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From: (Thomas Doyal) 
Subject: David Irving
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Date: Sun, 16 Oct 1994 14:54:20 GMT
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[Posted under an assumed name by a Seattle Holocaust denier]

                             Part 2
                    Holocaust myth totters to oblivion.

David Irving, the famous award winning historian, spoke to a sell out 
crowd in Portland Oregon October 10 startling his audience of about 
1200 people with the prediction that within one year the Holocaust 
story will be laid to rest. The reporters he said would begin to say 
"we knew it was a hoax all the time." 

Following is an excerpt of his speech manually transcribed from the 

".....What an extraordinary situation. On this I think is what brought 
the house down in Germany.  Because it caused a lot of thinking people 
to wonder which way Germany is drifting. And  Germany is drifting in 
very odd directions now, as I think the coming elections will show. 
Very alarming directions. The Frankfurter Alegemeiner Seitung which is 
Germanies serious and respected newspaper, I don't think there is any 
newspaper in Europe which carries as much authority and weight as the 
Frankfurter Alegemeiner Seitung, has finally seen the light of day and 
this is why I think the reason my one year estimate is very close to 
the mark. 

The Frankfurter Alegemeiner Seitung for the past 3 or 4 months has 
been publishing editorials coming down in favor of the Revisionists 
suggesting the sentences are too harsh. Two weeks ago they published a 
half page article by Professor Hans Nolte who has been hitherto a very 
cautious historian in Germany and not one who has wholeheartedly come 
out waving his flag on our behalf. But now Hans Nolte has said in this 
half page article which the newspaper has published unchanged, "that 
the Revisionists, as he understands them, do have a case which has to 
be answered. He himself does not know the answers to Revisionism but 
he thinks the establishment historians should now try and cobble  
together some sort of joint answer to the Revisionists as it is no 
longer enough to use methods of brute force and legal terrorism 
against them to silence them." That was the gist of his half page  
article in the Frankfurter Alegemeiner Seitung.  Of course it is not 
so much what he published; what he wrote that is of importance, Is the 
fact that the newspaper PUBLISHED it.  They published a letter a few 
days later, from a young man called Gherma Rudolph.  Gherma Rudolph 
wrote a few things this and that about Revisionism of which he is 
proud to be one, and in the end of his letter he included this 
sentence" please don't publish the above letter if in so doing it is 
found that I have inadvertently broken the law." Of course the 
newspaper published the letter in full including that sentence. Just 
to give the  readers a bit of a jolt. Which way Germany is going. The 
Newspaper might have inadvertently broken the law by publishing the 
readers letter.  

What a strange state of affairs, How exciting it is.  3 or 4 years ago 
Robert Faurisson, dissident, Revisionist historian had acid poured in 
his eyes, his jaw broken by 3 jewish thugs when he was walking his 
dogs in a public park so badly his jaw had to be wired together for 6 
months, They poured sulfuric acid in his eyes as well. Same kind of 
people outside spitting at me just now. That's the methods they use.  
Faurisson coined the phrase, "intellectual adventure"and that is what 
it really is. 

>From where we stand we can see a world of innocent people, hundreds of 
millions of innocent people, who are innocently believing in a legend 
to be true because they in turn heard it from plausible people who 
believed it in turn  from people who told it to them. It is something 
like a religion in other words. And the intellectual adventure is that 
we are  reversing this trend in one generation. In a few years no one 
will believe this legend any more. They will all accept as I say, yes 
atrocities were committed, hundreds of thousands of people were 
killed, but no gas chambers, All that is a blood libel on the German 

David Irving spoke for about 45 minutes then answered questions for 
another 45 minutes.  

His message is so dangerous that Governments are attempting to keep 
him from speaking out.  

He also gives his reasons as to why he believes that Israel will 
disappear from the face of the earth withing 10 years of the collapse 
of the holocaust legend. 

The videotape explains all this and much more and is available from 

For a copy of this videotape send an e mail  request to  

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