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Smith, Bradley.  _Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, Part 1_.  Prima
Facie, Los Angeles, California, 1988.  Bracketed comments are Nizkor's.

p. 11:

I told her some of my favorite Elie Wiesel stories.  I started with the
one where he writes that there is eyewitness evidence that when some
Russians were executed at Babi Yar in Ukraine that the cadavers of
those that were Jews, in a unique protest against their ill treatment,
spurted geysers of blood from their graves after they were buried.

"He wrote that in _Jews of Silence_," ^1 I said.  "In a straight book
of journalism about Soviet Jews and the refusal of the State to allow
them to emigrate.  It's not a book of poetry.  Straight journalism. 
What do you think about a man who would repeat such a claim?  Wiesel
writes in longhand in French.  His wife translates his stuff into
English.  Presumably Wiesel goes over the translation.  The translation
is typeset and presumably Wiesel goes over the galleys.  When he claims
that Jewish cadavers spurt geysers of blood from their graves for
months after they were buried it isn't a slip of the pen.  Wiesel
believes that it's a credible story.  He wants you and me to believe
it's credible.  He wants the kids he teaches at Boston University to
believe it's credible.  It isn't only that Wiesel is not a historian. 
There may be other things as well that he is not.  He may not be
wrapped too tight, for example."

1.  "Appointment With Hate," _Legends of our Time_, 1966, Avon Books,
1968, pps. 117-178.

pp. 25-26:

"If we are to believe certain morally deranged and spiritually perverted
pseudo-historians," writes Elie Wiesel, "the Holocaust never took
place.  The killers did not kill, the victims did not perish. 
Auschwitz?  A fraud.  Treblinka?  A lie.  Bergen-Belsen?  A name."

[not quite three paragraphs omitted]

Those of us who are not ready to accept at face value the survivor
claims that Jewish corpses can pump geysers of blood into the air from
their graves, which by implication opens _all_ survivor testimony to
questioning in the light of reason, Wiesel accuses of being spiritual
perverts.  But then, what else can he do?  _Defend the claim?_

[one paragraph omitted]

In any event, I have not read anything in Faurisson these six years that
approaches the craziness of Wiesel's belief in the geysers-of-blood
story. In fact, it was Faurisson who first brought this tale to my
attention.  He laughed when he told it.  He was enjoying himself. 
That's one of the traits that distinguishes we morally deranged ones
from Holocaust fundamentalists.

We laugh at that stuff.

p. 91:

"I've hardly told you anything about it, Jo."

"You don't have to.  I've heard about those people.  I don't blame Jews
for being angry at them.  I've never read anything they've written but
I'm angry at them myself."  She patted my hand again.  "I don't mean
I'm angry at you, honey."

I told her my Elie Wiesel story about how he claims that when some Jews
were shot at Babi Yar that for months afterwards their corpses spurted
geysers of blood from their graves.  She blinked.  A smile started to
appear at one corner of her mouth but she stopped it.  Then her face
turned angry.

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