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_Interview with           Zeissler_  - Hollywood, California, 
June 24, 1943

Zeissler is an American who went to Germany to work 
in the movies. He became a director in the UFA studios. 
After the coming of the Nazis he found it more and more 
difficult to carry on his work satisfactorily and offered 
his resignation. The Nazis made him all sorts of offers 
to keep him but he finally left Germany in 1935. He is 
now directing a feature film in Hollywood which portrays 
Goebbels' life. Zeissler spoke at length of the extreme 
interest that both Hitler and Goebbels took in the moving 
picture industry. They visited the studio very frequently, 
watched the shooting of scenes, inquired about new plots
 and new talent as well as about the technical aspects of 
the business. Zeissler says that Hitler had a very good 
grasp of the situation and asked extremely intelligent 
questions about some of the technical problems involved. 
He enjoyed coming down to the studios and having lunch 
or dinner in the restaurant of the Film Institute where 
all the actors and actresses generally gathered. On one 
occasion he flew into a rage at one of those when somebody 
at the neighboring table mentioned the word _Jew_ and 
carried on for about ten minutes, much to the amazement 
and embarrassment of all the people gathered there most 
of whom did not even know what it was all about. Zeissler 
is under the impression that in the course of such a rage 
Hitler works himself into a trance-like state in which he 
loses contact with his surroundings and during which he 
enjoys the uninhibited expression of his feelings. After 
watching him Zeissler believes that Hitler actually goes 
out of his way at times to find some cause for a rage and 
that when he has found it he really works hard to increase 
its intensity in order that he may attain this trance-like stage.

Hitler spent a great deal of time trying to convert Zeissler 
into making propaganda films. When Hitler did not come to 
the studio in person he frequently telephoned and held lengthy 
conversations about new films and the cast. Very frequently 
he telephoned when there was no particular occasion for it 
and would just inquire about what was happening in the 
studios. Zeissler says he often wondered when Hitler had 
the time to devote to affairs of state because he either 
spent so much time at the studios, on the telephone or 
looking at films that there seemed little time left for 
anything else. Hitler had a standing order to have every 
new film, German and all foreign films, shown at the 
Chancellery. The ones he seemed to enjoy the most were 
the American musical comedy films and crime pictures, 
although he frequently enjoyed biographical  films 
especially those of persons involved in wars. He 
remembers that the film "Viva Villa" gave him great 
pleasure and he had it shown a number of times. In 
general, any film that he enjoys he will have shown 
repeatedly and always seems to enjoy it again.

As a permanent director Hitler frequently called Zeissler 
and asked him to send actresses to the Chancellery. Several 
of these became temporary favorites and Zeissler was curious 
about what happened. In 1934 he was asked to send two chorus 
girls and the following day they reported that nothing 
particular happened and that Hitler sat around bragging 
the whole evening. The girls thought him extremely odd 

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at that time he spent most of the evening telling them 
how he was going to annex Austria and how he was going 
to build up a terrific army, the biggest army in all the 
world, and fortify the Rhineland. His chief object in all 
this was to impress the girls with his greatness and 
power. On another occasion he spent an evening telling 
Rene Mueller how he had made a thorough study of Medieval 
torture methods and how he was modernizing them 
and would introduce them in Germany. It was his belief 
that this was the true way of ruling a people and that only by
such methods could one enjoy the maximum of power. He 
described some of these methods, which were later 
adopted by the Gestapo, in such detail that she was 
absolutely horrified and could feel the flesh creep on 
her body. Rene Mueller became one of his favorites and 
was not at all unwilling to sacrifice herself in a sexual 
relationship. In fact, according to Seissler, she did her 
utmost to seduce Hitler but in this she never succeeded. 
On one occasion Hitler seemed to become quite excited 
and she thought the moment had arrived when he would 
actually do something, but instead he jumped up on his 
feet and raised his arm in the Nazi salute and said in a 
very bragging tone of voice that he could hold his arm 
that way for an hour and a half at a time without tiring, 
while even Goering could not hold his up for even twenty 
minutes. Rene, however, did not give up in her efforts 
and at a later time she returned to the studio in the 
morning after an evening at the Chancellery in a very 
depressed state. When Zeissler asked her what was 
troubling her she told him that the evening before she 
had been with Hitler and that she had been sure that he 
was going to have intercourse with her; that they had 
both undressed and were apparently getting ready for 
bed when Hitler fell on the floor and begged her to kick 
him. She demurred but he pleaded with her and condemned 
himself as unworthy, heaped all kinds of accusations on 
his own head and just groveled around in an agonizing 
manner. The scene became intolerable to her and she 
finally acceded to his wishes and kicked him. This excited 
him greatly and he begged for more and more, always saying 
that it was even better than he deserved and that he was 
not worthy to be in the same room with her.
As she continued to kick him he became more and 
more excited and as a
final climax, masturbated before her. He then 
suggested that they get dressed and thanked her 
warmly for a pleasant evening. Rene committed 
suicide not long after. Rene Mueller was a blonde 
like almost all the girls to whom Hitler became 
attracted. There was another tall blonde girl named 
Loeffler to whom Hitler became attached. In the 
midst of this relationship the girl ran off with a Jew 
and lived in Paris. This upset Hitler greatly and for 
some time he did not call the studios for new girls. 
On one occasion Mrs. Zeissler met Hitler. When she 
returned from the meeting she condemned him as a 
phony because he had stared into her eyes and had 
obviously tried to influence her through them and had 
done so much bragging. Zeissler claims this is the technique 
that Hitler had learned from a mind-reader named Harnuson 
who had tutored Hitler in such techniques in his earlier 
days and who had very considerable influence over him. 
According to Zeissler, it was Harnuson who was responsible 
for Hitler's dramatic conduct at his early meetings had 
coached Hitler in the techniques of swaying large groups 
of people. Harnuson was murdered in the Blood Purge of 1934.

        Zeissler also commented on the strange relationship 
between Hitler and Hoffmann, the photographer, and was 
under the impression that Hoffmann supplied Hitler with 
pornographic pictures, Hoffmann was generally disliked 
in the studios and the film people had very little respect 
for his judgment on what they should do or about how 
they should do it.

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It so happened that Zeissler's laundry woman in Berlin 
was the mother of one of Hitler's personal S.S. guards. 
His usual post was to guard Hitler's bedroom. He frequently 
told his mother, who in turn told the Zeisslers. about the 
late parties held in the Chancellery and the times at which 
Hitler finally retired. This was almost invariably between 
4 and 6 in the morning although her son reported that he 
seldom went to sleep before daylight. On one occasion he 
reported that Hitler must have had terrible dreams the 
night before because just as day was breaking there was 
a terrible commotion in Hitler's bedroom and he was just 
about to enter it in order to investigate its cause when 
Hitler ripped the door open from within. He was clad in a 
white nightgown which came below his knees and barefooted. 
His face was almost as white as the nightgown, his hair 
disheveled and his eyes wild. The first impression of the 
boy on guard was that the Fuehrer had gone mad. But it 
seems that Hitler had awakened out of a nightmare in 
which he felt himself unguarded for when he found the 
guard wide awake on his post outside the bedroom door 
he heaved a sigh of relief, simply said good night and 
shut the door. The guard never told his mother of any 
women spending the night in Hitler's bedroom although 
he often spoke of them staying alone with Hitler until 
the early hours of the morning.

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