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From Fri Mar  1 07:48:22 PST 1996
Article: 25707 of alt.revisionism
From: (Jeanne Kowalewski)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power,alt.discrimination,alt.revisionism,alt.activism,
Subject: Re: Louis Beam, Censorship, and the National Alliance
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 18:15:38 -0800
Organization: The University of Oregon
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In article <4h50fb$>, (R.C. Richards) wrote:

* (Gord McFee) wrote:
* >In article <4gulfv$>, (R.C. Richards) said:
* >>except for this, FUCKNUT:  i ain't a revisionist.  and besides that, this
* >>is how they explained it before world war 2.  
* >Racial Loser stands up on his back legs (although not for long) and belches
* >the BIGGEST WORD HE KNOWS.  Whoa.... whatta man.  FUCKNUT!  I'll bet that
* >impresses you and your friends, although I suspect you are the only one of
* >them who can spell it.
* the usual--another lib ducking the issues.
* rc richards, racial theorist

For the record -- the racial theorist wrote this *compelling essay* about
Nazis and the Holocaust a few months back:

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Newsgroups: alt.discrimination,alt.politics.white-power,
Subject: Re: Aphrodite
Date: 20 Jul 1995 15:57:36 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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Message-ID: <3umcfg$>
Reply-To: (R THEORIST)
Xref: alt.discrimination:30906

some JACKASS wrote:

Everytime I hear about the Six million I get turned on.

        don't they have some ng where those who care to can go debate the
holocaust--whether it did or didn't happen, whether it was one million or
six million, whether hitler knew about it or whether it was all done
behind his back?
        and this brings us to a topic i've been theorizing on lately: just
who are the civilized white people in this world?
        maybe the germans are white, but they ain't at all civilized.  all
they've ever done was cause trouble and they'll keep on causing trouble
until such time as the united states launches a nuclear attack.  i
personally think the germans are a poor excuse for white people--when was
the last time they won a war?  and i've also heard they don't take baths
        this is apw-p, where i've always understood we were supposed to
intelligently discuss the the white race, not where screwballs and kooks
can gloat over putting people in gas ovens.
        i'm sorry if this offends anybody, but putting humans, and i don't
care if they're retards or mentally defective,  in gas ovens is something
civilized english speaking white people do not do.  naturally, we might
have committed a few war crimes in the course of wars other people
started, but we never rounded up women and children and gassed them, and
any white person who is in favor of such an activity is a detriment to the
        besides being crazy, all this type of talk does is get the jewry
worked up and they start running around on public tv, crying and carrying
        instead of talking about the holocaust, we need to concentrate on
something productive things like the advancement of the white race and how
we can work to make this an even more powerful country.
        i don't want anybody to get the wrong idea and think i love jews.
        and if i had my say, we'd be offering boat trips to germany to
anybody who's in favor of gas ovens and i personally hope you're there
when germany gets nuked by the united states. i would personally like to
write "heil hitler!" on the nose cones of the icbm's that land on berlin. 
the germans are about the biggest embarrassment to the white race that i
know of.
        i know i'm probably going to catch some flack for this post, but
hey, we're all friends here.

david padgett, racial theorist

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I guess R.C. won't be getting his National Alliance membership card or be
allowed into the Ernst Zundell fan club now.

Rev. Jeanne K.
Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

"There are many humorous things in the world: among them the white man's notion 
that he is less savage than the other savages."
 Mark Twain

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