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 ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny
 December 1, 2002
 Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
 I feel decidedly extravagant today!
 Below you will see a new Russian twist to an old, yet still
 intriguing story.  I am going to first run the article itself,
 followed by a rather lengthy and detailed comment by Ernst Zundel.
 Aryan UFOs & Antarctic Bases
  From Nastoyashchy Saratov (newspaper )
 Translated by Maria Gousseva
 Much has been said about the "UFO" developments of the Third Reich;
 however, some important questions still remain. Were the Germans
 actually successful with these developments or not? According to some
 sources, an UFO crashed near the city of Freiburg in 1936. The UFO
 was found, and it's likely that German scientists with the assistance
 of Schutzstaffel (SS) managed to repair and even test the UFO's
 energy system and propulsion systems.
 However, all attempts to reproduce the alien technology failed. That
 is why there was only one variant of the flying apparatus.
 Representatives of three occult societies, "Tule," Vril," and
 "Ahnenerbe," ran those projects.
 For five years, the Germans carried out work for the creation of a
 secret project code-named "Base-211," This has been determined by
 several independent experts. By the end of WWII, the Germans already
 had nine scientific enterprises where "flying disk" projects were
 tested. Many scientists are positive that at least one of these Third
 Reich enterprises was transferred to the Antarctic.
 Famous researchers of the Third Reich's Antarctic mysteries, R.
 Vesko, V. Terziysky, and D. Childress, claim that from 1942,
 thousands of concentration camp prisoners, prominent scientists,
 pilots, politicians with their families, and members of the
 Hitlerjugend were taken to the South Pole via submarine. Some
 scientists believe that a German base still remains in the Antarctic.
 Moreover, it is even said that there is an underground Aryan city
 called New Berlin, which has a population of two million people.
 It is claimed that population of this city researches genetic
 engineering and space technology. UFOs have been witnessed several
 times near the South Pole, which is an indirect confirmation of the
 base's existence there. In 1976, with the help of the latest
 technology, the Japanese managed to detect nineteen round objects at
 the same time; the objects dived from space to the Antarctic and
 disappeared from the radar screens.
 In 1927, an expedition of the famous English archeologist Albert
 Mitchell-Hedges discovered crystal skulls in Central America. The
 clearing of the ancient Mayan city in the tropical jungles of the
 Yucatan peninsula (it's today's Belize) in 1924 preceded the
 It was decided to burn down thirty three hectares of forests that
 covered the ancient buildings. When the smoke finally lifted, the
 expedition saw an unbelievable scene: stone ruins of a pyramid, of
 the city walls, and an enormous amphitheater that could hold up to
 several thousands spectators. During the excavation of the ruins,
 Mitchell-Hedges discovered the crystal skulls. His find became the
 most mysterious discovery of the 20th century.
 The skulls were brought to a Brazilian museum. In 1943, after an
 attempt to liberate the skulls, German "Ahnenerbe" agents were
 detained. during their interrogation, the agents confessed that they
 had been sent to South America with the special task of finding "the
 crystal skulls of the Goddess of Death." Several more groups were
 sent there with the same task. Although the majority of them were
 detained, it is not ruled out some of the agents were successful.
 The seizing of the rare discoveries was directed by Karl Maria
 Willigut, a black magician with a large influence on high-ranking
 Nazi officials. He evinced particular interest in the magic methods
 used by the Altantis pagan priests. The nazis hoped that those
 knowledge of "the progenitrix of the Aryan race" would help them
 create the superman.
 Today, some investigators suggest that the discovered crystal sculls
 were made in Atlantis and were saved by a miracle. If this is so,
 then it is clear why SS was so interested in the skulls.
 Ernst Zundel replies:
 I consider this a garbled account about the Third Reich's best-kept
 secret weapons research and development:  Circular flying craft,
 commonly called UFOs.  The article gives one an insight into the
 state of the mind of at least a segment of the Russian reading
 public, when one sees newspaper stories of this type, which mix pure
 speculation, propaganda tales of World War II and weird, far-fetched
 occult themes with the serious side of cutting edge technology.
 There is also the usual misspelling of names, incomplete titles
 etc., and one wonders what original sources the authors consulted for
 this rather incredible tale.
 Nonetheless, the goofy essay merits comment.
 I believe I can claim at least some familiarity with the UFO topic,
 having authored and published some small booklets on Nazi UFOs in the
 late '60s and early '70s - before I was forced by Germany's enemies
 to tackle the hoary and fraudulent "Holocaust" claims , which put an
 end to my youthful fascination and explorations of the esoteric.
 This political derailing of my life caused me to become a serious
 activist and made me dedicate my life to the clearing of my people's
 and country's reputation by debunking an untrue accusation.    Had my
 enemies left me alone, who knows what flights of fancy might I have
 endulged in instead?  :)
 Seriously:  I personally corresponded with and interviewed some of
 the German UFO researchers in the 1960s still alive then, including
 Rudolf Lusar, post-war Germany's most famous author on German secret
 weapons in World War II.  Nobody ever told me about a secret project
 code-named "Base 211", although some, who were aircraft engineers -
 one attached to Hermann Goering's Reichs-Luftfahrtministerium, was
 personally present when one of those circular crafts, being tethered
 to a concrete floor of a large aircraft hangar and propulsion-tested
 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, broke its moorings and shot through the
 ceiling, damaging it and the aircraft severely.  I can say with
 certainty that advanced research, production and flight testing were
 definitely going on during World War II of these circular flying
 craft, some which could reach incredible heights very quickly and
 obtain high speeds in horizontal flight - well in excess of the speed
 of sound.
 Some of the sanest descriptions of German secret weapons can be found
 in the bestselling books of Lusar, who was an aircraft engineer and
 whose books went through several printings in the 1950s and 1960s.
 The German title was  "Deutsche Geheimwaffen des II. Weltkrieges und
 ihre Weiterentwicklung."  (German Secret Weapons And Their Continuing
 Development)  At least one English translation was published in
 London at the time.
 In a similar vein, the American Air Force's Air Technical
 Intelligence Chief, a general named Simon, published a hardcover book
 about Nazi Secret Weapons he and his team had inspected and tested in
 the 1960s with a small publishing house called WE Inc., based in
 Connecticut.  It is full of astonishing photos and rich in technical
 details.  When I spoke to the publisher, who had ordered some of the
 UFO books published by me, he said:  "Very interesting, Z|ndel, but
 you have only scratched the surface!"
 One more very interesting source was a mass-circulation book
 published in England and America, titled "Intercept But Don't Shoot!"
 by Renato Vesco, who is alleged to have been Benito Mussolini's Air
 Technical Intelligence Chief during World War II.  Vesco lists an
 incredible number of sources, among them whole sets of declassified
 British intelligence and engineering assessments of German research
 projects, including weird alloys, completely new metals and Rube
 Goldberg-like contraptions, all tried and tested by the Germans.  In
 the 1970s, it was obtainable from the Queen's Printer in London.
 As to German Antarctic explorations - there was at least one publicly
 known German Antarctic expedition undertaken by the Third Reich in
 1938 before the war broke out.  The documentation is replete with
 lots of maps, flying courses, black-and-white photographs and even a
 color photo section.  The title is "Die deutsche antarktische
 Expedition 1938", published by the Safari Verlag.  The book itself is
 long out of print - at least since 1945.  However, the negatives of
 the aereal photos taken by the expedition and some newsreel film
 footage  survived World War II and can be seen at Hamburg's famous
 Hydrographic Institute.
 The serious British publisher, W.R.D. McLaughlin, published a book
 after the war called German Antarctic Raiders, which is about German
 naval activity in the Antarctic in World War II.
 In the 1970s, a film documentary appeared about the German Antarctica
 expedition on prime time German TV, which included filmed interviews
 of some of the actual participants of that expedition.  This
 expedition team surveyed and mapped large areas and took soil, water
 and ice samples.  It charted the antarctic waters and air currents.
 It left behind hundreds of Swastika flags driven into the antarctic
 snow and more hundreds of flags air-dropped to lay proper explorers'
 rights of possession to that terrain.  All of this is documented in
 the above mentioned book.  This expedition claimed officially  for
 Germany a clearly defined geographic area of the Antarctic Continent
 and named warm water lakes and mountain ranges they discovered you
 can read about and find on any map put out by the National Geographic
 Society, for instance.  This claim is presently recorded in the
 Antarctica Gazetteer  No. 14, available from the United States Board
 on Geographic Names.  There even exists a German Antarctic Foundation
 which, through its various chapters around the world, keeps alive
 Germany's rightful claim to the area, known as Neu-Schwabenland - and
 trust me, I had nothing to do with the selection of that name, even
 though I am a proud, full-blooded Swabian.  I was born in 1939!
 Thus, Germany is far larger than the chopped-up, politically
 truncated, demonically maligned little piece of real estate in the
 very heart of Europe the Allies left behind after their defeat of
 Hitler. Germany's Antarctic claim, never challenged, is three times
 the size of pre-World War II Germany.  Many of its highest, Alp-like
 mountains as well as lakes and glaciers are named after those wicked
 Nazi crew and expedition members.  Horrors!
 In the 1990s I interviewed an American publisher and author from
 Florida who publishes a magazine, called Sharkhunters, devoted
 largely to WWII submarines with lots of famous U-Boat aces as
 contributors.  He told a fascinating story, which I broadcast on my
 satellite show, The Voice of Freedom.  He claims that he had, indeed,
 come across maps and photographs of German Antarctic bases in World
 War II in the Chilean and Argentinian naval archives, one based in
 Tierra del Fuego, accommodating approximately 8,000 men.
 One Japanese national TV program invited me to Princeton University
 in the middle 1990s  where I was interviewed for hours and where some
 of my unpublished material was filmed.  This television program was
 then enhanced with computer-generated, brilliantly done Nazi flying
 saucers, being shielded by icebergs at first, gracefully rising out
 from Antarctic ocean bases and glaciers.  They are some sight to see
 - what with the Swastika proudly adorning these incredibly
 maneuverable, exotic flying craft wobbling out of the choppy,
 iceberg-strewn ocean, shaking off pieces of ice and trailing
 cascading water, as they elegantly zoom away at very high speed!
 There is immense worldwide interest in this alleged German Antarctic
 UFO activity, borne out by the fact that large-circulation Japanese
 newspapers, magazines and TV programs devote a lot of space, money
 and time to this story.  One even came to interview me in Toronto and
 ended up hiring one of my own "Zundel-Haus Lieutenants", a volunteer
 who helped around the office, but who had lived in Argentina many
 years and spoke several languages.  This man had personal knowledge
 of the people and places involved.  That expedition is as well a
 fascinating one - but too long to recount here.  Perhaps another time!
 Even im America, the topic is a sizzling one.  Right after World War
 II, Col. Byrd, the famous American Arctic Explorer, was sent to
 Antarctica by President Truman in 1947 with a military task force,
 equipped with the latest military hardware including air craft
 carriers, submarines, helicopters, even tanks.  What was he looking
 for - in, of all places, Antarctica?  There are all kinds of
 articles, serious and otherwise, suggesting that he was sent to smoke
 out Hitler's last stronghold there.  National Geographic Magazine
 covered that Task Force in over 40 pages of photographs and texts in
 When I was younger than I am today and learned about all these things
 in the 1970s, I tried to raise public awareness with my little
 easy-to-read books, which turned quickly into controversial
 bestsellers, going through numerous printings before I myself pulled
 the plug on the "Secret Nazi UFO Project" by not reprinting and not
 writing new material on this topic.  My Jewish detractors made me
 change course, but I want to touch briefly on a widely misreported
 story of my UFO exploits.   It had to do with my last UFO project, a
 planned Antarctic overflight via a leased,  extra-large, fuel tank
 equipped, long range Boeing 747 from South African Airways.
 For  political reasons, this airline had to fly non-stop from Europe
 to South Africa, not being allowed to land and refuel anywhere in
 Black Africa at the time, courtesy of apartheid.  I had a lead on the
 plane and had tentatively found a crew of Australian and New
 Zealanders with 747 flying skills and training and also Antarctic
 overflight experience.  The idea itself was a bit of a publicity lark
 - we were going to toast each other with champagne over the South
 Pole and drop a Hitler flag onto some glaciers from the plane to send
 a greeting to whoever might have been holed up down below.  It caused
 lots of media interest.  I had already close to ten media and TV
 programs lined up whose executives had pledged the $9,999.- fee to
 send their staff writers and photographers along - to see for
 themselves what was down there!
 I was young, rich and adventurous then - and we  were all roaring to
 go.  I had lots of fun and did up to three and four talk shows a week
 on that "Nazi-Antarctic-UFO-Find-the F|hrer's Bases" story and sold
 lots of UFO booklets to boot - when tragedy struck!  An Air New
 Zealand passenger plane crashed into Mt. Erebus, killing all
 passengers and crew members.  The subsequent, painstaking
 investigation came to no firm conclusions on why the plane crashed.
 The United Nations, in conjunction with the Big Powers - Russia,
 America, England etc. - got involved and declared the Antarctic
 Continent off limits to all civilian overflights.
 Coincidence?  It put an end to the Zundel UFO Adventure for good.
 The last person to raise my "UFO past" and grill me intensely on it
 was the famous Mike Wallace of "Sixty Minutes" in the 1990s.  Wallace
 seemed to be fascinated and not a little freaked out by the topic.
 What does he have to  fear?
 In the summer of 2000, Ingrid Rimland, my new wife, and I visited the
 famous, much-visited Roswell, New Mexico UFO Museum.  Many will
 recall that a UFO allegedly crashed there in 1947 only two years
 after World War II - with little "aliens" on board etc. etc.  While
 there, I bought a nicely produced hardcover book by U.S. Col. Philip
 J.  Corso, (Ret.), who worked deep within the Pentagon hierarchy on a
 secret UFO Project in the 1950s-60s.  On the dust jacket it says
 this:  "...With unprecedented detail, Corso divulges how he
 spearheaded the (U.S.) Army's reverse engineering project that seeded
 Alien technology at American companies such as IBM, Hughes Aircraft,
 Bell Labs and Dow Corning."
 We toured the museum for several hours and  talked with employees and
 tour guides there, and what do you know?  Nicely protected by glass I
 spotted some diaramas - life-like models reduced to scale:  "Nazi
 Saucers", Swastikas, Balkenkreuze, Luftwaffe insignias and all -
 being refueled by tankers on the ground with Luftwaffe - and
 SS-uniformed and armed German soldiers guarding the "Nazi UFO base."
 I thought I could not trust my eyes!
 Allow me this thought as a German who has refused throughout a
 lifetime to make myself a slave to the Pavlovian Reflex and kick a
 long-dead Adolf Hitler in the shin:
 The Americans captured and shipped thousands of German rocket,
 aircraft and other weapons specialists to the US immediately after
 World War II to "seed" exactly the same projects that Col. Corso
 described as their advanced weapons research.  While in Roswell,
 Ingrid and I also went to the American rocket pioneer Stoddard's
 workshop/museum and looked at the tools and scientific gear displayed
 there - a shockingly primitively equipped place, compared to what
 Wernher von Braun had had to work with Hitler's test facilities at
 Peenem|nde at the end of World War II.  On that hot summer afternoon
 I wondered to myself if what had really crashed in Roswell might not
 have been one of the German Flying Saucers, keeping an eye on what
 the competition was up to at Mr. Stoddard's lab and test site - and
 that the "little green men" story was a false road flare, planted by
 US authorities at the time!
 Why so?  Would it not have been painfully  embarrassing to admit to
 the American and world public that "... here we were, having clubbed
 the Germans to a pulp in massive bombing raids, monkeying around at
 Mr.  Stoddard's lab and other places with that outdated,
 old-fashioned, glorified fire cracker rocketry the departing Hitler
 regime left behind, along with Wernher von Braun - while a
 still-undefeated bunch of high-tech Nazis are hot-rodding it around
 the globe and maybe even through the universe, snugly ensconced in
 their never-captured, Antarctic based UFOs?"
 A  man can speculate, can't he?  After all, this is America, isn't
 it?  And red-blooded Americans don't fear - or do they? -  that they
 will faint or turn into some frogs if they discover that a real live
 "Nazi" called Ernst Zundel - according to the ADL, the JDL, the
 Wiesenthalers and other some such outfits that specialize in smears -
 turned out to be a human being after all who has just given them a
 publicly little-known piece of his mind.
 Much of the information on Antarctica and German UFOs are in Ernst
 Zundel's various UFO books, some a bit tattered and grimy after the
 1995 arson of the renowned, world-famous Zundel-Haus in Toronto, set
 ablaze by Germany's enemies 50 years to the day after Germany
 surrendered to the Allies, May 8, 1945.
 Keep Historical Truth and Human Adventure alive.  Write for an order 
blank to:
 Ingrid Rimland
 Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

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