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Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 06:40:00 -0640

                          THE HITLER CULT IN AMERICA

                               by Moshe Phillips
                              Education  Director
                             Jewish Defense League


       There  is  a  movement in the United States that is anti-American
       and  anti-Christian,  yet it claims to be more Christian and more
       patriotic than anyone else in the nation. Neo-Nazi organizations,
       that have had a very long history of violence in America, are now
       more widespread and radical than ever before. They claim they are
       going   to  save  America  from  the  Blacks,  Jews,  Communists,
       immigrants,  homosexuals, Catholics, Free Masons, and others that
       threaten  the  existence  of America as a national home for White
       Christians.  The  Neo-Nazis worship Adolph Hitler as the greatest
       hero  the  White  Race  has  ever  produced.  The  leaders of the
       Neo-Nazi  groups  have  attracted  a  large  following  of young,
       violent  Skinhead  gangs.  White  supremacist  groups have set up
       armed   compounds   throughout   the  nation  where  paramilitary
       training  is conducted and armed fanatics wait for the start of a
       future "Race War".

       Today's  Neo-Nazis  are  far  from  being  the  insignificant and
       basically  harmless  bunch  of  lunatics  that they are sometimes
       characterized  as.  Neo-Nazis  are much more dangerous than David
       Koresh  and his Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas was. The Neo-
       Nazis  want nothing less than the violent overthrow of the United
       States  government  and  the  creation  of  the  Fourth  Reich in

       The  members  of  these  various groups have proven that they are
       prepared  to  wage a war of terrorism. Their armed camps have the
       potential  to be the sites of tragedies far worse than the Branch
       Davidian  disaster  in  the  Spring of 1993. Neo-Nazis have shown
       that  they  are  more  than  willing  to die as martyrs for their

       The Hitler Cult

       The  Hitler Cult is by no means a strictly American phenomena. It
       is  an  international  movement  that  has  grown larger and more
       radical every year.

       The  Hitler  cult  is  unlike most other cults. It is a political
       cult,  not a religious cult. It is a cult of personality, and the
       cult  figure,  Adolph Hitler, is dead. The cult has many factions
       that are often very different factions.

       Nazism  first  came  to the United States prior to World War Two.
       The  Nazi  party in America found fertile ground during the Great
       Depression.  Populists  such  as  Father  Charles Coughlin, Henry
       Ford,   Huey   Long   and   Charles   Lindbergh  attracted  large
       followings, as did the Nazis.

       Father  Coughlin  used  radio because it was the best way for him
       to reach the largest segment of the American people. Radio was an
       extremely important part of pop culture in the 1920's and 1930's.
       Coughlin  must  have  known that he was a gifted speaker and that
       radio  was  therefore  the  perfect  vehicle for him to carry his
       message.  Radio  was also good for him to use because he was able
       to pay radio stations to broadcast his show.

       If  the economy in the United States continues to worsen then the
       Neo-Nazi  rhetoric  against  Jews  could be even more popular now
       than Coughlin's was sixty years ago.

       Many  in  the  large  German-American  immigrant community became
       heavily  involved in the Nazi Party. Eventually Nazi activity was
       outlawed.   In   1944,  over  thirty  suspected  Nazis  and  Nazi
       sympathizers  were arrested on charges of sedition and treason by
       the FBI.

       In  the  1950's  the Civil Rights movement grew in the South. The
       Ku  Klux  Klan  had  been  disbanded  in  1939, and was virtually
       dormant  throughout the 1940's. As the Civil Rights movement grew
       strong  so  did  the  Klan  as  it  focused  on  anti-integration
       activity.  The Klan remained a viable organization throughout the
       1950's,  1960's,  1970's  1980's  and  1990's. The Klan attracted
       younger  and more polished leaders such as David Duke. Duke later
       left  the  Klan  and  founded  the  National  Association for the
       Advancement  of  White  People  (NAAWP) and eventually went on to
       become  a  state  senator  from  Louisiana  and  a  candidate for
       governor.   The   Klan  soon  changed  its  ideology  to  include
       anti-immigration   and   anti-Homosexual   activity  as  well  as
       anti-black,   anti-Jewish  and  anti-Catholic  activity.  In  the
       1970's  the  Neo-Nazis  began to seriously challenge the Klan for
       activists,  as  the  Nazis  garnered much more headlines than the

       In  the late 1970's the Nazis marched through the town of Skokie,
       Illinois  where numerous Jewish survivors of the Holocaust lived.
       The  march  and  subsequent  protests had been one of the largest
       news  stories  of  the  year.  The American Civil Liberties Union
       (A.C.L.U.)  came  to  the  legal aid of the Neo-Nazis and insured
       their right to march.

       Nazism  as  a Cult that Contradicts Christianity One of the first
       acts  of  the  Nazi Party in Germany after Hitler's rise to power
       was  to  establish a single state sponsored Nazi Christian church
       to  replace  the  Protestant congregations in Germany. An obscure
       minister  who  was a longtime Nazi sympathizer was named "Reich's
       Bishop"  and  placed  in  charge of the Nazi christian church. Of
       course,  the mainstream Christian religious institutions were too
       deeply rooted to be abolished overnight.

       Instead   the   Nazis   embarked  on  a  long  range  program  of
       suppression,  subversion  and harassment the goal of which was to
       substitute   a   Nazi   version   of  Christianity  in  place  of
       traditional  Christian religions. Large numbers of Protestant and
       Catholic   clergy  and  lay  leaders  were  arrested,  fined  and
       stripped of authority.

       The  Neo-Nazi  Party  hierarchy in Germany had a fascination with
       occult objects and the occult. Much of the Nazi Party's symbolism
       and  the S.S.'s ceremonies and rituals came from Teutonic legends
       and mythology.

       A  Nazi  magazine  on  the  Golden  Rule  in  1939 stating: "This
       fundamental  law of Christianity completely contradicts our moral
       conscience,   contradicts   above  all  the  warrior-like  nature
       peculiar to the soul of our race."

       Children  in  Nazi  Germany were taught to pray to Hitler instead
       of  to Jesus Christ. Grace before meals given to poor children by
       the  Nazi  Welfare  Committee ended: "For this food, My Fuhrer, I
       render   my  thanks.  Another  official  child's  prayer  stated:
       "Fuhrer,  my  Fuhrer,  my  faith  and  my light, Heil my Fuhrer."

       The  Origin  of  the  Neo-Nazi  Movement in the United States The
       American  Nazi  Party  (A.N.P.)  was  founded  in  1958 by George
       Lincoln  Rockwell.  Rockwell openly called for the murder of Jews
       and  for  Black Americans to be "sent back to Africa". Rockwell's
       headquarters  were  in  Arlington,  Virginia. His frequent public
       demonstrations  and  marches  in nearby Washington D.C. featuring
       Nazi  banners and protesters in Nazi stormtrooper uniforms gained
       him a certain following and notoriety. Rockwell openly proclaimed
       Adolph Hitler as the hero of the "white race".

       Rockwell  was assassinated by a fellow Nazi in 1967. His official
       successor  was  "Commander"  Matt  Koehl.  Koehl  introduced many
       changes  into  the  A.N.P.  including  the  decision  to downplay
       publicity  stunts  and concentrating on organizing and leadership
       training.  Koehl  was one of the first Neo-Nazi leaders to stress
       the  need to recruit young men. Koehl eventually changed the name
       of  the  A.N.P.  to  the  National Socialist White People's Party
       (N.S.W.P.P.) and later to the New Order.

       During  the  early  period  of  Koehl's  leadership many Neo-Nazi
       splinter groups formed throughout the U.S.

       Skinheads: Neo-Nazi Street Warriors

       Neo-Nazi  Skinheads  first  began  to surface in the United Sates
       over  ten  years  ago.  Their  appearance is now familiar: shaven
       heads,  Neo-Nazi  tatoos, Doc Martin steel tipped work boots, and
       flight  jackets.  Many  Neo-Nazi  leaders  including Tom and John
       Metzger  of  WAR  and  the  leaders  of the Aryan Nations and the
       Church  of  the  Creator  were  quick  to  realize  the  value of
       recruiting  angry  young  White  people  to  their  movement. The
       Skinheads   have   earned  a  reputation  for  violence  and  are
       responsible  for  the  murder of many innocent victims throughout
       the country.

       The  cable  television network Home Box Office (HBO) aired an HBO
       original  documentary  about  skinheads  and  Neo-Nazis  in 1993,
       titled   "Skinheads  U.S.A.:  Soldiers  of  the  Race  War".  The
       documentary  featured  a Neo-Nazi Skinhead group called the Aryan
       National  Front.  The  group  was  lead by long time Ku Klux Klan
       organizer  Bill  Riccio. The program featured an intimate picture
       of Riccio's compound outside of Birmingham, Alabama. The compound
       was  heavily  armed  yet  manned  by  a group of rather young and
       undisciplined   Skinheads.   The  documentary  showed  the  group
       distributing  flyers in downtown Birmingham showing a portrait of
       Hitler  and  stating  the  slogan "Adolph Hitler was right, White
       People  Unite." The program also showed the group watching videos
       of  old footage of Hitler's speeches and Nazi rallies. Riccio was
       shown  praying  to  Odin, the ancient Nordic god of war, before a
       march  and  rally. At another rally Riccio and his Aryan National
       Front  burned  an  American  flag  that  they  referred  to  as a
       "Zionist snot rag".

       The  main  supplier of Neo-Nazi literature, promotional items and
       paraphernalia  for Skinheads in both the United States and Europe
       is  the  Lincoln,  Nebraska  office of the NSDAP/AO (the National
       Socialist  German  Workers  Party/  Overseas  Organization).  The
       NSDAP  is  run  by  Gerhard (Gary) Luack. His newspaper, "The New
       Order"  features advertisements for stickers that show a swastika
       and read "Fight crime ... Deport Niggers".

       Other  Neo-Nazis  are  attempting  to  reach  young  new recruits
       through  the use of new methods such as Skinhead rock music, Nazi
       video  games  and  computer  networks.    The Neo-Nazis are using
       Computer  Bulletin  Board  Systems  (BBS's)  to  attract  a  more
       intelligent element to their ranks.

       The   Los   Angeles  area  based  White  Aryan  Resistance  (WAR)
       organization  is  lead  by former Ku Klux Klan leader Tom Metzger
       and  his  son  John. John Metzger first gained national attention
       when  he  and  other  Skinhead  leaders  appeared  on the Geraldo
       Rivera's  syndicated  television  talk  show  "Geraldo". The show
       turned  violent as a melee broke out on stage and Rivera ended up
       with  a  broken  nose.  The  White  Aryan Resistance's newspaper,
       known   also  as  "WAR"  featured  an  article  that  stated  the
       principles  of  WAR's  ideology,  which  says that the White Race
       cannot   depend   on  Christianity,  which  it  calls  a  "Jewish
       religion"  or on any other organized religion but can only depend
       on White Power for the survival of the White Race.

       The  Neo-Nazis have also targeted for recruitment white convicts.
       Several  members  of  the Neo-Nazi terrorist group the Order were
       ex-convicts.  The  Neo-Nazi  Aryan Brotherhood (A.B.), the Whites
       only prison gang, has been active in the California prison system
       since  the  late  1960s.  In the early 1970s Robert Beausoliel, a
       convicted  murderer  and an accomplice of Charles Manson, was the
       leader of the Aryan Brotherhood at San Quentin Prison.

       An Important Lesson to Learn from Waco

       There  are  at  least  three other heavily armed compounds in the
       United  States  that  are  very  similar  to  the Branch Davidian
       compound  that was outside of Waco, Texas. The difference between
       the  Branch Davidians and the other three is that the other three
       are  teaching their members that the coming "Apocalypse" is going
       to  be  caused  by  Jews,  and therefore Jews are to be hated and

       Immediately  after the Branch Davidian cult's compound near Waco,
       Texas  burned down, United States Attorney general Janet Reno was
       asked  by  reporters  if  she  had  any  information  about other
       similar  cults.  Reno  failed to respond positively. This is very
       understandable, as her main concern at the time was to defend the
       FBI's actions that day.

       However,  in  fact,  there  are at least three other armed camps,
       that   have  many  characteristics  in  common  with  the  Branch
       Davidians  sect's  compound.  The  three  camps  are  all heavily
       fortified  and  their  members  are  believed to be heavily armed
       with  automatic  weapons.  The  compounds' members have come from
       throughout  the  nation  and  belong to non-mainstream Protestant
       Christian sects.

       The  Bureau  of  Alcohol,  Tobacco  and  Firearms and the Federal
       Bureau  of  Investigations  have  already investigated the groups
       that  own  the  complexes  as well. The other fortified complexes
       like  the  one  in Waco, are also lead by charismatic individuals
       who  call  themselves  Christian  ministers and believe that "the
       end  is  near"  and  that  the "Day of Judgement" is coming soon.
       These  groups  like  the  Branch Davidians, house children within
       their compounds.

       These  similarities alone should be very frightening, but what is
       different  about the other three armed compounds is that they are
       owned  and  operated  by  Neo-Nazi  groups with a long history of
       terrorism, violence, and murder.

       The  oldest of the three compounds is at Hayden Lake, Idaho, near
       Coeur  d'Alene. The compound is operated by the Aryan Nations and
       was  first  organized  in  1974.  The head of the compound is the
       Reverend  Richard  Butler, who founded the Church of Jesus Christ
       Christian,  the largest group in the white supremacist "Christian
       Identity"  movement. Butler teaches that white Christians are the
       true   "Chosen  People"  and  that  the  Jews,  who  control  the
       government and the media, are the children of the devil.

       The  Aryan  Nations compound resembles an Army base, with a guard
       tower, barracks, armory, security fence and a main gate.

       The  Aryan Nations compound has been the scene of the Aryan World
       Congress,   the   annual   national   convention   of  Neo-Nazis,
       Skinheads, Klan members, and other extremists. The purpose of the
       Aryan  World  Congress  was  to forge a united Neo-Nazi movement.

       Members  of  the Neo-Nazi terrorist group known as the Order were
       often  guests  at  the  Aryan  Nation's  compound. Members of the

       Order  were prosecuted for the murder of Jewish Denver talk radio
       show  host  Alan  Berg on June 18, 1984. Members of the Order are
       believed  to have received paramilitary training at the compound.

       Besides  Berg's  murder  members  of  the Order were convicted of
       robbing  Brink's  armored  trucks  throughout  the Northwest. The
       heists netted the Neo-Nazis millions of dollars.

       Another  armed  compound  is  in  Otto,  North  Carolina,  and is
       operated  by  a  group  known  as  the Church of the Creator. The
       leader,  Ben Klassen, also calls himself a Christian minister and
       his  Neo- Nazi doctrine is similar to the Aryan Nations' ideology
       of  hate,  violence  and  preparation  for  a  future "Race War".

       The  third  compound  is  in  Mill  Point,  West Virginia, and is
       operated  by  the  white supremacist group the National Alliance.
       Dr.  William  Pierce, a longtime Neo-Nazi activist is the leader.
       Dr.  Pierce  had  been George Lincoln Rockwell's chief aid in the

       Dr.  Pierce is the author of the 1978 novel The Turner Diaries, a
       novel  which  he  published under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald.
       The  novel is about a white racist revolutionary leader who leads
       a  terrorist  campaign  against  the  Jews  and the United States
       government.  The  Order  allegedly used The Turner Diaries as the
       blueprint for its attacks.

       These  three  are  the largest compounds, but other, smaller Neo-
       Nazi  organizations  have their own similarly armed and fortified
       sites in other parts of the country. The most notable of which is
       in  New  Berlin,  Wisconsin, and is owned by former American Nazi
       Party  leader Matt Koehl. Koehl is currently the head of the Neo-
       Nazi group the New Order.

       The  FBI  and  the  ATF  should intensify their investigations of
       these  Neo-Nazi  compounds  and the individuals and organizations
       that  are  associated  with them before another disaster like the
       one  in  Waco occurs. Ms. Reno's important task is to insure that
       the  leaders  of  the  Neo-Nazi  compounds  do  not follow in the
       footsteps  of  David  Koresh  and  cause  the  death  of innocent

       There  is an important lesson to learn from the standoff in Waco.
       Armed  extremists  must  not  be  allowed  to build fortress like
       complexes  and  cause  violent  confrontations  to  develop where
       innocent  children  will  be  killed  by a fanatical, hate-filled

       The  Populist  Party:  The  Neo-Nazis  Try  Political  Legitimacy

       For  a  longtime the American media has incorrectly portrayed the
       Populist   Party  as  being  on  the  "Conservative-fringe".  The
       Philadelphia   Daily  News  published  one  factually  inaccurate
       article  titled  "Populists  like  'Rambo' for prez" (May 4, 1991
       page 62).

       The  Populist Party is the political party of the Liberty Lobby a
       Neo-Nazi  group  that  sponsors  both  the  Washington D.C. based
       newspaper "The Spotlight" and the Institute for Historical Review
       (I.H.R.).   "The   Spotlight"   had   a   weekly  circulation  of
       approximately  a  quarter million in the early 1980's. The I.H.R.
       is  the  largest  group  in  the United States that promotes such
       lies  as  the  Holocaust  and the Nazi murder of Six Million Jews
       are myths and "Zionist propaganda".

       The  Populist  Party  is  a  racist, anti-Semitic, extremist hate
       group.  In  1988 the Populist Party's candidate for President was
       none  other  than  David  Duke the one time leader of the Ku Klux

       Bo  Gritz,  the  Populists  1992  candidate for president and the
       Populists  themselves  claim  that he was the model for the Rambo
       character  made  famous  by  Sylvester Stallone in the successful
       movie  series.  This  is a lie. The character of Green Beret John
       Rambo  was created by David Morrel and first appeared in his 1972
       novel  "First  Blood".  Rambo  was half Italian and half American
       Indian  and  a Vietnam combat veteran. This hardly sounds like Bo
       Gritz.  Gritz  and  the Populists try to hide their racist agenda
       through subterfuge and lies.

       Case Study: The Weaver Family Standoff

       In  August  and  September  of 1992 ATF and FBI agents surrounded
       the  home  of  Randy Weaver and his family in Idaho. Randy Weaver
       was  a  fugitive  who  was wanted on charges of illegally selling

       In the ensuing battle a Federal officer and Weaver's son and wife
       were  killed.  A  family  friend of the Weaver's Kevin Harris was
       seriously wounded. Weaver, a special forces veteran, was involved
       with  the  Aryan  Nations  he and his family were well armed with
       semiautomatic  assault  rifles and pistols. Weaver and his family
       had moved to the mountains of Idaho in order to live alone in the
       woods  and  escape  what  they  saw  as  the  self-destruction of
       society.  The  standoff finally ended after eleven days. Populist
       Party  candidate  Bo Gritz talked Weaver into surrendering to the
       authorities.  A  crowd of over one hundred friends and supporters
       of  the Weavers, including Skinheads, were there when Weaver gave
       up.  Five  heavily  armed  Skinheads had been arrested during the
       standoff, when they tried to join the Weavers.


       The  question  that  remains  to  be asked is what are the limits
       that  the  United  States  can  put  on  Neo-Nazi  propaganda and
       Neo-Nazi  activity  without  violating  the  laws  of  the United
       states Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

       The  Neo-Nazi  organizations  that advocate violence and the mass
       murder  of  fellow  Americans  must  be made illegal. It is not a
       Constitutional  right  to  plot  genocide. Genocide is murder and
       conspiracy  to  commit murder is illegal.  All the talk about the
       Constitutional  right  to free speech must be kept in the context
       of  remembering  that  it  is illegal to yell "fire" in a crowded
       theater  because  it  is dangerous to innocent individuals. It is
       much  more dangerous to individuals to speak about putting people
       in  gas  chambers and ovens. The question that Americans must ask
       is "Are Neo-Nazis entitled to free expression?"

       For Further Information:

       For  further  information  the  following  books are recommended:

       * Brotherhood of Murder By Thomas Martinez & John Gunther

       *  Talked  to  Death: The Murder of Alan Berg and the Rise of the
       Neo-Nazis By Stephen Singular


       Moshe  Phillips  is  the Education Director of the Jewish Defense
       League of Philadelphia. Mr. Phillips has researched, lectured and
       written  extensively on Israel, Jewish history, Anti-Semitism and
       Neo-Nazism.  The  JDL  can  be contacted at Jewish Defense League
       P.O.  Box  6664 Philadelphia, PA 19149. The Jewish Defense League
       Computer  Bulletin  Board  System  (BBS)  can be reached at (215)

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