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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 09:24:45 PDT
Subject: FW: Returned mail

At a gun show in North Carolina I saw what must have been a ten-foot
square confederate battle flag with "COUNTERATTACK," the name of a new
political group, emblazoned across the top. Across the bottom of this
enormous flag was "Nemo me impune lacessit" (trans: Punish your
enemies and patronize your friends!). A wise phrase, indeed, on the
symbol of a noble, if lost, cause.

It's hard to tell who are the friends of COUNTERATTACK; Pat Buchanan
is highly praised in its intoductory 8-page handout ($5 donation will
get you one), as is the venerable Robert E. Lee, after whom its
founders want a national holiday named. What patriot wouldn't want to
reward friends like Pat or Bob?

COUNTERATTACK's enemies are easier to identify. The back page of the
handout features a full-page boycott of the Holiday Inn motel chain
because they won't fly state flags which contain confederate symbology
over their motels. "To hell with them," they say. "Sleep in your car,
if necessary, but never in a Holiday Inn." That sounds like punishing
oneself to me. Whereas COUNTERATTACK "extends friendship and respect
to those of all races, religions and political persuasions who respect
us... blah! blah!" in its mission statement, it also editorializes on
other groups that "Some, regrettably, are too genteel, too squeamish,
to attack the problem [?] directly, while others, such as the KKK,
Nazis, Skinheads, espouse practices that are illegal, distasteful, and
ultimately ineffective." The only identifiable enemy I could see they
want to really punish is the "lying yankee."

When asked for the COUNTERATTACK position on the race problem and the
Jewish question, their spokesman neatly sidestepped my query. I didn't
even bother to find out if they are a Christian organization. They
probably are.

For a $500 donation you may become a Stonewall Jackson patron; $1,000
will make you a NB Forrest patron. James Giles is listed as Chairman
and Publisher of COUNTERATTACK. David Hertzberg is its Research
Director. $25 will get you a year's sub to the 8-page COUNTERATTACK.
Those who like their red meat raw will not be pleased with such


For a Whiter & Brighter World,

Will  \|/

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