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In 1923, Goering became commander of the entire S.A. This
is shown in the pamphlet, "The S.A.," which is already in
evidence, and the notation concerning G6ring's command
appears at Page 2 of the translation, which I do not
intend to quote but will merely refer to.

Goering's intention to employ the S.A. as a terroristic
force to destroy political opponents is shown by a speech
made by him on 3rd March, 1933, at a Nazi demonstration in
Frankfurt. It is Document 1856-PS, Exhibit

                                                [Page 126]
USA 437. It is an excerpt from a book entitled, "Hermann
Goering, Speeches and Essays." I quote: G6ring said--

     "Certainly I shall use the power of the State and the
     police to the utmost, my dear Communists, so draw no
     false conclusions. It will be a fight to the death,
     in which my fist will knuckle your neck; I shall lead
     with those down there the Brown Shirts."

The importance of the S.A. under Goering in the early
stages of the Nazi movement is shown by Document 3259-PS,
Exhibit USA 424, and it is an English translation from the
same book, 3259-PS. This is a letter written to Goering by
Hitler and I quote it:

     "My dear Goering,
     "When in November, 1923, the Party tried for the
     first time to conquer the power of the State,
     you, as Commander of the S.A., created, within
     an extraordinarily short time, that instrument
     with which I could dare struggle. Highest
     necessity had forced us to act, but by a wise
     providence at that time we were denied success.
     After receiving a grave wound, you again entered
     the ranks, as soon as circumstances permitted,
     as my most loyal comrade in the battle for
     power. You contributed essentially to creating
     the basis for the 30th January. Therefore, at
     the end of the year of the National Socialist
     Revolution, I desire to thank you
     wholeheartedly, my dear Party Comrade Goering,
     for the great services you have rendered to the
     National Socialist Revolution and consequently
     to the German people.
     "In cordial friendship and grateful
                                       Adolf Hitler."
Although Goering did not retain command of the S.A., he at
all times maintained close affiliation with the
Organisation. This is shown by the the photographs of him
participating in the activities which I have already
introduced in evidence. Similarly, in 1937, he became the
Commander of the Feldherrnhalle Regiment of the S.A. The
Tribunal will recall, also my reference to the
participation of that regiment in the occupation of the

Now, finally, the evidence considered in the foregoing
section of this brief, demonstrates the participation of
the S.A. as an Organisation in the conspiracy alleged in
Count One. Thus, the S.A. was first employed by the
conspirators to destroy, by force and brutality, all
opponents of National Socialism and to gain possession of
the streets. Thereafter, upon the seizure of control by
the N.S.D.A.P., the S.A. was used to consolidate and to
strengthen Nazi power, and to persecute cruelly and
destroy all so-called "enemies" of the State, including
Jewry and the Church. During the period 1934 to 1939, the
S.A. was employed for the actual preparation and training
of the German people for war, and participated in
aggressive warfare.

The S.A. was at all times employed by the conspirators to
promote and disseminate the ideology of the Nazi Movement
throughout Germany, and particularly, to perform the
function of disseminating anti-Jewish propaganda and
creating and fostering a militaristic and warlike spirit
among the oeoole of Germany

Conspiracy through its various phases ; and the
conclusion, we think, isirresistible, that the S.A. was an
Organisation devoted exclusively to the task.of assisting
the defendants and their co-conspirators in carrying out
theobjectives of the Conspiracy.

Thus, in this sense, the S-A., as well as its members,
were in fact co-conspirators and participants in a
conspiracy which contemplated and involvedCrimes Against
Peace and Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes.

That concludes the presentation of the S.A., your Honour,
and the next is the S.S., by Major Farr.

Do your Honours want to go ahead with that now ?

THE PRESIDENT: Perhaps we had better adjourn then, until 2

                     (A recess was taken until 1400 hours.)

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