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_Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941._

In a home for expectant mothers:

It was then I was allowed to peep behind the mask 
of this prospective young mother carrying an illegitimate 
child. Her eyes glowed with a fanaticism that was intense,  
devouring. Her answer was one of those I did not have 
to write down to remember:

"My child will belong to the State. I am bringing it into 
the world because he has asked me to." She was referring 
to Hitler, of course.

I said I had always thought a woman with child craves 
the protection of a man, a home,  security.

She looked at me with disdain. "We are having children 
for the State, and for Adolf Hitler, who personified the 
State," she said. Is that much nobler, much grander and 
much more glorious than having a home and a husband?"

When I asked if she was not afraid of having a baby, she 
sat up and gave me an answer so intense I recall vividly 
every syllable: "Afraid? Afraid of having my baby? Do you 
know what I am hoping? I am hoping that I will have pain, 
much pain, when my child is born.. I want to feel that I am 
going through a real ordeal-for the Fuehrer!"

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941. p (?)

But the blessing said over the food was something new 
in the line of prayers. After the white-clad nurse had 
arranged the food everybody turned toward the wall 
where hung an imposing picture of Hitler above a large 
swastika. The women raised their right hands and 
spoke in chorus: "Our Fuehrer, we thank thee for thy 
munificence; we thank thee for this home; we thank 
thee for this food. To thee we devote all our powers 
(Kraefte); to thee we dedicate our lives and those of 
our children!"

They were giving thanks to a deity.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941. p (?)

From Ewiges Deutschland (Eternal Germany)

One article had a typical paragraph: "In its deepest misery 
God bestowed upon Germany its adored Fuehrer. This is the 
greatest gift any nation ever received. It is now our sacred 
duty to prove ourselves worthy of our Fuehrer through 
fulfillment of our tasks, through unwavering courage and 
optimism which will answer "Yes" to the challenge of Life; 
which will say "Yes" to our instinctive desire to bear children."

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941. p.36.

00011125.gif  page 2

Our first address was in the Wedding Platz district, 
famous in Nazi history for bloody Commuist-Nazi brawls. 
The apartment was clean but poorly furnished. The blond 
mother was nervous. At her side stood the youngster 
whom Sister Knoblauch had come to investigate. He was 
also blond, chubby and dressed in a clean play suit. He 
stood very straight, inspecting us with bright blue eyes.

"What does one say?" prompted the mother.

The youngster 's [unreadable] right hand went up, he 
managed the gesture of clicking his little heels, and 
crowed: "Heil Hitler."

The Sister answered the salute smartly. Sehr Gut! ... 
then she asked the boy, if he knew who Hitler was.

"Hitler is our beloved Fuehrer," the lad articulated, 
careful not to make mistakes in his memorized words.

"That's right. We all love our Fuehrer, don't we?"

"We all love our Fuehrer," the boy repeated without 

"You must grow up and be a big boy so you can fight for 
the Fuehrer," Sister Knoblauch continued.

But the boy did not run true to form. "I don't like to fight," 
was his unexpected rejoinder.

The Sister was genuinely [unreadable] and looked 
accusingly at the mother. Patiently she explained to 
the youngster that Hitler's boys must all fight for him. 
They all had to grow up and be good soldiers.
"Am I a good soldier?" he asked.

I wrote Sister Knoblauch's answer down while she had 
her back turned. "You certainly are," she said. You are a 
Hitler soldier. You are growing to grow up and be a fighter 
for the Fuehrer. And then you can carry a gun and learn 
to shoot, so you can defend the mother...

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death.1941. pp (?)

It was at this pre-school nursery that I heard a group of 
boys hardly able to talk, memorize a song their teacher 
was drilling into them with enthusiasm:

Unsern Fuehrer lieben wir,
Unsern Fuehrer ehren wir,
Unsern Fuehrer [unreadable] wir,
Bis wir [unreadable] werden;

An unsern Fuehrer glauben wir,
Fuer unsern Fuehrer leben wir,
Fuer unsern Fuehrer sterben wir,
Bis wir Holden werden.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941.p.48

00011126.gif  page 3

_Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death.1941_

According to the nurse... the children learned to revere the 
Fuehrer and look upon him as the savior of Germany. Their 
minds were too immature to realize all his great 
accomplishments, but no child left the institution without 
learning that Hitler was a superman, who alone could save
Germany from her enemies.

And they moved in the minds of the little boys, she said, 
the first great desire to become soldiers for Hitler.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941. pp.49.50

"You are very proud today, Johann?" I asked.

"Jawohl, Herr Direcktor," he answered. "Today I was 
allowed to dedicate my life to Hitler. I will follow him 
until I die."

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941. p.61

"Destiny," said the teacher, "always provides Germany 
with heroes. The noblest of these heroes, the noblest 
German ever born in any hour of need, is our beloved 
Fuehrer. He brought Germany back from the brink of 
destruction. He became its savior.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941.p.64

...more than once I have come sneaking in at night-just to 
hear Annaliese say those prayers. They have become a sort 
of tradition here. All the girls wait for them, every night. 
Annaliese never says the same prayer twice. Beautiful 
prayers they are-in which she offers the bodies and 
souls of all the girls to Hitler."

"To Hitler -?"

"Yes, of course. Her nightly prayers are to the man 
whom she considers the savior of Germany.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941. p.102.

There is today one man who can recover this holy German 
soil. We mention his name with deepest reverence. His name?"

"Unser Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, Sieg Heil!" echoed the chorus.

"And the Fuehrer will recover all this German soil-.. and 
more, much more, tenfold more. We will revenge ourselves 
properly for the insults perpetrated by our second-rate enemies.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941.p.106.107

00011127.gif  page 4

_Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941._

...and we must have only one thought. That thought is a holy 
thought; it is the determination, the hope, to become good 
soldiers for Adolf Hitler. And if we are good soldiers, if we 
give our all for the Fuehrer, then some day we shall reap a 
reward, the highest reward possible. We shall acquire a 
crown of glory. To us will be granted the privilege of lying 
in this holy German soil as Hitler's conquering soldiers.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941.pp.106.107.

Adolf Hitler is our savior, our hero.
He is the noblest being in the whole wide world.
For Hitler we live,
For Hitler we die.
Our Hitler is our Lord,
Who rules a brave new world.

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941.p.120.

"Boys," he shouted, this is the holy hour of the Sonnenwende. 
To the boys of Hitler this hour has only one meaning. At this 
hour when the earth is closest to the sun, we have only one 
thought. We must be close to our sun. Our sun is Adolf Hitler. 
We, too, consecrate our lives to the sun, Adolf Hitler. Boys, arise!"

They did, raised their right hands in holy fervor.

While drums rolled with deep rumbling thunder, young 
German boys not yet in their teens, repeated after the leader:

"I consecrate my life to Hitler; I am ready to sacrifice 
my life for Hitler, I am ready to die for Hitler, the savior, 
the Fuehrer."

Ziemer, Gregor: Education for Death. 1941.pp.121.

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