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Subject: Re: JEWS and WANNSEE
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 02:26:41 GMT
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X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 (Mike Curtis) wrote:

>Cliff Swiger <76053.707@CompuServe.COM> wrote:

>>But, let's consider the famed Protocols of Zion which allegedly 
>>lay the groundwork for the Jews and
>>their New World Order. Naturally, I have read this document and 
>>find amazing just how much has
>>come to pass since their discovery. Now everyone is told that the 
>>Protocols of Zion are a forgery. In
>>fact, I believe the U.S. Congress even passed some sort of 
>>resolution declaring them a fraud. To
>>the best of my knowledge, the Protocols of Zion are not signed, 
>>officially stamped, no "original" is
>>available, and Professor Nilus also "discovered" this manuscript, 
>>(a translation handed to him by a
>>friend who vouched for it's authenticity). But, the Protocols of 
>>Zion have predicted, with extreme
>>accuracy, many of the events that have developed to the present 

>Same old crap Swiger. and let's see, how many times have you been told
>that it didn't take congress to make them forgeries. 

>From Paul Johnson's _History of the Jews_, Harper and Row, 1987:

>" It was the commonest of all anti-Semitic smears that Jews 'worked
>together' behind the scenes. The notion of a general Jewish
>conspiracy, involving secret meetings of Jewish sages, was inherent in
>the medieval blood libel and had reached written form on numerous
>occasions. Napoleon I's summoning of the Sanhedrin gave it unfortunate
>impetus. Thereafter it had become part of the stock-in-trade of the
>Tsarist secret police, the Okhrana. It was part of the grievances of
>this body thatthe Tsars were not sufficiently assiduous in putting
>down radical conspiracies, especially Jewish ones. At some point int
>the 1890s, one of their Paris agents was asked to concoct a document
>which could be used to demonstrate to Nicholas II the reality of the
>Jewish threat. The forger, whoever he was, used a pamphlet by Maurice
>Joly, written in 1864, attributing to Napoleon III ambitions to
>dominate the world. The original had no reference to the Jews at all,
>but for the monarch was now substituted a secret conference of Jewish
>leaders who states that, by exploiting modern democracy, they were
>close to attaining their objectives. This was the origin of the
>*Protocols of the Elders of Zion." (pp. 455-6)

>Well, it didn't work and the Tsar wasn't impressed. He even wrote on
>the document: "A worthy cause is not defended by evil means." 

>Johnson continues: "The police then planted it in various quarters and
>in 1905 it first attained published form as an additional chapter in
>Serge Nilus' book *The Great Little*. It aroused little interest."

>He goes on to point out how it was used during the Bolshevik
>revolution against Lenin and his putsch and the association of Jews
>within it. Let's jump to page 70 of Richard Pipes' _The Russian
>Revolution_ published in paper by Vintage Books in 1991:

>"The bureaucratic conservatives and their supporters on the extreme
>right wing of public opinion relied heavily on anti-Semitism as an
>instrument of politics. Although modern anti-Semitism originated in
>France and Germany, it is in Russia that it entered official ideology.
>To the conservatives, Jews presented the single most dangerous threat
>to that political and social stability which they regarded as the main
>concern of state policy. Jews destabalized Russia in two capacities:
>as revolutionaries and as capitalists. The police authorities were
>convinced that they formed the principle element in the revolutionary
>parties: Nicholas II only echoed them when he claimed that nine-tenths
>of the revolutionaries and socialists in Russia were Jews. But Jews
>also upset the socioeconomic equilibrium of Russia by introducing free
>market operations. The obvious contradiction in the claim that the
>members of the same religious group were both beneficiaries and mortal
>foes of capitalism was resolved in the *Protocols of the Elders of
>Zion*, a scurrilous forgery concocted at the end of the nineteenth
>century by the tsarist police, which claimed that in the pursuit of
>their alleged historic mission--the destruction of Christianity and
>world domination--Jews resorted to every conceivable means, even to
>the extent of organizing pogroms against themselves. . . Although
>(with some minor exceptions) the Imperial Government did not
>encourage, let alone instigate, anti-Jewish pogroms, its unconcealed
>policy of discrimination against Jews and the tolerance of
>anti-Semitic propaganda conveyed to the population the impression that
>it approved of them."

>Richard Pipes on page 101 of _Russia Under the Bolchevik Regime_,
>Knopf, 1993 says:

>". . .*Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a forgery fostered, and
>perhaps partially created by the Tsarist police; having attracted
>scant attention on publication in 1902, the *Protocols* now gained
>worldwide notoriety. . . The connection between Jewry and Communism,
>drawn in the aftermath of the Revolution and exported from Russia to
>Weimar Germany, was instantly assimilated by Hitler and made into a
>cardinal tenent of the Nazi movement."

>Page 105: "Finally, there was the murder of the Imperial family,
>particulars of which emerged during the winter of 1918-19. The killing
>was immediately blamed on the Jews, who had in fact played a secondary
>role in it; the fate of the ex-tsar was identified with the martyrdom
>of christ and interpreted in the light of the *Protocols* as yet
>another step in the Jewish march to world mastery."

>Page 255: "The work . . .is the so-called *Protocols of the Elders of
>Zion*, a forgery that, in the words of its historian, Norman Cohn,
>provided the 'warrant' for Hitler's genocide. The author of this
>fabrication has not been identified, but was apparently compiled in
>the late 1890s in France from anti-Semitic tracts published during the
>Dreyfus Affair under the stimulus of the first international Zionist
>Congress, held in Basel in 1897. [Paul Johnson writes of this also,
>btw.] The Paris branch of the tsarist Okhrana, the Russian secret
>police, seems to have had a hand in it. . . 

>"The so-called 'Protocols' were first published in 1902 in a St.
>Petersburg periodical. Three years later, during the 1905 Revolution,
>they came out in book form edited by Sergei Nilus under the title *The
>Great in the Small and Anti-Christ*. . . Nilus, its most assiduous
>propagator, complained that no one took the book seriously."

>Deborah Lipstadt's *Denying the Holocaust* ought to put another nail
>in your *Protocols* coffin. On page 24 she informs us that "[t]he
>deniers draw inspiration from the *Protocols*, which has enjoyed a
>sustained and vibrant life despite the fact it has long been proved a

>And for the final nail, Lucy Dawidowicz says in *The Holocuast and the
>Historians on page 41 says that Normon Cohn's work, mentioned above by
>Richard Pipes, on the *Protocols* was a model work on the history of

>So this is what we are dealing with in these silly post by Cliff

>This ought to do for now. 

>>So, by ignoring the content of these two documents, we find that 
>>they are practically mirror images
>>of each other based upon the facts presented. I now ask: what 
>>logic is it that contends one is
>>spurious and the other genuine? It is not logic at all friends. 
>>It is political, religious and racial
>>power. "CONTINUED"

>By the way cliff you can post many more lines here on usenet than you
>could on CIS.

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