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From Thu Nov 30 09:38:31 PST 1995
Article: 63016 of soc.culture.german
From: (Ole Kreiberg)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.nordic
Subject: Re: Kreiberg's Plan for Ethnic Cleansing
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 13:40:29 +0100
Organization: DKnet / EUnet Denmark - Login Tjenesten
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References: <49j5qf$>
Xref: alt.revisionism:14416 soc.culture.german:63016 soc.culture.nordic:45048

  An excellent English translation of my proposal. No flaws and distortions.
However I must strongely emphasize that there would be absolutely no 
reductions in the level of social welfare for the Danish people, as well as 
there would be no changes in the system of government. The plan for the
repatriation of people, who ethnically and culturally are a part of the 
third world, will of course not be implemented without the political will of 
the majority of the ethnic Danish populution.

  Thank you very much for translating and posting this. I had thought of 
doing that myself, but unfortunatly I had not got the time.   

Ole Kreiberg

Truth alone triumphs. - Mundaka Upanisad 

From Thu Nov 30 19:11:42 PST 1995
Article: 14450 of alt.revisionism
From: (Ole Kreiberg)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.nordic
Subject: Re: Kreiberg's Plan for Ethnic Cleansing
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 20:29:07 +0100
Organization: DKnet / EUnet Denmark - Login Tjenesten
Lines: 73
References: <49j5qf$>  <49kft4$>
Xref: alt.revisionism:14450 soc.culture.german:63038 soc.culture.nordic:45050

In article <49kft4$>, Michael P. Stein wrote:
>In article ,
>Ole Kreiberg  wrote:
>>The plan for the
>>repatriation of people, who ethnically and culturally are a part of the 
>>third world, will of course not be implemented without the political will of 
>>the majority of the ethnic Danish populution.
>    I trust, then, that you would also see nothing wrong with, say, South
>Africa deporting all the white Afrikaaners back to the Netherlands?
>    I see one potential difficulty.  I note that you do not say anything
>about the political will of the majority of the population of the
>countries to which you plan to deport these people.  In the example of
>South Africa, don't you think the Netherlands would have something to say
>about the plan to dump hundreds of thousands of people on them suddenly? 
>I realize that Denmark is a small country, but other countries (such as 
>South Africa) which might want to try the same plan are not small 
>countries.  Therefore I think you still owe it to us to address this 
>point rather than using the excuse that it should not be a problem for 

  I think that South Africa could either create an independent White 
Afrikaner homeland within the present South Africa or they could send them 
to the Netherlands, where most of them descent from, in exchange for the
many Blacks and other coloured people who live there. These coloured people
(a South African term for People of mixed race) from the Netherlands would 
blend in perfectly with all the millions of afrikaans speaking coloured 
people, who live in the Cape Province. 
>    If other countries were not willing to accept all the people you don't
>want, what would you do about it?  To coin a phrase, what would your
>"final solution" be, Mr. Kreiberg?  Inquiring minds want to know. 

  My "final solution" would be patience over and over again. First
all foreign aid to the third world would be cancelled. This will make 2 
billion dollars per year available for the implementation of the "final  
solution". Some of this money could be spend on loans or even gifts to
countries willing to cooperate. Also lavish sums of money could be paid to
the Swiss banking accounts of cooperative rulers of those countries. In the 
case of Africa one could say that first the rulers of Africa earned a lot of 
money by selling some of their fellow African to European slavetraders a few
centuries ago, and now they earn a lot of money by taking them back. The 
introduction of the Negro slavery was one of worst and most loathsome 
mistakes in the history of European colonialism. These people were taken  
away from their natural homeland. Now time has come to make things good 
again. You appologize to them and put them back where you once took them 

  In the last resort when everything else has failed, various military means 
could be used toward eventual recalcitrant countries. European countries
sharing the same problems could together create military beach heads in some
of these countries, then land the undesired persons and quickly retreat. If 
this was done to one or two countries I think the rest may be more easily 
persuaded by loans, gifts and money in the Swiss banking accounts of their 
rulers. Again invasions of foreign countries and even kidnapping their 
head of state seem to be a specialty of the USA such as it was done to Panama a 
few years ago. How many times has the USA invaded it's Latin-American 
neighbours in order to interfere political in the internal affairs of these
countries?  Are the above mentioned proposals to solve the problems of 
recalcitrant countries, which deny to take people of their own kind of people 
back, worse than the way the USA often is dealing with the internal affairs 
of it's neighbouring countries? I guess not. 

  However I hope that little by little ethnic cleansing would become an 
accepted and worldwide phenomenon, so that the countries could cooperate  
out of mutual interests in order to make the cleansing as efficient and
humane as possible. E.g. how about an independent and ethnic cleansed 
Curdistan and Tibet? Sounds great to me.

Ole Kreiberg
Truth alone triumphs. - Mundaka Upanisad 

From Mon Dec  4 22:55:46 PST 1995
Article: 15026 of alt.revisionism
From: (Ole Kreiberg)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.nordic
Subject: Re: Kreiberg's Plan for Ethnic Cleansing
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 1995 15:16:11 +0100
Organization: DKnet / EUnet Denmark - Login Tjenesten
Lines: 55
References: <49j5qf$>  <49kft4$> <49l7ce$>
Xref: alt.revisionism:15026 soc.culture.german:63302 soc.culture.nordic:45065

In article <49l7ce$>, Josh Klein wrote:
>A most interesting thread.  Thank you, John, for bringing this to
>everybody's attention; for some reason, Mr. Kreiberg himself had not
>decided earlier to alert us to some of his, shall we say, intollerant
>I believe that Daniel Mittleman has already asked the most important
>follow-up question, but there are some others which deserve to be
>asked.  First, would Mr. Kreiberg envision stripping the non-Danes
>of their property as part of their expatriation?

Unfortunately Daniel Mittleman's follow-up has not yet turned up on my 

I proposed that those who left within one year should receive 70000 DKR 
(13000$). So why should they be stripped of their property? Furthermore
private property is inviolable according to the Danish constitution. Denmark
is a wealthy country, so of course they should be allowed to take everything
with them that they have gained in a legal manner.  

>Second, how does Mr. Kreiberg decide who is and who is not ethnically
>Danish?  I gather that it is not a question of minimum residency...
>Would Jews, in particular, be called non-Danish?

Before 1965 Denmark was almost 100 per cent ethnic homogeneous. If you 
convert all new citizenships issued to citizens of non-European descent after 
this year, the problem would be as good as solved. 

Concerning the Jews. There have always been very few Jews in Denmark. There- 
fore there have not been so much resentment towards them either. (Of course
there was the so-called Jew feud back in 1819, where Danish mobs overall
in the country dragged the Jews out of their houses in order to beat them 
up. If the Danish military had not come to their rescue, the number of Jews
in Denmark today would have been even smaller. The king in those days was 
probably very nervous of what unauthorized riots could turn into, having in 
mind what happened to the French king a few decades earlier). 

  Almost all the Danish Jews support Zionism. According to the Zionist 
ideology all Jews are, no matter where they live, really of Israeli 
nationality. According to Zionism the Jews are not just a religious group but
a nationality. Some decades ago the Israeli head of state Ben Gurion once 
said to the Danish jews during a visit to Denmark, that they should all come 
to Israel and settle. He even said something like that those who rejected 
were traitors to the Jewish cause. (In november 1975 a majority of all the 
nations of the world in the UN General Assembly in november 1975, declared 
Zionism a racist ideology). However most danish Jews got their citizensship
before 1965 and there is less than 10000. 

>enquiring minds want to know...

Ole Kreiberg

Truth alone triumphs. - Mundaka Upanisad 

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