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(Note, a copy of this has been sent to Mr Irivng via snail mail (he does
not have an e-mail account), lest anyone think I am speaking unfairly
behind his back.)

David Irving's Action Report #11 dated December 18, 1996 is available on
the CODOH page, . I
attended one of the events Mr. Irving describes in his "Radical's Diary"
section of Action Report #11, and have a few comments on parts of the

I attended a speech by Mr. Irving in Pompton Plains, New Jersey on
Friday, September 29, 1996. The event was sponsored by the New York/New
Jersey Metropolitan Area of the National Alliance.  The National
Alliance charged each attendee $10. It is unusual, in my opinion, that
Mr. Irving did not mention this in his Action Report when he described
the event and my attendance there.

The National Alliance is William Pierce's self-described
‘white-separatist' organization. Some would call them Neo-Nazi--a term
which the National Alliance itself doesn't like--but the National
Alliance literature espouses "National Socialism" as the preferred form
of government, and many would arguable call that a "Nazi" position.
David Irving spoke at a regular monthly meeting of the group on more
than one occasion. On this day he spoke with a large National Alliance
flag as a backdrop.  

Mr. Irving writes in his Action Report "diary"--a loose collection of
daily occurrences, thoughts and observations:

". . . I drive up the New Jersey Turnpike the next day through more
teeming rain, arriving at Newark 9 p.m. But the hotels there are full,
so I have to drive around and it is half past eleven before I finally
find one, in the middle of nowhere, at Pompton Plains, New Jersey.
Exhausted. Straight to bed."

Pompton Plains is a small, deary blue-collar suburb of Patterson and the
location of the VFW Hall where the lecture Irving was scheduled.  He is
apparently writing about events of Sept 19, the day before his scheduled
9/20 appearance on behalf of the National Alliance.

"The local newspaper The Record reports under the unappealing headline
[sic] that the hall has 
canceled the booking for our Friday meeting under pressure from a female
the newspaper
identifies as a local Jewess, Andrea Pason of Hackensack ("a local
activist in liberal causes")."

The ‘unappealing headline' Mr Irving mistakenly disincluded was
"Neo-Nazi Group Calls Off Meeting in Elmwood Park." The article was by
Peggy O'Crowley, staff writer Bergen Record That article appeared in the
Record on 091896 (Thursday before the National Alliance appearance). It
is reproduced here as Appendix 1 with Ms O'Crowley's kind permission.
The meeting location had to be changed because of a story about the hall
that appeared in the Bergen Record, "Little Clubhouse of the Far Right
Hall is a Haven for Unpopular Views" by O'Crowley, on Saturday,
09/14/96. Reproduced here as Appendix 2.  I had the articles faxed to me
by the Bergen Record and spoke with the author of the article. 

Also, Mr Irving miscatagorizes Ms Pason's involvement in the affair. Ms.
Pason, you'll note is not "identified' in the article as a "local
Jewess"--she is described as ". . . Pason, who is Jewish." The word
Jewess, is perhaps a nit-picky compliant on my part, but this kind of
petty name-calling is really scurrilous of Mr Irving, in my opinion. In
addition, he doesn't have the facts right. The lecture had to be moved
because a few days before, Ms. O'Crowley wrote an article about the
Elmwood Park meeting hall, and the owners asked them to go somewhere
else. The Elmwood Hall location is the regular location of the National
Alliance meetings and has had trouble before with speakers (see
article.) Ms. O'Crowley's publicity so alarmed the owners of the hall,
they canceled Mr Irving's appearance. Ms Pason is merely quoted in the
article. Also, to be fair, the Elmwood Hall only holds about 35-40
people at best, and would have been way too small for the number of
people who responded to the National Alliance's advertisements.

Mr Irving continues:
"There is however a back-up hall. The organizer says that Ms Pason is a
noted drug-abuser and
bi-sexual. How appealing. He mentions that he is getting phone callers
trying to get information
on Friday's meeting. Among them one "Albert Rich," whose number is
however listed by Bell
Atlantic under his real name, Israel Richter."

 I don't know Ms Pason and her number is unpublished, so I couldn't get
her side of this, but the source of this ‘information' is obviously
members of the local National Alliance chapter. Pretty tacky gossip, if
you ask me. I sure would like to know how the National Alliance knows
that Ms Pason is a bi-sexual and/or drug abuser. I would also like to
know what that has to do with the matter at hand.

Also we discover from this paragraph that the National Alliance checked
up on the phone numbers of people who left requests for information on
the National Alliance answering machine. Makes me wonder how _I_ passed
muster, with a Jewish-sounding name and all. Israel Richter wasn't
acceptable, it appears. Strangely enough, I didn't even LEAVE a number
when _I_ called. I told the answering machine that I wasn't comfortable
leaving that kind of info on a strange machine and hung up. The phone
rang soon  afterwards and a young man said he got my number from caller
ID! That was a little alarming. In our conversation, the man said that
the NATIONAL ALLIANCE would not publish the address on the Internet
because ‘David' didn't want any publicity from 'media lackeys' and they
would only release the location 48 hours before so people wouldn't have
time to mobilize any trouble. They only want a nice evening of a speech
and quiet togetherness, he told me.  I asked why Irving didn't want
publicity, and my caller said the press always gets it wrong.  For
instance, they call Irving a 'denier' instead of a 'truth-seeker'. I
left my name and number and was called back with directions to the
lecture on Thursday 9/18--the VFW Hall in Pompton Plains.

The National Alliance obviously didn't want the  reporter for the Bergen
Record to know where the lecture would be. She told me left a number of
requests for the new location of the lecture on the National Alliance
machine and was not called back.

Mr Irving continues:
". . . I drive over into Manhattan for lunch with Steve Wasserman, a
wiry, intelligent, beardy-weirdy type of Jewish editor; it was he who
phoned me in London a few days after the SMP [St. Martin's Press]
débâcle in April and asked if Random House could take up the U.S. rights
in the GOEBBELS biography. Unfortunately, as he now describes to me,
although Jason Epstein and other editors there strongly favoured taking
the book over, it met with another obstacle which he does not identify
to me. He is willing to do what he still can. He asks if he can also see

I rubberneck around Manhattan until 5 p.m., then meet Don F. at The
Viking Press-he was the
editor who originally commissioned GOEBBELS while at Atheneum. He is
still young, keen,
blue-eyed, mild-mannered. He too wants to see NUREMBERG, and hopes to be
able to
persuade his chief, a Mrs Grossmann, to take over GOEBBELS despite all
the fuss-"a slim
chance," he admits. The New York Review of Books article has helped
them  all.

I leave New York later than planned, around 7 p.m., and drive straight
over the Hudson
river to the New Jersey meeting, arriving at 8 p.m. . . ."

COMMENTARY: selective recollection here--Mr Irving arrived at the
ungodly hour of 9:30 for a lecture billed to begin at 8 PM.

". . . Large audience, about 150. . ."

COMMENTARY: More like 85-90 by my count, but, hey, who's counting?

". . . including one Annie Alpert who identifies herself at the end as a
representative of the Nizkor project, the  Holocaust
revisionist-monitoring (watch that word, "monitoring"!) outfit on the
Internet. Some body says she was spotted using a midget tape recorder.
They're incorrigible."

COMMENTARY: That part's nearly right--I WAS there with a tape recorder.
I have health problems that make it difficult for me to take extensive
notes. The tape recorder was placed on the floor at Mr Irving's feet, in
full view. I wonder, though--who is it that Mr. Irving thinks is
‘incorrigible? Perhaps Mr. Irving is under the mistaken assumption that
I am Jewish? I'm not. Or does he mean Nizkor? Women? Or Annie Alperts?" 

I never used the word ‘monitoring,'in reference to Nizkor, though--nor
do consider myself a ‘monitor.'   After the lecture, I introduced
myself. "Hi, I'm Annie Alpert. I'm a friend of Jamie McCarthy from
Nizkor." I also spent an outrageous $45 (by check with my name and
address on it) on a signed copy of Mr Irving's book, ‘Goebbels'.) 

"Oh, do you correspond with him on the Internet? They are everywhere,
aren't they?" he asked. I had the impression he thought I was a National
Alliance sympathizer at that point.

"I work with the Nizkor Project," I said. 

"Really? Work with them? What does that mean? Are you an employee?" he
asked stiffly. 

"Well, actually, I'm more of a ‘friend' of Nizkor. They have no
employees. I use their data base and write for them,." I said. He signed
my book and we left cordially. Days later got a letter from Mr Irving at
my home address threatening me with legal action if I posted a
transcript of his speech to the Internet. (I also got many several
anonymous prank calls in the week after the lecture.) 

I also got strange e-mail letter from someone identified only as ‘Ann
Dalty" (See Appendix 3) I later discovered that Ms. Dalty is an official
of the National Alliance although she was not at the lecture in NJ. Why
she chose to track down my e-mail ID and send me that is still unknown.
I asked David Irving about it in a letter, and asked him to inform Ms
Dalty of the truth of the matter, but I haven't had a response yet. She
apparently felt justified in acting as a representative of Mr. Irving.

Mr Irving:
"I learn that Ms Alpert posted a triumphalist item on the Internet about
the Jersey meeting, having found out the secret venue, and invited
others to contact her to learn it and attend. . ."

COMMENTARY: I have a problem with the idea that this was a ‘secret
venue'. Is Mr. Irving in the habit of giving ‘secret' lectures? The
event was published in many publications, and all the attendees were not
members of the National Alliance. We all paid the same $10. Also the
original location was published in the press and I only knew about the
lecture because Ernst Zundel's pal, Ingrid Rimland, wrote about it in
her internationally distributed daily "ZundelGram":

She wrote:
". . . So if you have a chance to hear David Irving in person, don't
miss it.  For further information, e-mail to  Here
are two more lectures to add to the previous itinerary I sent out:

September 20th  7 P.M. New Jersey        Richard  201 697 1011
September 21st  3 P.M. New Hampshire     Ken      603 547 2208"

As an aside, Greg Raven of the Institute for Historical Review was might
surprised when I e- mailed him asking for information about the lecture.
He sent me a curt reply that neither he nor the IHR had anything to do
with Mr Irving's lectures. Oh well, it won't be the first time that
Ingrid got something wrong.

". . .  Also that a Mr Rich Grange is claiming on the Net to be a friend
of mine (I don't know him) and to have attended the Costa Mesa function,
of which he has posted a garbled and wrongful account on the Net."

He means Rich Graves, of course--a person who posts regularly on
alt.revisionism. It seems the National Alliance is keeping pretty close
tabs on the Internet. Mr Graves never claimed to be a friend of irving's
to my knowledge. Merely to have attended the lecture in California.

It appears that Mr Irving's connection with the National Alliance runs
deep. I understand that a writer is not responsible for the political
affiliations of those who hire him to speak, but if my core audience was
made up mainly of self-proclaimed Nazis, racists, and xenophobics I
would have to ask myself, "What am I doing wrong here?" Mr Irving, on
the other hand, seems to embrace his allure to society's
disenfranchised. In addition to speaking on the behalf of the NATIONAL
ALLIANCE, he makes a number of references in his Action Report to
"calling on our friends in NJ" to do Bell computer searches on folks'
telephone numbers. I also have to point out that Mr Irving is not above
lying about his connections with Neo-Nazis. Here is an example:


REPORTER:       You've been banned from Canada, as you mentioned
earlier, in fact
I think in 1992 the Canadian's Secretary of State described your views
abhorrent and as an incitement to racism and you were later declared
persona non gratia, there.  But you did choose to enter Canada illegally
and were arrested while giving a speech to Neo-Nazis, apparently at a
Chinese restaurant.

You've also ignored bans imposed on you by some countries in Europe. If
Australia does refuse you entry, will you choose to come here by stealth

IRVING: Oh, no. Good Lord.  I'm a great believer in abiding by the law
I don't give speeches to Neo-Nazis.  The audiences who come to attend my
talks in restaurants or in private halls or whatever, they're middle
people, usually respectable gentlemen and their wives wearing collars
ties and eating with knives and forks.  No jack boots on site, no
skinheads, no Nazi flags.  This is just a picture that is concocted by
enemies to try and make me unappetising."

NOTE: This was just two months after the National Alliance appearance
when he appeared at the lecture in NJ standing in front of the National
Alliance Flag. Elderly couples? Yes. Jack boots? Yes. Skinheads? Yes.
Compare that to this comment later in his ‘Diary': 

"Drive down to Richmond for a television interview at a small public
access television station. I
insist that the Confederate flag backdrop be removed. S. needs to be
shot, sucking me into
something like that."

This tells us that Mr. Irving understands the ramifications of appearing
before a controversial backdrop. Why the Confederate Flag was
unacceptable, while the National Alliance flag was not, is a mystery to
me!  Also the event I attended was videotaped by the National Alliance.
In his ‘Diary,' Mr Irving talks about a speech he made in New Hampshire:

"At once launch into the talk to a small audience in a garden marquee,
about seventeen people.
Three of them are making videotapes, a practice which I dislike. I hear
that various bodies are
offering large rewards on the Net for such a video record of my talks.
Unlimiteded [sic] funds!"

Now, I've never heard of such a bounty for Mr Irving's speeches, but
weirdly enough, full audio transcripts of Irving appearances are
available at a number of Internet locations--all of them run by
Holocaust deniers and the Institute of Historical Review sells a video
presentation of his appearance at their convention and the National
Alliance has a full record of his lecture in NJ.  Refer to:
And until Mr Irving complained: Classified ad section of Fenix Mall web

Mr. Irving writes:
"In the evening I download the disc that J. T. has sent me, full of
stinking garbage about me that
he has shed out of the Internet, including a totally fictitious account
by one David Katz of a
speech by me in Johannesburg, including talk by me of "niggers" etc.
That is a word I have
never used in my whole life: but I imagine that the South African Katz's
of this world have more
than once."

The "Nigger" remark is apparently from: EXTRACTS FROM A LECTURE TOUR
GIVEN BY DAVID IRVING IN JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA 1987 by  David Katz posted February 29, 1996:

The speech took place sometime in 1987, according to Mr. Katz, at the
Auckland Park Moth Hall. "The purpose of his lecture was to launch his
new book on Churchill titled "Churchills war". "

"... The first thing that struck me as being odd was the huge picture of
David Irving placed behind the speakers podium. The picture looked
very Mussolini like with jutting jaw and folded arms. The speaker
congratulated Mr Derby-Lewis on his recent election showing and
commented on how important the Conservative party was to holding off
the threat of niggerisation of the white culture. He complained
bitterly of the "Nigger" problem in the UK and that we must not allow
the same invasion of our white heritage. The speaker proceeded to
discuss his latest book on Churchill interspersed with a credible
impersonation of Mr Churchill..."

Jamie McCarthy asked Mr. Katz about this, and he replied in e-mail:
From:        David Katz,
To:          Jamie McCarthy,

I will keep this brief and simple. I took notes at Mr Irving's lecture
Johannesburg while he was talking. I stand by all that I have said in my
letter to you in February 1996. My notes were not a complete rendition
what Mr Irving said but rather a brief synopsis of his somewhat more
startling comments. Mr Irving did use the word "nigger" and derivatives
thereof much to the amusement and loud applause of the audience. I am
amused that Mr Irving finds this particular remark about "Niggers" to be
the sole item in my whole letter that is offensive to him. Perhaps he
not wish to offend his many black friends. It would be interesting to
out wether Mr Irving  disagrees with anything else in my letter.

Yours sincerely
David Katz


Article  "Neo-Nazi Group Calls Off Meeting in Elmwood Park" by Peggy
O'Crowley, staff writer Bergen Record, appeared in the Record on 091896.
Reprinted by the kind permission of Ms. O'Crowley:

	The National Alliance, a right-wing organization that advocates the
establishment of a, whites- only society, will not meet Friday in an
Elmwood Park hall as previously scheduled, the hall's owners said.
	The owners, the Elmwood Park chapter of the Junior order of United
American Mechanics, said the National-Alliance had canceled its meeting
after an article Saturday in The Record described how several right-wing
groups and controversial speakers had been meeting there.
	William Dunkerly, spokesman for the order, said the National Alliance
was moving, to an undisclosed site.  The scheduled speaker for Friday's
meeting was David Irving, a World War II history writer whose
books-maintain that Adolph Hitler was not responsible for the Holocaust
and that gas chambers never were used to exterminate Jews at
concentration camps.
	The National-Alliance is "the largest neo-Nazi group in America,"
according to Richard Baudouin of Klanwatch in Montgomery Ala. a group
that monitors activity of the extreme right.
	The National Alliance's leader, William L. Pierce was a former head of
the American Nazi Party and the author of "The Turner Diaries," a novel
about a right-wing uprising against the government.  The book was a
favorite of Timothy McVeigh one of the men accused of blowing up a
federal office building in Oklahoma City last year.
	The West Virginia-based National Alliance-has a web site that describes
in detail the group's views that blacks, Jews, and Hispanics should be
segregated from whites, who should form an "Aryan" society.
	Browsers are invited to apply for membership, and members are
encouraged to recruit others in "-cells" and other small groups.
	Efforts to reach members of the alliance by telephone were
	Dunkerly said the order had no idea about the organization's beliefs. 
He said the order still would rent its hall to the alliance because it
is entitled to the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and
freedom of assembly.
	"If they do something illegally following their beliefs, that would be
a concern.  But taking action against them because we don't agree with
them, we consider that un-American," Dunkerly said.  "As far as I can
see, they are harmless."
	A local activist in liberal causes, Andrea Pason of Hackensack, said
she was going to organize a protest Friday if members of the alliance
appeared at the hall
	Pason protested when a long-time leader of the white separatist
movement, E.R. Fields of the America First Party, appeared at the hall
in May.  The order barred Fields from speaking, because members had not
been told that he would be speaking at a regular meeting of the
Constitutionists, a, right-wing group that meets there regularly.
	Pason said she was upset by the material she viewed on the National
Alliance website.  "They think there's an entire Jewish conspiracy going
on," said Pason, who is Jewish.
	Dunkerly said his group would not tolerate protesters on the order's
property. "They can protest, but not on our property. I will got the
police and have them arrested if they are trespassing, "he said.
	Dunkerly also objected to a description of the order in The Record's
article. He specifically referred to a quote from a 1980 reference book,
"The Grand Encyclopedia of American Institutions, Fraternal
Organizations." The book said the order's main emphasis in the late 19th
century was "protecting the United States from undesirable foreigners
such as Irish, Germans, and Roman Catholics."
	Dunkerly said the order was never opposed to immigration of specific
	"We have always maintained that immigration should be controlled to
prevent foreign countries from dumping their criminal or mental patients
here, or flooding our labor markets with cheap labor," Dunkerly said.


UNPOPULAR VIEWS" By Peggy O'Crowley, staff writer Bergen Record,
Saturday, 09/14/96. Used with her kind permission:

It's a tiny clubhouse, built decades before Route 80 was carved steps
>from  its steps, the relic of a once-thriving fraternal organization that
has dwindled to a handful of elderly men.  But the Elmwood Park hall has
become a regular meeting place for right-wing organizations and their
controversial speakers.
	The latest organization to sign up to use the hall is the tri-state
chapter of the National Alliance, a white separatist organization
founded by a former, leader of the American Nazi Party.  The group has
scheduled a meeting for Friday at the hall, which is run by the Junior
Order of United American Mechanics.  Steven Schlett, an officer of the
order, confirmed that the National Alliance has booked the hall.
	Among the possible speakers is David Irving, an author who maintains
that Hitler was not responsible for the Holocaust.
	"They spew viciously anti-Semitic propaganda with a neo-Nazi theme,"
David Rosenberg, assistant director of the fact-finding Department of
the Anti-Defamation League, said of the National-Alliance. Irving is
promoting Holocaust denial, trying to make it seem like Hitler is OK,"
said Kenneth Stern, a specialist on anti-Semitic and extremist groups
for the American Jewish committee. Stern said he was not surprised to
hear of meetings in North Jersey.  "We're seeing an expansion across the
country," he said.
	The Elmwood Park hall also is a meeting lace for the
Constitutionalists, a group that was host to former Ku Klux Klan leader
David Duke during the presidential campaign in 1988.
	The clubhouse also was the site of a scheduled meeting in May of the
Christian Patriot group.  The meeting would have featured E. R. Fields,
a longtime leader in the white supremacist  movement and head of the
America First Party.
	But when The Record reported that Fields was to speak, members of the
mechanics order protested their ignorance of the America First Party and
its agenda and locked Fields out.  The group met instead at a nearby
	Elmwood Park Mayor Richard A. Mola said town officials did not know
about the meetings and that he did not believe members of the mechanics
order had any knowledge of the philosophy of the group using the hall.
	"The individuals were shocked and canceled the meeting," he said of the
Fields visit.  "These are good American people and patriotic, and I
don't think they would do anything to offend anybody if they know about
	Mola added that the hall is tiny, with a capacity of about 35 to 40
people and has limited parking, and so it could not be the site of a
large meeting.  Groups are charged a $45 fee to use the clubhouse.
	Asked whether they are familiar with the white separatist views of the
National Alliance, mechanics President William Dunkerly said his
organization doesn't require other groups to disclose their beliefs.
	"If you were renting the hall, we're not going to start asking what you
believe in.  We're only concerned with, "Are they going to create
scenes, are they going to damage the hall?" Dunkerly said. "Our
Constitution allows freedom of speech. People aren't supposed to be
interrogating people as to their beliefs.  I have no knowledge of them
doing anything un-American."
	Dunkerly said the National Alliance was recommended by Boris Dzula, a
Clifton resident who organizes meetings of the Constitutionalists.  The
reason Fields was locked out of the hall was because Dzula did not tell
Dunkerly that the America First Party leader was going to be there,
Dunkerly said.
	"They rented the hall under fictitious reasons, that it was just going
to be a Constitutionalist meeting," he said.
	Dzula denied any knowledge of the National Alliance or the America
First Party.
	Alan Shelton, a self-described Jewish activist from Elizabeth who has
been monitoring hate groups in New Jersey for years, including those who
meet in Elmwood Park, questioned how the hall had become a "haven for
	"I find it difficult to believe it is merely a coincidence that
neo-Nazi and other antisemitic movements from throughout New Jersey have
just all decided to rent space at the Elmwood Park. . . hall." As head
of the Zionist Association of Kean College in 1989, Shelton blocked
Duke's scheduled appearance in Paramus as a guest of the
Constitutionalists.  He also blocked the Fields visit to Elmwood Park.
	Shelton said he would rally members of the Jewish community to protest
at the hall if he can determine that the mechanics knew who was renting
	He also said the mechanics order itself has roots in the nativist,
anti-immigration climate of the mid-18th century.  According to "The
Grand Encyclopedia of American Institutions, Fraternal Organizations,"
written in 1980 by Alvin Schmidt, the Junior Order of United American
Mechanics of the United States of North America Inc. was founded in
1853, and by 1885 it had become an "independent secret society with its
major emphasis directed to protecting the United States from undesirable
foreigners such as the Irish, Germans, and Roman Catholics."
	The organization changed over the years, becoming open to Catholics,
Jews blacks and women.  Today it is an organization that supports "the
Constitution, public schools, and the betterment of American business,"
Schlett said.  Most of the Elmwood Park members are elderly, including
Al Brower, 93, who joined in 1918. "We were a nice group of men," he
	Schlett said the National Alliance has been meeting at the hall since
February.  "They told me they were going to have a meeting and pass out
books and tapes,," he said.
	The National Alliance was founded by William L. Pierce, a former leader
of the American Nazi Party and the author of "The Turner Diaries," a
fictional account of a right-wing uprising against the government,
including the explosion of a federal government building.  It was a
favorite book- . of Timothy McVeigh, the man accused of bombing the
federal building in Oklahoma City.
	Callers to the group's New York City hot line hear a taped message that
the alliance is not a white supremacist group, but rather a white
separatist group that believes whites, blacks, Jews, and Hispanics
should live in separate, segregated societies.

Appendix 3

>From  - Wed Oct 09 08:04:28 1996
 Message-ID: <>
 To: (anniealpert)
 Subject: Your unauthorized taping of David Irving

  Ms. Alpert,

I am writing to you on the behalf of Mr. David Irving.  

 On the night of September 20, 1996 you, without permission or previous 
consent,  made a recording of Mr. Irving during a speech.  Afterwards
you  approached him and he became aware of your recording.  You were
asked for the tape to be given, yet you did not relinquish the said

 Mr. Irving would like you to be aware of a letter he will be sending
you  where he will again warn you of his intellectual rights to his
words and the  copyright infringement due to any taping,  any
unauthorized playing,  transcription, and/or distribution in any manner
>from  his words or voice on  the tape.

 Please be aware that your act of secretly recording and any intent that
this  action presents are being taken seriously by Mr. Irving.  You are
asked to  send the original cassette tape made during this violation and
any copies you have made to Mr. Irving at  P.O. Box 1707, Key West, FL

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