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A periodic publication of the
B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission


No. 3, October 2001

2001 Federal election



The B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) is committed to
documenting all manifestations of organised racism in Australia. With the
approach of the 2001 Federal election, it is important to investigate
possible racist links in the political arena. The listing below is aimed at
identifying possible links between organised racist groups and candidates
who are or who have been members of such groups, have expressed support for
their activities, participated or spoken at their events, and/or have
promoted their views. (Candidates for the racist Citizens Electoral Council
and the Curtin Labor Alliance, are listed under the heading "Parties".)

The views of some candidates may have changed since being associated with a
racist group. Some candidates may no longer hold views that they once held.


Candidate: Denis Collins
Party: One Nation
Seat: Bass
Racist links: Citizens Electoral Council, AUSI Freedom Scouts, The Strategy

Collins is a former Country Liberal Party, and later an Independent, Member
of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly. In 1991 (by then an
Independent) he stated in the NT Parliament that "pornography and associated
crimes were linked to Jewish organisations and US drug lords". The contents
of this diatribe were lifted from a publication of the US Lyndon LaRouche
neo-fascist cult, which contends that a cabal of Jewish bankers is trying to
subjugate the world. Collins has in fact been a member of the LaRouchian
Australian arm, the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC), visited the US on a
LaRouche-sponsored tour, authored articles in the CEC's newspaper, and
spoken at a CEC conference in Melbourne. Collins has also written for the
racist newspaper, The Strategy, and admitted to being the Northern Territory
contact for the militia group, AUSI Freedom Scouts, which believes in an
impending Asian invasion of Australia.

>From the NT, Collins moved to Yanco in southern NSW where he hosted meetings
in his home for both Australia First and One Nation. He stood as an
Independent in the 1998 Federal election for the seat of Riverina, NSW,
receiving 1.64% of the total votes. He has since moved to Tasmania.


Candidate: Selwyn Johnston
Party: Independent
Seat: Blair
Racist links: Australian League of Rights, The Strategy

Johnston is the head of the Rural Action Movement of Queensland (RAM), which
is an influential force in far-right political circles in the State. He has
written reports in the racist newspaper, The Strategy, and for the
Queensland far-right paper, The New Australia Times, and has spoken at
Australian League of Rights' events, and acted as a contact for their forums
in Queensland. When questioned on an ABC TV Four Corners program in April
2001 about his ties with the League of Rights, Johnston categorically denied
any such association. But when asked whether he had any problems with the
League he responded that he has no problem with "just about anything, so
long as they're getting the message out to the people as where we should be
going rather than where we are going". When told by the program's compere
that the League is virulently antisemitic, Johnston replied: "That's your
terminology. I wouldn’t have said that at all".

Johnston is particularly outspoken in his criticism of Native Title,
describing it as "highly discriminatory" and "divisive". He has also
referred to the "Wik mess" and demanded that ATSIC be abolished. Johnston
believes that the United Nations Draft Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples is "just another attempt at establishing world government
by stealth and deception".

Queensland members of Graeme Campbell's far-right Australia First Party
(which has effectively merged with One Nation) are lending their time and
expertise to Johnston in his election campaign.

Candidate: Tony Pitt
Party: Independent
Seat: Wide Bay
Racist links: Australian League of Rights

A prolific writer on far-right issues, Pitt is the former editor of the
now-defunct right-wing Confederate Action Party newspaper and has been
active in One Nation. He disseminates his ideas through his website and
self-published newspapers, National Interest, Wake Up Australia, Student
News and Rural Action Movement News. Pitt has spoken at the far-right
Inverell Forum, acts as a contact for Australian League of Rights’ forums,
and promotes League of Rights' tracts in his newspapers.

Pitt rails against:
* Aboriginal rights ("the real aim of those who control the
ALP/DEM/LIB/NAT/GREENS is civil war - black against white. They seek to
divide and conquer, call in the UN, and then take it all");
* foreign investment ("if you knew that the USA is controlled by foreign
bankers would you find it easier to believe that Australia is too?");
* multiculturalism ("the whole multicultural industry is parasitic political
* the media ("lies and deceit are powerful tools used by the mainstream
media to control the ordinary people in Australia and indeed throughout the
world"); and
* the Government ("instead of warning the Australian people that we were
being pushed around by multinational corporations, swindled by international
bankers, dictated to by the UN, and bought out by foreigners, the political
parties that have governed Australia for the past 30 years have actually
cooperated in the process").

Pitt is also a strident critic of anti-gun laws, voicing support for the
Port Arthur conspiracy theory, which contends that the 1996 massacre of 35
people in Tasmania was a Government plot to disarm Australians as part of a
"New World Order".


Candidate: David Dwyer
Party: One Nation
Seat: Wakefield
Racist links: Australian Independent Alliance/Australian Freedom Foundation

Dwyer is associated with the Australian Freedom Foundation (AFF). He ran as
a candidate in the 1993 South Australian State election for the Australian
Independent Alliance (AIA), which in 1994 transformed into the AFF. Earlier
this year he addressed the AFF's far-right Adelaide Forum. There is a clear
link between the AFF and the Australian League of Rights: leaders of the AFF
have spoken at League events and have published articles in League
publications; the AFF newsletter has cited League leaders and publications;
and the ultra-nationalist, fundamentalist Christian, pro-monarchist approach
of the AFF appears to mirror that of the League. The AFF newsletter is
replete with references to the alleged Socialist "One World Government", and
has claimed that "We have traitors in our governments who are quite prepared
to allow foreigners to take over this country and change its formerly
Christian based laws".

Candidate: Jack King
Party: Independent
Seat: Boothby
Racist links: Australian League of Rights, Adelaide Institute

King has spoken to the Australian League of Rights and has received support
from Fredrick Toben and his Holocaust-denying Adelaide Institute. He has
espoused rabid antisemitic views, including invoking the claim of the
notorious Czarist forgery, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, that
Jews are behind an insidious plot to achieve world domination. At a 1999
rally in Sydney protesting against NATO air strikes in Yugoslavia, King
publicly accused the "Elders of Zion" of waging war in the Balkans and
alleged that the "Western media is almost entirely owned by Zionists".

In October 2000, King addressed a Palestinian protest outside the US
consulate general in Sydney. He decried the "lies, deceit, hatred and
brutality of those Talmudic, Zionist Jews" and claimed that "the United
States is controlled by Zionist Jews and their stooges, who run America and
the White House". Jews are also allegedly "imbued with a very deep hatred of
Christianity" and a "key objective" of Judaism is "to destroy Christianity
as well as to gain world control". The "Zionist Jews” are also "invading and
taking over Australia" and "are behind the divisive, non-assimilating,
extreme multicultural policies and the present friction between Aborigines
and other Australians". The media is supposedly "dominated by Zionist
Jews... It is responsible for promoting the Holocaust lie... and the
undermining of our morality, sovereignty, culture and independence". King
calls on the Palestinians and all Australians to "get the right people in
Parliament before it is too late".


Candidate: Graeme Campbell
Party: One Nation
Seat: Senate
Racist links: Australian League of Rights

>From 1980-1995, Campbell held the Federal electorate of Kalgoorlie for the
Australian Labor Party (ALP). The ALP subsequently voted 20-0 to strip him
of the party's endorsement, principally over his association with the racist
right. Campbell had begun to forge links with the Australian League of
Rights in 1993 and has since addressed the group's meetings on numerous
occasions. He has described the League of Rights as simply "an odd bunch who
just happen to believe in God, Queen and country". Campbell has also made
numerous remarks over the years attacking Asians, Aborigines, Jews, Muslims,
and other minorities. (These were detailed in the May 2001 ADC Special
Report on Campbell.)

Campbell's candidature for One Nation follows years of association with
other far-right parties, including the xenophobic Australians Against
Further Immigration and his own Australia First Party (which has since
merged with One Nation).


Candidate: Rex Connor
Party: Advance Australia Party
Seat: Senate
Racist links: Australian League of Rights

The son of a minister in the Whitlam Labor Government, Connor has made a
name for himself in extremist circles by speaking to the Australian League
of Rights on several occasions, attacking the Australian Labor Party for
having "sold out Australia". It is alleged by the League of Rights that
Connor is "critical of immigration policy, multiculturalism, foreign
investment, UN intervention". In 1988 Connor set up the Wollongong-based
Advance Australia Party to promote his views. The Party has attacked any
notion of apologising to the Aborigines, railed against the "subjugation of
Australia by any UN inspired treaties", and in 1994 accused the then Labor
Government of showing "animosity towards out Anglo-Celtic forebears to whom
we owe so much".

Candidate: Bevan O'Regan
Party: Independent
Seat: Gwydir
Racist links: Australian League of Rights

O'Regan is an activist in the Australian League of Rights. He has spoken at
numerous League functions and the League funded his video, "Your Council the
target". O'Regan has been quoted as bitterly opposing Asian immigration,
claiming there is a "One World Government", and alleging that AIDS is part
of an international conspiracy. He has previously stood as a candidate for
both Australians Against Further Immigration and One Nation and was also one
of the drafters of One Nation’s constitution.

O'Regan is currently a keyworker for the extremist political party, The
Great Australians, which was unable to register with the Electoral
Commission in time for the election.


Candidate: Robyn Spencer
Party: One Nation
Seat: Senate
Racist links: Australian League of Rights

A founding member of the xenophobic party, Australians Against Further
Immigration (AAFI), Spencer later defected to One Nation, authoring its 1998
immigration policy and becoming its Victorian President. Following the 1998
Federal election she split with One Nation over electoral funding issues,
but returned to the fold in May 2001, helping the party to revamp its
immigration policy. Spencer has spoken on several occasions at Australian
League of Rights’ events.

Candidate: John Pasquarelli
Party: Independent
Seat: Bendigo
Racist links: Australian Civil Liberties Union

Pasquarelli, a former political adviser to Pauline Hanson, has served as the
Secretary of one of Victoria's foremost racist and Holocaust-denying
organisations, the Australian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Not to be
confused with the respected Australian Council for Civil Liberties, the
deceptively-titled ACLU is a small organisation dedicated to the advancement
of a range of racist views, including denial of the Holocaust, that hate
crimes against Jews are "hoaxes", that the "Asian invasion must be stopped",
and that Aboriginal reconciliation is "a white man’s guilt trip".
Interviewed on Steve Price's program on Melbourne Radio 3AW in August 2000,
Pasquarelli repeatedly refused to answer the question as to whether he
supports the Holocaust-denying views of the ACLU, instead suggesting that
the "Jewish community's pretty well split right down the centre" on the
subject. He also claimed that he has "found no evidence" that the ACLU is a
racist organisation.


The listing of candidates above illustrates that links remain between One
Nation and racist groups. However, the ADC believes it counterproductive to
expose those One Nation-lookalike political parties which are not known to
have any clear associations with an organised racist group. Publicising the
existence of such groups - all of whom have virtually no chance of winning
seats - could merely serve to assist them in advancing their profile-seeking
aims. Therefore, the list bellows consists only of those parties which are
themselves fronts for organised racist groups.

***  Citizens Electoral Council

By utilising its registration as a political party as a front for its
fundraising operations, the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) has become
Australia’s best-financed racist organisation. As the Australian arm of the
US-based Lyndon LaRouche neo-fascist political cult, the CEC believes in an
impending world economic crisis, allegedly orchestrated by a cabal of Jewish
bankers based in the City of London. In supposed association with the Jews
are the Queen and Prince Phillip. The Queen is the alleged head of an
international drug cartel and Prince Phillip is "an evil man" who "cooked
up" Aboriginal land rights “on behalf of the international financial
Oligarchy [a LaRouchian code term for the Jews] which he heads, in order to
stop economic development, to splinter nation-states, and to grab control of
precious raw materials". The CEC sees cult leader Lyndon LaRouche's economic
and political policies as the only course of action open to them to save the
world from the Jews.

By deceptively promoting itself as a grassroots labour and political
movement, the CEC has sought to make its operations look more respectable
and to attract converts from the trade union movement, particularly in
Western Australia. It has also used its status as a political party to
legitimise its operation when preying upon elderly and naïve Australians to
give up their life savings towards the CEC cause. Electoral returns for the
CEC reveal that over the past four years it has raised over $3.1 million,
with over $1.1 raised during 1999-2000. It is believed that a substantial
proportion of these funds are directed towards Lyndon LaRouche’s operations
in the US.

CEC candidates:
Noelene Isherwood - Senate, Vic
Robert Barwick - Senate, Vic
Doug Mitchell - Aston, Vic
Wayne Barwick - Batman, Vic
Sleiman Yohanna - Calwell, Vic
Gareth Hill - Corio, Vic
Frank Williams - Gippsland, Vic
Simon Joseph Hall - Hotham, Vic
Heather Stanton - Isaacs, Vic
Paul Gallagher - Jagajaga, Vic
Andre Kozlowski - Maribyrnong, Vic
Jeremy Beck - Melbourne Ports, Vic
Trudy Campbell - Scullin, Vic
Craig Isherwood - Wills, Vic
Robert Butler - Senate, NSW
Glenys Collins - Senate, NSW
David Simpson - Calare, NSW
Hal Johnson - Fowler, NSW
Jean McClung - Gilmore, NSW
Richard Witten - Gwydir, NSW
Ann Lawler - Hunter, NSW
Graeme Muldoon - Lyne, NSW
Angela Griffiths - Page, NSW
Tony King - Paterson, NSW
Ken Martin - Robertson, NSW
Danny Hope - Senate, Qld
Nick Contarino - Senate, Qld
Lindsay David Cosgrove - Blair, Qld
Ray Gillham - Capricornia, Qld
Jan Pukallus - Dawson, Qld
Judith Harris - Kennedy, Qld
Leslie Vernon Hardwick - Longman, Qld
Cindy Rolls - Maranoa, Qld
Maurice Hetherington - Wide Bay, Qld
Western Australia
Jean Robinson - Senate, WA
John Watson - Senate, WA
Brian McCarthy - Brand, WA
John MacDonald - Canning, WA
Arthur Harvey - Forrest, WA
Ronnie McLean - Hasluck, WA
Callum Payne - Kalgoorlie, WA
Terry Kay Iturbide - O’Connor, WA
Stuart Smith - Pearce, WA
Brian Smith - Swan, WA
South Australia
Ervyn Behn - Senate, SA
Caroline Larner - Bass, Tas
Northern Territory
Peter Flynn - Senate, NT
James Arnold - Senate, ACT

***  Curtin Labor Alliance

As part of its ongoing efforts at deceiving voters, the Citizens Electoral
Council (CEC) has registered another political party, the Curtin Labor
Alliance (CLA). This name is clearly intended to mislead traditional
Australian Labor Party supporters. The CEC is thus running candidates under
its own name, as well as under the CLA banner. Several of the CLA candidates
are associated with the Municipal Employees’ Union of Western Australia, a
maverick trade union of blue collar workers, which has effectively been
taken-over by CEC propagandists. The Australian Council of Trade Unions has
issued a warning to its members about the deceptive techniques of the CEC.

CLA candidates:
Adrian Bennett - Senate, Western Australia
June Bennett - Senate, Western Australia
Megan Kirwan - Forrest, Western Australia
Michael Daniels - Hasluck, Western Australia
Ian Burt - Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Simon Makin - Swan, Western Australia

Copyright (c) October 2001, B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc., a
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forms of racism. Tel. (03) 9527 1228, fax (03) 9525 9127, email

Prepared by Mr Benseon Apple, Director of Research & Public Affairs.
Assistance was provided by the research staff: Dr R. Gouttman (Senior Policy
Analyst), Mrs A. Gladwin, Ms N. Schlesinger, and Mrs D. Miller.

The B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc. (ADC)
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