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_Interview with Mr. Otto Strasser_
Montreal, Canada
May 13, 1943

Mr. Strasser spoke very freely if not systematically. 
Most of what he said he has written in his books and thus 
need not be repeated here. Much that he might have said he 
omitted on the grounds that he dealt with the subject at 
length and in detail in a new book which he had just finished 
and which was in the hands of a New York publisher. He gave 
the interviewer permission to examine the manuscript of 
this new book but the literary agent refused to recognize 
Strasser's right to give such a permit.

Mr. Strasser served in the same division with Hitler during 
the World War. He explained that the rank of "Gefreite" which 
Hitler held was equivalent to a private first class in our 
modern army. This rank does not classify him as a non-
commissioned officer and he has not the privilege of issuing 
orders to others. According to Strasser, Hitler was really an 
orderly in Regimental Headquarters and only a runner occasionally. 
He liked this position which kept him close to officers and 
Strasser is of the opinion that he probably refused promotion 
because even as a corporal he could not remain in Regimental 
Headquarters as an orderly. The moment he became a corporal 
it meant front duty. In general, these orderlies were looked 
down upon by the front line soldiers. When asked about Hitler's 
Iron Cross, he was doubtful of its authenticity. He pointed out 
that Hitler made no mention of the Iron Cross in _Mein Kampf_  
although under the circumstances one would expect him to if 
he had come by it honestly. He claims that Goebbels asserted 
that the Iron Cross was awarded to Hitler on November 11, 
1918, whereas all official awards stopped on the 9th of November. 
He said it is possible, and he has heard of other instances of this 
kind in which the Regimental Staff which regularly received a 
certain allotment of Iron Crosses per month awarded these to 
each other when the collapse started. Inasmuch as Hitler has 
always shown great preference and bestowed great favors upon 
Amann who was his staff sergeant during the war, Strasser says 
he does not consider it at all unlikely that Amann filled out the 
certificate for an Iron Cross in Hitler's favor just before the 
Armistice and that this is a favor which Hitler is still trying 
to repay. Strasser also doubts the story that Hitler was gassed 
and attributes it to Hitler's imagination or a kind of hysterical 

When asked about the manner in which Hitler earned his 
livelihood during the early days of the Parry Strasser 
said that there was no great mystery. Very early in the 
history of the Party wealthy people made contributions 
which were turned over to Hitler personally and some of 
which he used for his own needs. A little later when the 
movement got under way, Hitler always demanded an honorarium 
for speaking, and this was usually at least a thousand marks. 
At all the meetings there was a charge for admission and the 
largest part of the receipts went to Hitler and this was ample 
to pay for his modest way of living.

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         Strasser seriously doubts Hitler's sincerity from 
beginning to end. He is of the opinion that Hitler's anti-Semitism 
was originally adopted for the propaganda value. It was the 
one topic on which he could always talk and find a sympathetic 
note in the audience. He also doubts whether Hitler actually 
believes in his call. This, too, he realizes has great propaganda 
value and from the earliest days he has done his utmost to 
clothe himself in a mystical atmosphere. Strasser says that 
Hitler is a person without any loyalties whatever and he claims 
that Hitler has told him on several occasions that he considers 
it a sign of greatness not to be tied to ideas or to people. 
Strasser says that Hitler is thoroughly egocentric and that 
he has no love for Germany but only uses it as a means to 
gain his own ends.

         Strasser also talked at length about the impossibility 
of carrying on a discussion with Hitler and that every 
conversation with him degenerates into a monologue. He 
is forever contradicting himself and when one tries to 
interrupt and point out that on an earlier occasion he said 
something else, Hitler flares up and shouts: "I never lie. It 
is you intellectuals who are always turning my words around." 
Strasser says this is one of Hitler's time-worn techniques; 
that when he is caught in an inconsistency or wishes to avoid 
a logical discussion, he picks up something that the other 
person has said and claims that it is an insult and goes off 
into a rage. When he quiets down he starts off on an entirely 
new subject. Another one of his techniques is to simply 
discard what the other person has said on the grounds that 
the person does not understand the topic. For example, on 
one occasion he held a lengthy dissertation on German art 
which he claimed was the one and only art worthy of the name 
in the entire history of the world. When Strasser interrupted 
and tried to point out that the Chinese, the Egyptians, the 
Mayans and others had a highly developed art, he just 
brushed the whole thing aside by saying: "You don't 
understand what art consists of."

Strasser says that it is impossible to watch Hitler when 
he is delivering a speech and that no doubt there is a large 
sexual component motivating him. The same is true when 
one listens to him playing with an idea. Strasser says that 
from the earliest days he noticed this and after prolonged 
observations he decided it was a form of mental masturbation 
from which a real sexual pleasure was derived. Strasser is 
convinced that Hitler's sexual life is thoroughly abnormal. 
He says that his brother Gregor told him that Hoffmann's 
relationship to Hitler was unassailable because when 
Hoffmann's daughter Henny was fourteen years old Hitler 
had seduced her into sexual play with him end that she 
had told her father about it. Hoffmann went to Hitler and 
threatened to expose him before the Party if Hitler, did 
not agree to give him the exclusive photographic rights. 
This Hitler did in order to keep the experience quiet. 
Later it would have been difficult for him to liquidate 
Hoffmann because Hoffmann had managed to make himself 
indispensable to Hitler in other ways and it would have 
created too much of a stir in the Party if Hoffmann had 
been purged. Strasser commented on the fact that Hitler 
likes to associate with homosexuals. In 1929 he was much 
dismayed when Hitler arrived in Berlin with a bodyguard 
which was obviously 100% homosexuals. Nevertheless, he 
doubts the stories that Hitler himself is engaged in 
homosexual practices, at least to any great extent. After 
the Olympic games in Berlin he had

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occasion to talk to the director of the Burd Theater at 
which Leni Riefenstahl was playing. The conversation 
turned to Hitler and his sexual life and the director said 
that Leni was dying to sleep with Hitler but that Hitler 
was always evading the issue. The director said that not 
long before Leni had told him that Hitler had invited her 
into his bedroom and that she thought that the time had 
finally arrived, but much to her dismay he asked her to 
undress. When she had done so and was get into 
bed he ordered her to begin masturbating herself while 
he sat on the other side of the room and watched her. 
The director told Strasser that Hitler never exposed 
himself but always enjoyed seeing others in the nude.

Strasser spoke at length concerning Geli. As he has written 
in his books he knew Geli personally and had taken her out 
several times which aroused extreme jealousy in Hitler when 
he discovered it. Hitler finally forbade any further contact 
with Geli, but one morning he claims Geli appeared at his 
apartment in Munich in a very upset state of mind. Strasser 
let her in and tried to quiet her down but for some time all 
he could get out of her was that she did not know what she 
would do with her uncle. According to the story, Hitler was 
very generous with her in some respects and very harsh with 
her in others and frequently locked her up for long periods of 
time because she refused to accede to his wishes. Strasser 
tried to make light of the matter end said to Geli, "Well, 
why don't you sleep with him? What difference does it make 
if he is your uncle?" Geli responded that she would be very 
glad to sleep with him if that was all he wanted but she 
just couldn't go through with the other performance again. 
After much urging concerning the nature of this performance, 
she finally told Strasser that Hitler made her undress and that 
he would lie down on the floor. Then she would have to squat 
down over his face where he could examine her at close range 
and this would make him very excited. When the excitement 
reached its peak he demanded that she urinate on him and 
that gave him his sexual pleasure. Geli said the whole 
performance was extremely disgusting to her and that 
although it was sexually stimulating it gave her no 
gratification. Since Hitler refused to let her have any 
contact with other men she was in the position of being 
continually stimulated without any adequate outlet and 
that she couldn't possibly continue. It was shortly after 
this visit that Geli was killed and Strasser is satisfied 
in his own mind that Hitler had demanded that Geli go 
through with this performance again and that she had 
refused. Hitler thereupon became enraged and murdered her. 
His brother Gregor also believed this to be the case and it 
was from this time on that his relations with Hitler 
became strained. Gregor was one of the few people who 
was called to the house shortly after Geli's death and saw 
her before the funeral. Otto Strasser believes that it was 
this knowledge which led to Gregor's murder during the 
Blood Purge In 1934.

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