
that there's more black criminals than white criminals, we don't even say
that's a biological thing. We just happen to see things clearly.

*What are the consequences of the trial?

In the 2nd of May in 95 we were convicted as being a criminal
organization, with some heavy fines for the members and for the party,
also jail sentences on probation. Of course we will take this to a higher
court, because we think if we really get convicted there will be no more
nationalist opposition in The Netherlands, and probably elsewhere in Europe
because the European Union is working closely together to out-ban every
form of nationalist movement.

*Could you say more specificly what they consider illegal slogans or

One of our leaflets was a post against the multiracial society which we
think is not more than a waste bin were they mix cultures, where they get
out the one-world idea, the MTV, Coca Cola sort of thing. An other leaflet
read "Don't let yourself be discriminated just because you're Dutch". And
an other on which is one of our main slogans read "Our own people first".
Which is also the slogan of the fourth biggest party in Flanders and if
they ban it in The Netherlands there's a big change they'll try to ban the
Flemish Block also. Which means nearly 20% of the Flemish voters will be
convicted as criminals in some sort of way.

*Thank you

You're welcome.

+ Arisch Nieuws Agentschap - Nederland  +

"Trouw Is Een Daad" 88/14

_ADL Releases Report On Militias_ (ANA)

According to a report released yesterday (6/17/95) by the Anti-Defamation 
Leagu(ADL), membership in "paramilitary militias" has increased since the 
City bombing.  The report, which was based on surveys of local police reports
conducted by the ADL and "anecdotal information," says that there are 15,000
militia members in at least 40 states.  The ADL accuses militia groups of
stockpiling weapons and says that the militias use fax networks and the 
Interne"to promote their conspiratorial, anti-government, anti-gun 
control, and
sometimes anti-Semitic message."


_National Front Victorious_ (ANA)

The "far-right" National Front Party of France has achieved several 
victories iFrench elections today (6/19/95).  The city of Toulon, whose 
population is
170,000, has elected a member of the Front as mayor.  The southern cities of
Marignane and Orange also elected mayors from the Front.  Defense Minister
Charles Million called the victories "a genuine fracture of society."  A
coalition of anti-racism groups told civic groups in Toulon, Marignane and
Orange to moblize against the Front.  They said "The National Front must be
fought neighborhood by neighborhood, building by building, idea by idea."


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