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_Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940_

That is Hitler, "Daddy told me. He had a funny mustache. 
He lifted his arm very straight. The boys and the girls in 
the street almost shrieked.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. p.1

Shortly before Christmas... Hitler, Goebbels, Hess, and 
Streicher in the Kaiserhof Hotel.... It was not [unreadable] 
to approach Hitler, even in those days. But the lobby was 
almost deserted at night. About 10 o'clock I straightened 
my tie, and approached the table where the group sat 
drinking beer; that is, three of them drank beer. Hitler 
did not.  I stared at Hitler, he stared at me. His eyebrows 
knit, and he looked through me. I noticed that his eyes 
were not black as they had always seemed, but blue. He 
had creased under his eyes, on his forehead and the 
corners of his mouth were hard. He looked as if he were tired.

But the final impression his face made was that of absolute, 
utter stubbornness.

Very formally I introduced myself, explaining who I was, 
what I wanted. I asked my question.

The answer came like a [unreadable] without a smile.
"Ask Goebbels!"

That was my conversation with the Fuehrer. Hitler marched off.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. pp, (??)

The woman told us how she used to live in Munich way 
back in 1923... she lived with a lady called Frau Reichel, 
who lived at No. 10 Thierschstrasse. Then the lady told 
that she and the girl of Herr Graf found out that Hitler's 
birthday was April 20. And they wanted to congratulate 
him. The girls also knew that Hitler had a dog called Wolf. 
So they bought a sausage and tied a ribbon on it, that 
was for Wolf. And for Hitler they bought a basket of flowers.

But their parents did not want them toot see Hitler 
because they thought he was a mad who made trouble. 
So they had to sneak away from home, and they took 
their best dress along in a little case, and they went to 
Frau Reichel and there they changed. And then they knocked 
on Hitler's door. It was a very small room. The electric 
light did not burn in that house and Hitler had two candles.

The woman said, Hitler was very kind to them, and he kept 
them for there for two hours. And he asked them what the 
people of Munich were thinking, and if the young people were 
still on his side. And she said Hitler was very happy when she 
told him that the young people were waiting for him.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. pp. 260,261

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_Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940.

And he told that the day would come when he would drive 
out everybody who did not like him, and he would be the 
Fuehrer of Germany, and he would get back everything 
they had taken away from Germany in the war.

And the girl told how Hitler played with his dog.  He cut 
off a little slice of sausage and put it on the dog's nose. 
But Wolf did not dare to eat it until Hitler gave the signal. 
Sometimes he did not give the signal for a long time, but 
Wolf did not dare eat the sausage.

She said they were so excited that they almost forgot 
to give Hitler his flowers.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. pp. 261. 262

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_Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler.1940_

ON the last Christmas we were in Germany, on Christmas 
Eve, we heard Rudolf Hess, who is the representative of 
Hitler, talk over the radio. He said nothing about the Christ 
Child, whose birthday it was, and nothing about the Savior, 
except that the German people should be very happy that 
God had sent them Adolf Hitler as a savior.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. p. 12.

On the side of a hill in Ondenwald, conspicuous as a 
waterfall, painted on white canvas were the black words:
We believe in Holy Germany.
Holy Germany is Hitler.
We believe in Holy Hitler.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. p.4

There is a story about Hitler and the Mercedes and another 
company which Daddy often tells. A German man who works 
for the Mercedes company in Berlin told daddy the story.

When Hitler was still traveling up and down Germany before 
he was Chancellor, he was riding in an old car which had 
some trouble. They came to a garage to have it fixed, and 
the man who owned it, had heard of Hitler but he did not 
belong to the Nazi party. So he told Hitler he would not fix 
the car. The garage belonged to a big automobile company.

Then Hitler and his man pushed the car farther to the next 
garage. It was a Mercedes garage, and there was a mechanic, 
who liked Hitler's party. He fixed the car for nothing. That 
was in Thueringen sometime in 1929.

Now it is ten years later but Hitler never forgot anybody 
who had insulted him. When he became Chancellor that other 
company tried to give him a big car. They have tried to give 
him a car every year. He does not even say thank you, and 
gives the cars away to some of his S.A. boys. But he only 
rides in Mercedes cars, because the Mercedes garage had 
helped him. The man said that proved how personal Hitler 
is with everything.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. pp. 117.118

I shall try to remember some of the questions the lady 
teacher asked: ...Who is the most important and the most 
noble human being in the world today?"

The class did not wait to raise their hands. "Der Fuehrer" 
they all screamed.

"What must we do to our Fuehrer?"

"We must love him and revere him and obey him, they all shouted

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940.pp.197.198.

00011123.gif  1940

_Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940_

"What does the Fuehrer say about our mothers?"

"He says that the German girls must learn to become good 
mothers, for the mothers of Germany are her glory," siad [sic] 
one little girl that the teacherpointed [sic] to.

"If the Fuehrer says that about mothers, then what must we do?"

"we must help our mothers and do everything for them, and 
we must learn from them how to become good wives and German mothers."

"Yes, Der Fuehrer Geb [unreadable-German],: the teacher said, 
almost in a whisper....

"Why must every German girl thank God on her knees every night"

"Because he has given us the Fuehrer."

"Why has God sent us the Fuehrer?"
"To save us."

"From what has the Fuehrer saved us?"

"From ruin."
"What else?"
"From Communists."

"What else?"

"From the rest of the world.
"What is the Fuehrer?"

"He is the savior of Germany.

"Yes. The Fuehrer is our savior."

"What is the greatest dream of every German girl?" 
the teacher asked. "To see the Fuehrer," was the answer. 
"What is an even greater dream than that?" "To touch the 
Fuehrer's hand." "Yes, to touch the Fuehrer's hand," the 
teacher said very low.

Ziemer, Patsy: 2010 Days of Hitler. 1940. pp.198.199.200

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