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> In article <4g0jvg$>, wrote: 
> >much. But of course this is nothing unusual.  Total BS is spouted 
> >by idiots continuously, from all sorts of positions of "authority." 
> Speaking of idiots spouting total bs, check out Metzger's web pages. 
> Who is Metzger?

The leader(hate-spewer) of WAR.

Truly dangerous.

The following is an excerpt from Raphael Ezekiel's book, _The_Racist_Mind_ 

  "Tom Metzger leads a strident organization named White Aryan Resistance. 
With units in Southern California and scattered other locations, it publishes 
a violent paper named WAR! and prides itself on its determination. Metzger and 
his close associates have mastered videotaping and have put together a series 
of 'educational' videos with racist leaders; they sell these tapes to 
supremacist groups around the country who show them, or try to show them, on 
public-access cable television channels. Like many groups, they try to 
organize among white prison inmates, playing on their fears of black inmates. 
Over the years, Metzger has devised a variety of provocative actions that 
could be easily publicized and that embarrassed conventional authorities and 
made them choose between being embarrassed or acting unconstitutionally. The 
provocations included mounting an impromptu jeep patrol on the border with 
Mexico to harass illegal immigrants; running for elective office, uninvited, 
on a major party ticket; and defending the right of Marine recruits to 
maintain a Klan cell in their barracks. Metzger's publicity has won him a 
number of appearances on network television talk shows, where his contentious 
behavior has ensured return visits. His most dangerous activity has been a 
continuing outreach to racist Skinhead groups; in person and through his 
workers he has pulled them into closer links to the White Aryan Resistance and 
each other, deepened their commitment to white racist beliefs, and brought 
them nearer to street violence.

   At present, the whole supremacist movement is going through a period of 
transition as old leaders pass on. Metzger, despite recent setbacks and the 
death of his wife, will be a major force for many years. He is relatively 
young, highly energetic, and quite intelligent; his mind free of mystical 
nonsense; and he is the most cynical of leaders I have met and the last 
deterred by conscience or social conventions. Metzger knows himself. He has no 
doubts that others are like him: People look out for themselves; any claim to 
unselfishness is hypocritical and self-serving. Judging from himself, Metzger 
concluded that life is a war pitting man again man. He is sure that people who 
claim to have a conscience are pretending. . .

...Metzger saw in the rough street activity of Skinheads a force that could be 
a nucleus for his movement. We know from history the great power that 
organized street violence had in Weimar Germany--the ability of organized 
street violence to build an atmosphere that discredits the capability of the 
center to keep order, to protect the citizens. Street violence convinces the 
timid that they need strong hands to maintain order, and street thuggery draws 
to it similarly minded recruits from the vunerable. Here, Metzger felt, was 
the surfacing at last of a form that could move events toward Der Tag, 'The 

  Metzger's involvement was never casual. Even as we spoke, his agents were at 
work among Skinheads in Oregon. Their coaching of the Portland Skinheads in 
street tactics and their incitement, later court proceedings demonstrated, 
played a significant role in the subsequent killing of a young Ethiopian 
college student by Skinheads.

  Those court proceedings have reduced Metzger's effectiveness for the time 
being. His career, nevertheless, is far from over. He is determined, smart, 
and thoroughly dangerous."

 Raphael Ezekiel, by request, was allowed by Tom Metzger to interview him 
amidst his activities. The stipulation was that Professor Ezekiel *must* 
represent Metzger's views accurately.

  I used to live in Northern Orange County and I felt his effect 90 miles away 
>from  San Diego. Skinheads would come up to me and tell me to "Stay White." A 
"WAR" family tried to invoke violence with a friend who was with me by making 
comments of "mud people."

> People are, thanks to the net, thinking for themselves. It means the 
> end of the Metzgers of the world, and all their associated trash. 

  The Metzgers of the world pull power from ignorance. Hatred is the fuel to 
the fire. Most racist organizations feed on looking like the underdog. That's 
why they hold public events. Solely for the purpose that protestors will show 
and act violently. Then they can say, "see we're not the violent ones." We 
CANNOT hate these people; we cannot ignore them but we can feel sorry for 

 Imagine them trying once more to have a public rally, knowing in their minds, 
that protestors will show, create violence and give them the edge again; but 
no one shows.  What would that do to them?  Eventually, enough times, it would 
destroy them. I talking about, more or less, the urban groups rather than the 
Christians Knights, etc. They're a different matter. They follow a set of 
dangerous rhetoric they call "God's Word." Any interpretation that fits the 
time will be adapted to keep them going.
> >WAR 
> White Aryan Rubbish 

I love it! haha 

Wouldn't you consider "White Aryan" to be redundant?  If your white, sure, you 
may not be Aryan.  But if you're Aryan. . . Guess they didn't want to be AR, 
assinine rhetoric.


- Jim McClure -
Without Repression   
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