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Eric Thomson coined the acronym ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)
sometime in the 1970's. It always had a nice ring
to it and about 2 years ago, I started referring to Ernst Zündel as
the ZUD. It rhymed with "thud" and became a sort of
accompaniment to ZOG. Moreover, ZUD is a type of household cleaner and
everyone must know by now that the
soon-to-retire Ernst is also a great cleaner -- judging by the empty
check books and revised wills he leaves in his wake. 

I personally have no animosity for this man but I am sure he feels
that I have "stabbed him in the back," since he has always
offered the hospitality of his home to me. For that, I am eternally
grateful and the matter of friendship would have remained
there. However, Ernst is more than a friend or relative to other
people. He claims to head an "organization" dedicated to
"truth." Therefore, he has a public side and it is precisely that to
which I address this difficult, and sad bit of writing. I have
friends who have cheated on their wives and been liberal with what
they refer to as truth. I even have an old childhood
friend who had committed several crimes in his youthful past -- for
which he was never apprehended -- but I hold that to be
past and private. One woman has even confessed her sordid motel
encounters to me. Be that as it may, none were public
figures and none were responsible for anything remotely resembling a
public trust. If Ernst were such a man, then I would
have remained mute in this matter, no matter what he did or said. I,
perhaps unlike the general American public, do not
believe that two people can occupy the same body and enjoy a "public
morality" and a "private morality" depending upon
which role they conveniently, and voluntarily choose to assume. 

Ernst took it upon himself to be the public spokesman for revisionism,
historical truth, German honor, or whatever his
endeavor is called. A portion of the public -- and I do mean people
who have had absolutely no personal contact with him --
had entrusted their faith and sacrificed their money for this man.
That trust, in my opinion, he has violated in a most
nauseating manner. 

I do know that this essay will cause many to criticize me for "helping
the jews," whatever that is supposed to mean. If I found
a starving, or injured jew, I would certainly help him. At one time, I
nursed a nearly frozen, and starving puppy back to
health. Should I deny this same treatment to another living entity
simply because it is labeled "jew"? 

The jews will not object to this writing and neither will the negroes,
chipmunks or prune trees. If the logic continued, I could
probably be accused of helping chipmunks and prunes. I do not mind
that either. 

I have made it abundantly clear, on several occasions, that I prefer
to live in an all-White society without jews and this --
call it what you may -- has been my preference ever since I was a 9
year-old boy -- proud of being a direct descendant of
General Robert E. Lee and doubly proud to have been a member of an
honest and handsome family. 

Mr. Zündel has more than once proclaimed that "duty" to a
principle, or cause, transcends all personal boundaries. With his
words in my mind, I offer these views to those who will someday come
to realize that Ernst was handed a torch -- by the
fates -- and chose to drop it while pretending to be still carrying

Suppose you had a friend with whom you shared many hardships and joys.
Further suppose that this friend decided to open
his own bakery. Somewhere along the line, you discovered that he
knowingly used wormy flour, rancid shortening and that
his cat sometimes urinated in the sugar barrel. What would you do?
Ignore it; keep your mouth shut; and buy your bread
somewhere else? Or would you -- out of respect for the public trust
which assumed clean flour and sugar -- let it be known
that the bread might not be something everyone would want to eat? 

There is a myriad of examples which all form a strong indictment of
Ernst Zündel, but I choose two only -- one somewhat
mild and the other more extreme. If two examples don't stir something
within your conscience, then a thousand would do no

The case of Eric Thomson: 

Several years ago, and after a decade of loyal, and dedicated service
to Mr. Zündel, Eric packed up and left for Louisville,
Kentucky, where he secured other employment. (Part of the reason was
of a personal nature.) Ernst wasn't very happy with
Eric's unannounced departure -- Eric was an excellent "ghost writer"
-- and started making the derogatory claim that Eric
had stolen $10,000 cash from his house and thus was high-tailing it
out of the country. Eric was hurt deeply when he learned
of this accusation but I did not believe this tale one bit for I had
often dined and conversed with Eric over many years. About
2 months later, the money was "unexpectedly discovered" by Ernst's
married mistress, Ann Burton. Although the matter
might have been one of mistaken judgement, to this day Ernst has yet
to make an apology to Mr. Thomson, either private or

The case of Ewald Althans: 

This is one of the more serious affairs and one which Ernst went
overboard in the damage control department. I am now
referring to his Power Letter of July 1995 where, instead of telling
it like it was, he resorted to innuendo and lies in order to
shift the blame to his victim. Deception is one of Mr. Zündel's

Althans, Zündel, Thomson -- I know them all personally and I also
know personally all of the people who came and went
through Zündelhaus and have supplied me with bits of information
which were unknown to me at the time. I have -- with my
own eyes and ears -- watched while Ernst "shafted" more than one
older, and trusting woman. His callous disregard for the
welfare of other people whom he no longer found "useful" is legend. 

Ewald was in a German jail in December 1994 serving an 18-month
sentence for making politically incorrect remarks about
(denying) the Holocaust -- a crime in "democratic" Germany. Earlier,
he and Ernst made a "neo Nazi" video at Auschwitz.
Ewald again ran afoul of the law due to this taping. Keep in mind that
Mr. Althans was Ernst's protégé and ran the Munich
operation. Ewald was in the pay of Mr. Zündel and depended upon him
for financial support and assistance. True to fashion,
Ernst weighed the costs of a legal defence against the future "value"
of Ewald. This was not the first time a dedicated
supporter came out second. The almighty dollar has always remained at
the top of Ernst's list! 

At first, Mr. Zündel spouted his time-worn remark to the effect
that Ewald was a "volunteer" and, as such, should be left to
his own desserts. Legal defence money was not forthcoming from the
Zündel bankroll. That was final. Ewald had outlived
his usefulness. (The same, sad fate was dropped upon Mr. Fred Leuchter
who is now living in California under an assumed
name. The victims list is not short. Trusting Ernst Zündel is like
playing Russian Roulette with all of the chambers loaded.) 

When Ewald was released, after serving his sentence, he appealed to
Ernst for some sort of restitution or recompense. What
this young man received -- for going to jail on Zündel's behalf --
was a lawsuit alleging that Ewald had "stolen" things from
him. Shades of Mr. Thomson, don't you think? To make matters worse for
the down-and-out Althans, Zündel started to
spread the word that Ewald was a government snitch. After all, didn't
he spread far and wide, that his wife Irene was a
government "tool" also? 

Then there is the matter of "the mail bomb," of which Ernst
capitalized -- to the hilt! -- in his newsletters. Always the
showman, con-artist and street bull-shitter, his buffoonery failed to
mention that the "bomb" remained at Zündelhaus for over
1 week while he pointed to it, and joked about it, on a regular basis.
If the truth be known, I can think of several former
supporters who have a greater vested interest in sending him a bomb
than any batch of jews you could ever dream up. 

Whether I am "helping the jews" or not, is of little moment. The real
question is whether the jews can help us finally get rid
of Zündel and also toss out his partner in slime, Ingrid Rimland,
-- a fetid bit of environmental pollution -- with him. 

Let's leave revisionism to those such as David Irving, who never
pretends to be other than what he really is: a researcher; a
writer and a promoter of his own history books. 

by Robert Frenz 

11 August 1998

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