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Interview by T.R. Ybarra in Colliers July 1. 1933

... He found time amid cabinet meetings, which were 
following one anotherin [sic]  quick succession, to 
receive me in his office at the chancellery on Berlin's 
historic Wilhelmstrasse. Without hesitation, Chancellor 
Hitler- who in the opinion of many, even his enemies, 
had taken his first step as a statesman... gave me a 
message direct from himself to the American nation, 
the kernel of which was a plea for better understanding 
among Americans for the problems now confronting 
Germany at Home and abroad.

When he received me Hitler made a strange contrast 
to his Wilhelmstrasse surroundings. He had so far 
conformed to statesmanlike etiquette as to don 
conventional garments usual at European chancelleries- 
which he still does reluctantly.

Hitler received me in the big audience chamber of 
the new chancellery. .. The Chancellor's eyes were 
clear, his bearing alert, and he allowed no signs of 
fatigue to be come [sic] apparenet [sic]. During the 
preceding days, Hitler had no rest. From Templehof 
Field... he had rushed to Kiel... Koenigsberg.. Munich... 
Yet when he stepped forward to shake me [sic] hand 
you wouldn't have thought he was bothered about 
anything. His face was solemn- but it always is. 
And he didn't smile- but he seldom does.

I asked him to talk straight out to Americans. He 
paused a moment then said: "I don't believe in criticizing. 
It simply creates difficulties."

Then gathering force and speed as he talked, until he 
almost resembled the Hitler who had often swayed 
mass meetings to tumultuous enthusiasm, he continued: ....
....Worked up by this time to a high pitch of earnestness, 
Hitler leaned forward, emphasizing his points by tapping 
my knee with two fingers of his right hand....

Interview by T.R. Ybarra, Collier's July 1, 1933

...He paused for a moment and I, knowing well the 
torrential nature of eloquence when once underway, 
carefully refrained from interrupting with questions. 
For a moment Hitler sat there with knit brows and 
stern expression. Then, fixing his eyes again on me, 
he said: "You Americans....
...Again the Chancellor leaned forward, his voice 
tense with earnestness... Again he tapped my knee 
as he said: "Here is what I wish would happen: That 
American people might understand these special 
German problems....
He paused. In silence he gazed straight ahead. He 
seemed to be trying actually to see the Americans 
to whom he was addressing his words. Into his face 
came some of that mystical quality which has helped 
him to drive audiences to hysterics.
"If only all Americans," he said, coming out of his 
reverie and fixing his eyes on mine, "could come 
over here to Germany. They would look about and 
ask themselves where is this revolution, where is 
this terror, where is all this destruction and chaos 
I've heard about?"
Then abruptly he stood up. The interview was over. 
We shook hands. A moment later he was back amid 
the other Nazi chieftains debating the latest thorny 
problem confronting Germany. And I was out in the 
Collier's July 1, 1933. Says Hitler- by T.R. Ybarra

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