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INDEX                   This list
about_SFAcatalogue      Intro to Scriptures for America's Catalogue
AntiThought-Cntrl-Dict* The Anti-Thought Control Dictionary       Complete SFA book/tape/video catalogue
SFAcamp94_speakers      Tape list of speakers from SFA's Summer camp
Preachers_poem          A Poem to the "Preachers of America". 
FAQ-Israel_Identity*    Frequently Asked Questions on Biblical Israel's
                        true identity today.
Hope_Fulfilled          A study of the Time of Christ's Return & our Hope
BIBLEandEXTREMISTS      Bible: Handbook 4 Tax Protestors, Extremists, etc.   
Christianity_Discrim*   Christianity Discriminates - Bible study.
Christian_Unbelief      Christ's Advent and Christian's Unbelief.
Whores.ZIP              A book on Biblical whoredom and exposing it today.
LAZARUS_parable         A new look at the parable of the Rich man & Lazarus
Sheep_and_Wolves        An old parable brought up to date. 
Pope_ofPerversion       Scofield: Who was the founder of Dispensationalism?
Date_of_Revelation      When was Revelation written and why important?
Rapture_Madness         The Rapture - Scriptural Fact or Man-made fiction?
gentile_defined.txt     How does the Bible define the word "Gentile"?
Jesus_described         3 eye-witness accounts give discriptions of Jesus
Deathpenalty_Gays       What does the Bible say about Gays?
Ruth_the_Moabite        Was Ruth a non-Israelite because she lived in Moab?
facts_are_facts.txt     Truth about Khazars and Judaism by converted "Jew"
Devil_defined           The Devil/Satan of the Bible re-examined.
HEIRS_ofthe_Promise     What happened to "lost" Israel?  Who are they today?
SFA_Nwsltr_May93        Newslettr on the Church Seizure by State of Colorado
SFA_Nwsltr_Summer94     "Thoughts on Love" and other articles.
SFA_Nwsltr_Fall94       Newsletter on the Crime Bill and U.N. day
Victory_in_Christ       Just what is Christian Victory?  When?  How?
Call4_Christian_Action  What is the nature and purpose of Christianity?
WhoIsAnIsraelite        An Introduction to the book - God's Covenant People
Religion_ofthe_West     Christianity: Religion of the West, by Revilo Oliver 
LifeLibertyProperty     On the foundation of Law - Secular and/or Biblical?
Baal.ZIP                Baal Worship - Exposes the Sin of State Worship 
ADL-Whitepaper          Whitepaper on the Anti-Defamation League
PREACHERS_and_GUNS      Everything about Gun Control preachers wont tell you
Who_Rules_America       Details on who owns America's media and thus America
AUTHORITY-Res_or_Obey   Authority:  Resistance or Obedience?  Rom. 13, etc.
Protocols.ZIP.uu        Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, complete.
confession_jew.txt      Inadvertent Confession of a Jew - very revealing!
American_Govt_origins   Legal Foundations of American system of Government
R-U-Asleep.txt          Are You Asleep?  by Red Beckman on American gov't
hitler_cult.txt         The Hitler Cult  by Col. Jack Mohr (ret.)
On_Conspiracy           The unseen conspiracy of prophet, priest and king.
RU_really_free          Do you think you are "free" in America?  Maybe not.
Neo-Communism_America   Is Communism dead?  The guilty only changed names.
This_Age_ofConflict     This Age in Conflict by Ivor Benson (pt1)
Technology_Illigit_Pow* The Source & Techonology of Illigitimate Power (pt2)
America_b4_Columbus     Who was in America before Columbus "discovered" it?
Luther_and_Jews         Martin Luther:  The Jews & Their Lies
White_Slaves            The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude b/Hoffman
Life_ofAmerican_Jew     Jack Bernstein life in Racist Marxist Israel
Farewell_to_Israel      Bernstein's Farewell to the "Thorn in Middle East"
White_Civilization      A history of white civilization
Holocaust.txt           The "Holocaust", was it possible as claimed?
Dresden                 Story of the Real Holocaust of W.W. II
ML-Kings_dream          Is the truth behind MLK's "dream" a nightmare?
Hidden_Tyranny          Reveals events that determined 20th C. world history
famous_jew_quotes       Why Don't You Believe What We (Jews) Tell You?
Famous_Men_on_Jews      What Famous Men throughout history said about Jews
Khazars_bookreview      Book Review of the Thirteenth Tribe by Koestler
USS_Liberty.txt         What Happened to the USS Liberty?  Israeli attrocity.
Enemies_ofHistory       David Irving speaks on Enemies of True History
zodiac_origins.txt      Origins of the Zodiac, pagan or Biblical?
Was_Columbus_Jewish     A look at new books that claim Columbus was a Jew.
Leuchter_on_gaschambers A review of Fred Leuchter Report on gas chambers
White_Cell              What will it take for the civil body politic to live?
Who_Rules               Who Rules History?  Conspiracy theories or God?
Bible_Law_Index         An index to the Laws of the Bible - Old and New
Remnant_Resolves        Basics on the civil nature of Christian Law.
14thAmend_Unconst*      14th Amendment was/IS unconstitutional, proves why.
Lost_Sovereignty_why    How did America lose its Sovereignty?  When & Why?
14thAmend_case_appen*   An Appendix to the 14thAmend_Unconstitutional file
Noahide_Laws            What are the 7 Noahide Laws and their implications?
BILLIONSforBANKERS      How our money system works.  Bible Law on Usury.
Church_Incorporation    The Church: the State's or God's?  On Jurisdiciton
Thinking_Bey*_CrimeBill What is our response to the Crime Bill?
Indians_and_America     The Indian & European land claims on America
White_Crime             White Crime in America and what to do about it!
Save_Earth_NWOstyle     Saving the Earth New World Order Style.
White_Mans_Burden       White Man's Burden is His Own Complex Soul
Talking_in_Code         Deciphers true secret agenda of the "Bell Curve"      Soviet Art of Brainwashing & Social Subversion
Victims_ThoughtPolice   Casualties of the Thought Police. 
100Facts_Whites-Blacks  100 Facts (& 1 lie) concerning whites & blacks
Blacks_and_Jews         The eroding relationship between blacks & Jews
Paved_w-good_Intentions Discusses failure of race relations in America
What_is_racism          Defining Racism in contemporary America
Racial_Diversity        Notes from "Racial Compact" on Racial Diversity
Racial_Rights           What are Race Rights?  +Charter of Racial Rights
Racial_Nihilism         Identifies the ideology/movement against "race"
Ducks_and_Hens          A social lesson of the Fable - Ducks & the Hens
Picking_at_Scabs        Look at our new "Judeo-Friction" Heritage in America.
Multiculturalism        A refreshing look at the reality of Multiculturalism                  The physical, ethical, & spiritual effects of TV

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