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Date: 13th June '02

Name: Cyberspook

Country: Cyberspace



There follows the text of my letter of resignation from the BNP. It 
is relevant to reproduce it here as it contains an important critique 
of how this party has failed to capitalize on opportunities available 
to it.

To: BNP national and regional leaders, key BNP activists in Hull and 

Dear Friends

I have always tried to be open and honest with people and I have often
suffered for it. I am not the type to go plotting and scheming behind 
people's backs. I will not go plotting and scheming now. I will again 
be open and honest.

Let me begin with a digression. I have been involved in nationalist 
politics since 1979 when I distributed copies of the National Front 
election manifesto to my classmates at school. I joined the NF in 
1980 as a student. In 1982, as a result of a slick campaign involving 
the co-operation of senior members of the St Andrews University 
Conservative Society, I seconded the then leader of the NF, Andrew 
Brons, in a debate at St Andrews University -- a phenomenal 
breakthrough in clear defiance of the NUS 'no platform' policy. As a 
result of this my remaining years at St Andrews were not happy. 
Nevertheless I succeeded and went on to study for a doctorate at
Keele. During all this time I continued to involve myself in politics,
distributing thousands of leaflets to the houses of Stoke-on-Trent 
and the Five Towns. By 1987 it was evident that the NF was going 
nowhere, so I migrated to South Africa where I assisted the Afrikaner 
people in their struggle against obliteration from the face of the 
earth. Indeed, I have here an old copy of the AWB newspaper Die 
Sweepslag where an article of mine occupies a more prominent position 
than the Christmas message of Eugene Terre'Blanche! When that 
struggle failed due to the treachery of Frederik de Klerk and the 
Judas, Constand Viljoen, I returned to Britain where I was employed 
by a Jewish publisher -- I lasted about a year before I was thrown
out and had to establish my own business. In 1999 or 2000, despite ill
health, I joined the BNP. I was delighted to see its new leadership 
and my delight increased when it became apparent that they had a 
clear strategy -- something quite unknown in British nationalist 
politics prior to 1999. I say these things to establish that I have 
long taken politics seriously and have a track record of activism in 
defence of our people.

When I took over as organizer for Hull and the North Lincolnshire 
region, the area was in a tragic mess. The sudden departure of Dave 
Hannam had left a terrible situation. It was not helped by the bitter 
feuding between Tony Braithwaite (at the time a key member) and John 
Brayshaw, the Yorkshire regional organizer. I do not intend to 
resurrect that issue here other than to point out that John Brayshaw 
had, in the period before I took over, effectively made it impossible 
for us to do anything ? even to read our post. Nevertheless, despite 
limitations imposed by my health, I rapidly began the task of 
rebuilding the unit. I think that nobody disputes that this was a 
period of dramatic growth, particularly in the Hull area. The John 
Brayshaw/Tony Braithwaite nonsense was diffused by marginalizing
Braithwaite and by transferring the entire area to the East Midlands 
region. A new committee was formed. Good, intelligent people were 
brought on board. We scored a major local victory in preventing the 
opening of an asylum-seeker centre in Scartho right in the middle of 
a picturesque suburb where elderly and vulnerable people were 
residing. We produced one of the best local newsletters in the 
country. Our membership increased. Our supply of useful activists 
increased. We were getting leafleting teams out of 14 people or more 
at a time. Organized nationalism was flourishing in Hull for the 
first time in 60 years.

However, the powers that be were not slow in responding to us and they
rapidly launched a campaign that was to prove fatal to our efforts. 
The first salvo was fired by the Hull Labour MP, Kevin McNamara, who 
tried to get us arrested for distributing leaflets. This was killed 
when the solicitor acting for Humberside Police pointed out that 
there was not a chance in hell of securing a conviction for anything 
pertaining to the distribution of the leaflets in question, which 
were wholly lawful.

At that point Special Branch and its fellow travellers launched a
two-pronged attack on us.

The first prong of the attack involved a direct approach from a 
Special Branch officer, DS Hamilton. He had obtained information 
about myself and Tony Braithwaite through an infiltrator, Mark 
Broome, based in Gainsborough. His method consisted of a very 
friendly approach, first to Braithwaite and subsequently to myself. 
(A third approach was made much later to our Mr Knight in Grimsby by 
a different officer based in Grimsby.) These approaches were clearly 
intended to cause divisions in our ranks. They placed me in a
difficult position. If I spoke to Hamilton then this would raise 
questions among our own people about what precisely I was saying to 
Special Branch. If I did not speak to him then I was exposing us to 
the risk of police harassment, raids, searches, and ongoing 
disruption of our leafleting campaigns. My solution was to speak to 
Hamilton but only after thorough consultation both with the local 
activists and the regional and national BNP leadership. In my 
conversation with Hamilton (and a SB colleague from Grimsby), which 
lasted one hour, I made it very clear to him that (a) the only 
information he would get from me would be public-domain information,
(b) our strategy consisted of fighting elections and building our 
membership through leafletre devastating. Mr 
John Brayshaw was undertaking a serious programme of destabilization 
against our resurgent unit. This consisted at first of petty actions, 
such as the refusal to release our local funds to East Midlands 
branch to help in their general election campaign, and petty gossip 
and tittle tattle, some of which got back to us by various means. I 
ignored these provocations and insults, recognizing them as an 
attempt by the Establishment to cause trouble. However, it soon 
became evident that John Brayshaw was attempting to cause divisions 
between us and key party figures such as our new regional organizer, 
Mr Belshaw, and the branch liaison officer, Tony Lecomber. The poison 
that this man laid down did its work here and is doing its wor even

As a result of John Brayshaw's work on Lecomber it rapidly became 
clear to me that it was impossible for me to continue as organizer. 
It was evident that Lecomber was going to go into 'dirty tricks' mode 
and I had no wish to put him to the trouble of doing so to get me 
out. This did not particular trouble me as there were others able to 
do the work of organizer. David Hannam, who had recovered from his 
first bout of 'personal problems', volunteered to take over and I 
agreed with this. I think we were all pleased to see him back and we 
wished him well.

I do not intend to recount in detail the catalogue of utter disasters 
that followed.

I will not dwell upon the embarrassing shambles of the 'Nick Griffin'
meeting held in late 2001. I will not recount in detail how the 
chairman of Britain's fourth political party was left standing in a 
car park as nobody present (including Hannam) knew where the meeting 
was to be held. I will mention only the total lack of security at the 
meeting,  stuttering, 
stammering speeches of Hannam and Bridgeman, which were so awful as 
to make us all cringe with embarrassment, and the fact that only a 
mere 49 people could be bothered to turn up when we could easily have 
attracted 100 or even 150 if the d organizer'. He 
totally ruins an important meeting, placing the safety of the Party
chairman at risk, and he's a 'good organizer'. Only two local 
supporters, one of whom is his girlfriend, will talk to him and he's 
a 'good organizer'.

What was the relst apparently simultaneously going behind my back 
and expressing support for Hannam!

Has any leadership of any political party ever been as out of touch 
with its members and activists as the leadership of the BNP is with 
the members and activists in k in the belief that they're going to 
rehabilitate Hannam when even Hannam himself recognizes the 
impossibility of ever returning as the Hull organizer. With the 
exception of his girlfriend (the very treasurer who, it seems, sat 
back and let him take r money) and possibly one deranged postal
worker who is too afraid for his career to actually join the BNP, 
Hannam has no local support. He's going around moaning now about how 
he's been sent to Coventry and nobody will speak to him! The patriots 
of Hull are not so easily fooled as the leadership of the BNP. They 
know filth and treachery when they see it. They do not so readily 
allow themselves to be hoodwinked by traitors who steal their money 
and paralyse their political party.

And what of the higher levels? The well-meaning Tony Mac is appointed 
to 'sort things out' in Hull. He is left in no doubt that the top 
brass in the BNP want to see Hannam rehabilitated. He takes a closer 
look. He discovers very rapidly that Hannam is 'a shite' (to quote 
his excellent phrase as recorded on my answering machine). He quickly 
finds himself stuck in an impossible situation, sandwiched between a 
leadership that wants to overlook the criminal activities of this man 
and a membership that does not -- understandably as they were the 
victims of his crime. I suggest an eminently workable solution. Tony 
agrees with me. That's the last I hear, until I receive a members' 
bulletin telling me that he's been to Hull and had a meeting 
with 'the new organizing tea'. I certainly wasn't invited to any
such meeting. Equally, I hear nothing but silence from Grimsby. It 
appears that not much is going on anywhere in Hull and North 
Lincolnshire now. I suspect that it never will.

Time and time again the same pattern has repeated itself. I warn the 
BNP leaders of a problem. They respond by knifing me in the back. And 
what happens next? The problem of which I have warned manifests 
itself and disaster ensues.

And in the meantime, countless opportunities are being lost. Hull has 
the honour of having been mentioned on news bulletins and the Channel 
4 documentary Bloody Foreigners as the town with the worst reputation 
in Britain among asylum seekers because of the hostile reception that 
they are given here by our local patriots. Some asylum seekers have 
even asked for asylum from Hull and have been allowed to re-migrate 
to Lincoln! Our dear young people do not let them have an easy time 
of it up here! There are literally thousands of good folk here who 
could be bg drawn into the political process and radicalized. Yet 
nothing is happening! Why not? Because of the sheer incompetence of 
the utter cretins currently running whole swathes of the BNP.

Time and time again I warn of the need to tackle the BBC. What is 
done? Nothing. Anne Sloman operates a vicious censorship system to 
keep the BNP off of the airwaves and to keep links to its website off 
of the Internet, flagrantly violating the Human Rights Act 1998. Does 
the BNP sue? Don't be silly! Does it place pickets outside her home? 
Of course not! Does it draw attention to her activities in any way? 
My friends -- they're a better kept secret than Hull BNP's ex-
treasurer's gynaecological problems! This one woman does more to keep 
the BNP at bay than the AnNazi League, Searchlight, Special Branch 
and Anti-Fascist Action added together and yet the BNP's response to 
her and her organization can be summed up in one word: pathetic.

I warn of the dangers of allowing criminals, other than those who have
political convictions, to hold positions of authority in the BNP. What
happens? We get an entire Panorama programme dedicated to 'exposing'
criminality among BNP leaders! Every time BNP leaders appear in 
public they're tackled on the issue of criminality in the party's 
ranks and they sit there, looking foolish before the entire country, 
unable to respond convincingly or at all. How can you fight elections 
on a platform of law and order when you have a bunch of third-rate 
crooks running whole sections of the organization?

I say over and over again that you need to take serious measures to 
secure your financial position. I forward to you a suggestion from a 
local member advocating the targeting of Britain's wealthiest people. 
I suggest setting up a commie to look at setting up businesses. 
What is the reaction? The equivalent of a computer software error 
message! Yet how can you hope to run a major nationwide political 
party on a voluntary basis? You need paid regional and local 
organizers. Then they will know that their jobs are at stake if they 
want to start playing silly games. You also need money to assert your 
rights through the civil and criminal courts.

The response of the BNP to the events of 11 September 2002 was 
disgraceful. For years, the American empire and its leaders have been 
working to undermine the sovereignty of nations, our own nation 
included. For years they have been working towards a one-world system 
with America at the helm. For years they have been exporting terror, 
dea degeneracy and filth of all descriptions across the globe. 
From their nuclear bombings of entire cities full of civilians in 
World War II, to their support for the murderous Chinese and Soviet 
regimes (the former support continuing to this very day), to their 
instigation of a regime of poverty, starvation and death in the
Third World, these Americans, and the people behind them, have shown 
that they constitute one of the deadliest regimes that the world has 
ever known. Their genocide of the Arab peoples in Palestine, Iraq and 
Afghanistan merely exemplifies it. But the Arab peoples are made of 
sterner stuff than the great white patriots of Britain, who sit in 
front of their football matches with beer in their hands and who dare 
not even put out leaflets or join a political party for fear of 
losing their jobs. No! Whereas the average Briton will do nothing to 
fight the new American empire, young Arab boys hurl themselves in 
front of Israeli tanks, young Arab women -- 16-year-old girls -- blow  solidarity with the people of 
the earth as they fight to the death against America and all that
it represents but rather an ANTI-ISLAM campaign! A campaign that 
cannot fail but to warm the heart of every member of Israel's Likud!

I was in Leeds a few months ago. I saw what Islam has done to that 
city. I saw street after street of young foreign people, dressed in 
alien clothes, worshipping a religion alien to our land. I saw the 
mosques. I smelled, and indeed ate, the exotic, alien foods. And I 
saw, too, how part of our country and our English heritage had died 
in that city. Yes, I can understand the resentment that our people 
feel. But the resentment is misdirected. Our enemies are not these 
young foreigners. Our enemies are the regimes that brht them here 
and that fail to take the steps necessary to return them to their 
homelands. And those regimes are also the enemies of Islam. 
Immigration empoverishes not only the receipient nations but also the
nations that send the immigrants. The BNP chairman stood in Hull last 
year heaping abuse upon, for example, the Albanians (one of the 
oldest and most patriotic civilizations in Europe, direct descendants 
of the ancient Illyrians, and he describes them as 'scum') -- yet 
Albania itself is suffer I want no part of this
'anti-Islam' campaign. Islam is not our enemy. America is our enemy. 
We should be fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with our Islamic friends 
under the slogan 'death to America!'

And this morning, the final insult. I log on to the BNP's website and 
I find a message of support for Elizabeth Windsor, the so-
called 'Queen' of England. This woman who wines and dines Nelson 
Mandela and Zao Zemin. This woman whose reign has seen the decline of 
Britain from a proud, free world power to a subservient suburb of 
America. And the BNP sends her its good wishes.


Enough is enough!

I no longer find myself in agreement with the policies of the BNP. I 
no longer have faith in its leadership or its strategies.

The time has come to look elsewhere.

It is my belief that the strategy of the BNP will not lead to 
substantial long-term change in Britain. Indeed, it is my belief 
that 'Britain' as such is beyond hope. We need to think globally.

As Eduard Limonov pointed out recently, 'There is no longer any left 
and right. There's the system and the enemies of the system.' The 
principal conflict of the future will be between the Establishment 
and all who oppose it. What is needed is a global alliance of all 
those who oppose the New Worl Order, be they nationalists, 
anarchists, Islamic fundamentalists, genuinely anti-imperialist 
communists such as the North Koreans, national-Bolsheviks, third 
positionists, and all the oppressed and downtrodden peoples of the 

The National Front is a joke. It has all the problems of the BNP but
multiplied a hundredfold.

The ITP is going nowhere. It is an exclusive Catholic club, handsomely
blessed with money but quite devoid of strategy or direction. It 
poses no threat to the New World Order.

My own view is that the future lies with the radical post-third 
positionist groups of Europe, Russia and America: Limonov and Dugin 
in Russia and the NRF here. At the moment they appear to be in a 
fairly grim state with the usual lack of focus. However, they have 
vast potential if only they can learn to think and act strategically.

Gentlemen, it is not my wish to harm the BNP in any way. If I had 
wished to do so I would have pulled out very publicly before the 2 
May elections, going to the press as I slammed the door behind 
myself. I have not done this. I will not do this. I have waited until 
the elections are past and the situation has become irretrievable. 
All address lists in my possession have been handed over -- one list 
to the new Grimsby organizer, the other to Tony Mac. There are no 
copies in my possession. I have worked constructively with Tony to 
ensure that you have the basis for rebuilding ther region. I have
always acted honourably towards you. I will continue to act with 
honour. It would not be honourable for me to pretend to continue to 
support you when my enthusiasm for your party has vanished. Rather 
than remaining in your ranks as a source of discontent and division, 
the appropriate action is to tender my resignation. Which I now do 

I can do little or nothing for the BNP here in North Lincolnshire. 
The BNP is dead here. You have killed it by failing to support 
initiatives to build it and by allowing such initiatives to be 
undermined by those with nefarious intent. However, you may rest 
assured that, using whatever resources I can command, I shall 
continue to fight resolutely and defiantly against the enemies of our 
people, and for a better future for our children.

Death to America!
Death to the New World Order!

Yours sincerely

(Dr) David E Michael

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