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"Like all great statesmen, Hitler is cool and deliberate. For that reason 
the much-circulated idea that when an opponent has antagonized him he 
flies into a passion and makes a certain political decision in a fit of 
temper is false. The story of certain journalists that in such fits of 
temper he throws himself on the ground and bites the carpets must 
certainly be considered entirely as falling under the "greuelmaerchen". As 
a matter of course my spokesman would have kept silent about such incidents 
had they actually taken place, but against this stands the fact that he was 
not afraid of telling frankly how angry Hitler becomes when one of his 
followers has made a mistake. Also the explanation which he gave of these 
various reactions is plausible:, If an opponent has been too clever for 
Hitler one cannot -- so Hitler feels -- take it amiss, inasmuch as the 
opponent was merely carrying out his duty; if difficulties have been 
caused by one of his followers then the latter has neglected his duty or 
is unsuitable for his position. 

"Another thing that can likewise be relegated to the domain of myth is 
the story about Hitler's firm belief in his horoscope. Not only has the 
Fuehrer never had his horoscope cast, but he is in principle against 
horoscopes because he feels he might be unconsciously influenced by them."
Hitler's interest and plans are all concentrated on three Subjects: 
architecture, military affairs and politics. Ever since childhood he has 
occupied himself with architectural plans. While in prison in 1923 he 
worked out plans for the "Neugestaltung Berlins." New buildings such as 
the Reich Chancellery and the Air Ministry building he regards as purely 
temporary. He realizes that these buildings were constructed far too 
rapidly in order to endure. His conception of a building which is permanent 
is one which will last a thousand years. He estimates that the 
construction of such permanent buildings would require from eight to ten 
years each. The dimensions of these permanent buildings which he is 
planning are even vaster than those already constructed. Recently he has 
been working over a plan in considering the advisability of building with 
a facade 100 meters high and a principal dome of 300 meters. All the 
buildings of the future are to be built on a North-South axis. On the upper 
floor of the Chancellery he has numerous models of buildings under 
contemplation and likes to spend evenings now and then with a few 
collaborators discussing new plans. 

He is very well informed on military 
matters. He regularly reads all the articles in all the military magazines. 
The foreign military journals are translated for him. It is said that he 
knows all the details of the various guns produced in the world and that 
he is able to draw diagrams of them from memory. He loves to look at 
military films and many of than are shown in the Chancellery on his order. 
Sometimes he has the operator stop the film in the middle while he points 
out an interesting detail. 

He loves to work on strategical problems and at 
one time worked out a plan for the defense of Finland which he

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believed would make it absolutely impregnable. He worked out all the plans 
for the Polish campaign and at the same time worked out the plan for the 
successful defense for Poland. At the beginning of the Polish campaign he 
estimated that it would take three months to clean it up.

In the field of politics he also prepares the plans himself and other 
persons have very little influence on them. Here particularly the job of 
other people is to carry out the plans that he has made. This also applies 
to Ribbentrop and it is a mistake to believe that when Hitler hesitates on 
a course of action it is due to divergent views among his advisers or to 
blame his advisers for what has been done. Hitler pays little attention to 
the reports or predictions made to him by his ambassadors. He is far more 
interested in reading letters written by simple people, sailors, laborers, 
etc., which come from abroad. In his opinion these people frequently 
interpret the sentiments of the _real masses_ better than do the 

Hitler has a great admiration for Great Britain and reads much about its 
institutions and structure as well as the history of its birth and 
development. His admiration of the Empire, however, is confined almost 
wholly to the Empire as it was. He despises the hypocrisy and 
halfheartedness of the present British leaders and regards them as 
unworthy successors of those who made it great in the firm belief in 
their own superiority and their willingness to risk anything for the 
future of their country. Hitler thinks that Lloyd George is the only 
British leader with whom he could have reached an agreement. Hitler 
really believes that he did everything possible to win the cooperation 
of Great Britain and that he contributed to the maintenance of the Empire.

Hitler rules according to the law of the jungle. "As among animals, so 
my spokesman said in describing such a mentality, the man and nation will 
win which is the strongest and shows the greatest readiness to risk 
everything for the defense of their country; all great things result from 
the primitive forces of man and nations." This, according to Hitler, 
applies to domestic as well as to international policy.

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