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On 22nd June, 1941, the Hitlerite conspirators, having
perfidiously violated the pact of non-aggression between the
U.S.S.R. and Germany without any declaration of war, started
an attack against Soviet territory, initiating thereby an
aggressive war against the U.S.S.R. without the slightest
provocation on the part of the Soviet Union.

Enormous masses of German troops, secretly concentrated on
the borders beforehand, were thrown against the U.S.S.R. As
planned, Finnish troops took part in the attack on the
U.S.S.R. in the North, and Hungarian and Roumanian troops in
the South. In order to create panic and confusion, the
German Air Force immediately began the bombing of peaceful
towns, thereby subjecting them to destruction.

Less than a month after the perpetration of this perfidious
act Hitler called a conference, which was attended by
Rosenberg, Goering, Bormann, Lammers and Keitel.

At this conference Hitler instructed those present not to
disclose to the outside world the true aims of the war begun
by the Hitlerites. Referring to their campaign against
Norway, Denmark, Holland and Belgium, Hitler stressed the
necessity of continuing this line of action; i.e., to
conceal by all possible means the real intentions of the

     "Therefore," said Hitler, "we shall emphasise again
     that we were compelled to occupy a region to establish
     order and security there... our method of regulation is
     the natural outcome of this. Thus it must not be
     revealed that our campaign concerns a final solution.
     However, despite and notwithstanding this, we shall
     take all necessary measures, such as mass shootings,
     deportation, etc."
Any kind of violence against the peaceful population,
deportation into German slavery, shooting, and looting were
called "regulation" in the words of Hitler and his

At this conference the conspirators defined the ulterior
aims of the Hitlerite Government in respect of the Soviet
Union as follows:

     "In the main, the problem amounts to this: first, to
     conquer it, secondly, to rule it, and thirdly, to
     exploit it....
     The basic idea: the creation of a military Power West
     of the Urals must never occur again, even if, in order
     to prevent it, we have to fight for a hundred years.
     All the adherents of the Fuehrer must know this: The
     Reich will be secure only if no foreign military force
     exists West of the Urals. The iron law must be: none
     but the Germans shall be permitted to bear arms ...
     only a German has the right to carry a weapon; no Slav,
     no Czech, no Cossack, no Ukrainian."
     Hitler continued: "The Baltic countries must become a
     province of the Reich. The Crimea and the surrounding
     area must likewise become a province of the Reich....
     These surrounding areas must be as extensive as
     possible.... The Volga colonies as well as the Baku
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     region must become a province of the Reich. The latter
     must become a German concession (military colony). The
     Finns want East Karelia. However, because of its great
     nickel production, the Kolsky peninsula must go to
     Germany. The Finns claim the Leningrad region.... Level
     Leningrad to the ground, then give it to the Finns."

The rapacious aims of the war launched by Germany against
the U.S.S.R. are frankly set forth in an article by the
director of the Fascist propaganda, the notorious Goebbels,
under the title "What For?"

Goebbels wrote:

     "This war is not a war for a throne nor an altar; this
     is a war for grain and bread, a war for a well-laden
     dinner-table, for plentiful breakfast and suppers ... a
     war for raw materials, for rubber, iron and ore."
     (Joseph Goebbels: "Das eherne Herz," Zentralverlag der
     N.S.D.A.P., Muenchen, 1943, Pages 334-36.)
Goering in his turn, in an address at the Harvest Festival
in the Berlin Sports Palace, 5th October, 1942, published in
the "Voelkischer Beobachter" of 6th October, 1942, exclaimed

     "Do not forget we have taken away from the Russians
     their best regions.... Eggs, butter, and flour are
     there in such quantities as you can hardly imagine....
     We will have to see that everything is properly
     assimilated and properly processed on the spot...."
The Defendant Rosenberg worked feverishly at inventing new
names for Soviet cities, such as "Gotenburg" for Simferopol
and "Theodorichshafen" for Sevastopol. This occupation
Rosenberg combined with the leadership of a special staff
concerned with the "assimilation" the Caucasus.

All that shows very clearly the real predatory plans and
schemes of the Hitlerite aggressors against the Soviet
Union. Above all, those criminal designs aimed at plundering
the Soviet Union and the enslavement and exploitation of the
Soviet people.

At the same time these were all steps on the road to
establishing Hitlerite domination in Europe and in the whole
world. It was precisely for this reason that, in a document
submitted in the case published by the High Command of the
Navy, dealing with the plans for an invasion of North
Africa, Gibraltar, Syria, Palestine and Egypt, the Hitlerite
Government stated that the realisation of the above plan
would depend entirely on the results of the war against the
Soviet Union.

In its attempt to conceal its imperialistic aims the
Hitlerite clique hysterically shrieked, as usual, about a
danger alleged to be forthcoming from the U.S.S.R. and
proclaimed that the predatory war which it started against
the Soviet Union with aggressive purposes was a "preventive"

A pitiful effort.

What "preventive" war can we speak of, when documents prove
that, long in advance, Germany worked out and prepared a
plan for an attack on the U.S.S.R., formulated the predatory
aims of this attack, earmarked the territories of the Soviet
Union which she intended to seize, established the methods
for pillaging of these territories and for the extermination
of their population, mobilised her army in good time, and
moved to the borders of the U.S.S.R. 170 fully equipped
divisions only waiting for the signal to advance?

The fact of aggression committed by Fascist Germany against
the U.S.S.R., as well as the original documents of the
Hitlerite Government which now have been made public,
definitely show to the whole world and to history how untrue
and laughable was the assertion of the Hitlerite propaganda
about the "preventive" character of the war against the

However well the Fascist wolf may disguise himself in a
sheep's skin, he cannot hide his teeth!

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Having committed the perfidious attack on the U.S.S.R., the
Hitlerite Government calculated that lengthy preparation for
this attack, the concentration of all the Armed Forces of
Germany for this thrust, the participation of Roumanian and
Finnish armies, as well as of Italian and Hungarian units in
this operation, and finally the advantage of surprise, would
assure a rapid defeat of the U.S.S.R.

However, all these calculations of the aggressors were
frustrated by the heroic resistance of the Red Army, which
with self-denial, defended the honour and the independence
of its country. The German plans of attack were broken up
one after another.

I shall not describe all the phases of the Fatherland war of
the Soviet People against the German Fascist invaders and
the great and courageous struggle of the Red Army with
German, Roumanian, Finnish and other armies that invaded the
soil of the Soviet.

The whole world watched this struggle with admiration, and
it will never be forgotten by history.

The Soviet people, in battles the scale and ferocity of
which were unmatched in history, steadfastly defended and
saved the freedom and independence of their country, and
together with the Allied armies liberated the freedom-loving
nations throughout the whole world from the terrible menace
of Nazi enslavement.

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