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From: Annie Alpert 
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Subject: Re: Julius Streicher - Pornographer 2 Sara
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> For the reader's information, I addressed Mike Curtis's
> remarks on Streicher being a pornographer,  , the proof
>  of which he failed to provide.  They wrack their brains for
>  hours thinking ofan explanation that might get them off the hook.
>   Unfortunately for them, the only thing that will get them off the
> hook is providing direct Evidence.....

Oh, honestly, rblackmore (or whatever your name is).  It's so easy to
look up information on Julius Streicher even my 7-yr-old daughter could
do it.  Why waste bandwidth on this type of malarkey.  Are you seriously
trying to defend Streicher in any way, shape or form?

As editor of Der Sturmer, a violently anti-Semitic paper, he took great
pleasure in publishing sexually explicit drawings of lovely Aryan girls
and extraordinarily well-hung Jews.  In "Der Fuhrer" Heiden, 1944: "His
Sturmer, Streicher claimed, was the only newspaper which the Leader read
>from  cover to cover, inlcuding the rather detailed drawings of Christian
girls being raped by Hebrew voluptuaries; with his concentration on the
pornographic aspects of racism, Striecher was the embodiment of Hitler's

Dr. Louis Snyder says in "Encyclopedia of the Holocaust" "His sexual
appetite bordered on the psychopathic.  The pornographic side of his
propoganda accounted for much of his popularity with a certain element
of the public."

Actually, some of Streicher's nasty drawings are posted on various
Christian Identity and Nazi BBs and web sites if you care to look for
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