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Subject: Selfish Old Buggers
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The Lost Generation
Submitted Anonymously

        Fuck em. What have they done for the preservation and advancement
of the White race? They let the Jews crap all over our planet. They let
our schools be mongrelized with Niggers. They let their kids
get sent off to dozens of conflicts all over the world to maintain the
projected profit margins of the corporate elite. They let our once fair
cities get turned in to Nigger, Spic, Gook, Raghead, Faggot, etc.,
infested cesspools. They were provided with the greatest country in the
world by their predecessors, and the old bastards just squandered the damn
thing away. Now-a-days there's the old cry for more money to be spent on
them because they've managed to hide behind their curtains for 65 years.
When their grand-daughter brings around a Nigger boyfriend, they don't
have the moral courage to even disapprove out loud.

  So, the old fuckers are afraid they won't get good medical care to
prolong their ever-so-eventful-rotting-away lives in an old folks' home.
Gee, such a pity. These are the same people that were handed a good life.
Their predecessors had died to form unions, died for an 8-hour work day,
died for a good day's pay. However, they, who inherited 3.5 million square
miles of land which took our great White race over 300 years to conquer,
just threw it away. These old people, in their youth, had been recipients
of the highest standard of living in the world. Not only economically, but
their neighborhoods were White and proud. Not any more.

  What have they passed on to us? Niggers dancing around on MTV with half
naked White women. A $5 trillion dollar debt. Public education is a joke.
A population that is over 30% non-White. Faggots infect our streets. These
old folks have the audacity to say we should cough up more money for them
so they can visit Yellowstone? They whine about Social Security benefits
being cut, when over the past 25 years million upon million of greasy
beaners have poured across our borders and these old people were out
water-skiing at the lake. When White woman after White woman have been
raped for the last 30 years by Niggers, they were at the ball game,
drinking beer, eating peanuts and cheering for a Niggerto run faster. And
we're supposed to care if they don't get a thermometer stuck in their
mouth, when their old decrepit selves feel under the weather? Bunch of
dumb-bo's anyhow. We ought to increase their salt intake somehow.

  Old people in the U.S. have committed the ultimate crime. They've
voluntarily led an apathetic life. They sat on their ever-expanding asses
and watched their homeland turn to crap. They didn't even protest because
their TV told them it would be unpopular. Their cities, right from under
them, have been (and are being) ethnically cleansed, and they only try to
save up enough money to buy a retirement home in the hinterlands. All they
have ever contributed for, was to benefit themselves in the here and
now. Except, of course, the money they gave the local preacher-
man to insure a cozy place when they
croak; and even this was to eventually benefit them. They don't protest
when White children are being brutalized by the ever encroaching mud
people. Instead they protest about the cost of their own damn
blood pressure medicine. They make me sick. When the few Whites stood up
in the streets to stop what has already come to pass, they wouldn't part
with a nickel. They were too busy saving for their vacation in Hawaii.
They displayed greed, cowardice, and complete non-involvement with the
future of their very homeland and people.

  When the Union busters, called "Efficiency Experts," came to ask for a
vote from their local unions in regards to disbanding the unions, they
voted yes. The deal was, you'll get a $2 per hour pay raise, but the new
hires will start out at $3-$4 per hour less. And the wages have continued
to drop. Now they're worried about their medical benefits. Fuck em.

White Aryan Resistance
PO Box 65 Fallbrook, CA 92088 (619) 723-8996

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