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White supremacist rides the Valley
Many in Chilliwack wish he and 'posse' would keep going

By Glen Schaefer 
Staff Reporter

He critictizes the sniper who wounded a Vancouver abortionist for
being a lousy shot.  

He's estranged from his own siblings, who he says married out of their

And he says the people who sent a threatening letter to Chilliwack
council on his behalf could easily send armed men.  

Meet Charles Scott, minister of the white-supremacist Church of Christ
in Israel.  

He and another man are waiting for us in the parking lot next to
Chilliwack city hall.  An interview at his home is refused. 

"I don't want to give out my location to the media because I've been
threatened with violence," says Scott, 29.  "I have a wife and a two
year-old and another baby on the way."

The other man, wearing a black tuque, won't give his name: "Just call
me Norseman."

Last fall, after Chilliwack council passed an anti-racism resolution,
a local newspaper got a letter from the U.S.-based Posse Comitatus.
It warned that unless council stopped "h sing" Scott, an armed posse
would come to visit.

Scott, the Posse's Canadian director, says he didn't know about the
letter in advance but believes the group could carry out such a
threat.  Chilliwack Mayor John Les says Scott is blowing smoke."

Scott claims 55 Chilliwack-area followers for his theory that North
America is the biblical New Jerusalem for white people only, and says
he plans to build a church within a year.

Les says Scott's been making those claims for months, and nothing's
happened yet.  "I've never seen any evidence at all that he has any
kind of a following whatsoever," the mayor says.

Les alerted schools and organized community meetings last fall to get
the word out on groups such as Scott's. 

Last week, Scott appeared on the Jerry Springer Show, a U.S.  national
TV talk show.  The show was broadcast locally by a Seattle station,
and the mayor saw a taped copy.

"It's actually kind of scary to watch," says Les, adding several
Chilliwack residents called him and told him they were offended.

But Scott says two men came up to him on the.  street this week and
told him they saw him on TV and agreed with what he says.

His lips curl downward under his beard as he summarizes his grab-bag
of beliefs: Politicians are pawns of the Jews; blacks and other
minorites will be banned from the new North America; abortion is a
plot against white Christians.

Asked whether he has any idea who shot Vancouver gynecologist Garson
Romalis last year, Scott laughs.

Your guess is as good as mine.  Some good old boy just went in and did
it, and nobody but him and his God know he did.  I'm just sorry the
guy didn't get him in the head." 

Scott says he was born in Alberta and his father was a Canadian army
officer with four children.  None of the others share Scott's racial

"Two of them are race-mixers," he says.  "They have mongrelized
children -- mutts.  They've defiled the seed of Adam." 

Scott says he was ordained a minister by Richard Butler, head of the
Aryan Nations in Hayden Lake, Idaho.  The names are bewildering -
Ayran Nations Church of Christ in Israel, Posse Comitatus - but for
Scott, they all point to one thing.  

"There is a coming race war that is being forced by the elite, through
class division and economics.  Posses are a-forming and militias are
a-forming - right here in Canada, like it or not." The interview over,
Scott and the Norseman get into an old Ford Mustang and drive off.  

[Photo text: Charles Scott, minister of the Church of Christ in
Israel, is gathering supporters in the Chilliwack area and says he
plans to build a church.  He warns of a coming race war, and says:
'Posses are a-forming and militias are a-forming - right here in
Canada, like it or not.']


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