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Sondern Jr. Frederick: Schuschnigg's Terrible two hours"
Sat .Eve,Post  211, August 13, 1938. p. 72.

Schuschnigg left Vienna for Berchtesgaden, spent the night on his 
special train at Salzburg, and motored early the next day to Hitler's 
palatial "simple Berghof". With him were his "good friend" Schmidt, 
Ambassador von Papen, and an obscure young secretary from the Ministery 
of Foreign Affairs, Doctor Peter. Hitler received him on the steps with 
a curt nod and led him immediately into the studio which is dominated, 
characteristically enough, bu a huge portrait of the Fuehrer himself.

Without a word of greeting, Hitler began a tirade of the usual
violence. "You Jesuit...You assassin of Planetta (Planetta was the
murderer of Dollfuss)...You are playing your last card " were the
phrases most frequently repeated. Schuschnigg stared at the ceiling.

Only once during these "terrible two house", as Schuschnigg said 
afterward, did Hitler interrupt himself. The Austrian Chancellor, an 
inveterate chain smoker, reached for his cigarette case.

"Smokinghere [sic] is forbidden," screamed the Fuehrer. "I have no 
objection to anyone drinking, because drinking does not disturb the 
person who doesn't drink. But smoking does. And so it's forbidden. 
It's forbidden, do you hear? That applies to everyone."

Abruptly Hitler stood up, walked to his desk and pressed a button. 
General von Reichnau, General Keitel and Press Chief Doctor Dierrich 
came in.

"Tell the Chancellor," sneered Hitler, "what preparations we have made 
in case he refuses to concede our demands."

The Generals were very explicit. An army of 200,000 men and 200 planes, 
also large detachments of S.S. and police were ready to cross the border 
at a moment's notice.

"That's enough," suddenly said Hitler; "time for lunch!"

It was the strangest meeting, Schuschnigg told afterward, that he had ever 
sat through. The Fuehrer greeted the first few hopeful remarks with stony 
stares; after that there was silence. After lunch Hitler seemed to soften 
somewhat. He graciously conceded Schuschnigg a smoke and led his "guests" 
out onto the terrace, from which he had gazed so often with infinite 
longing at the country of his birth. He produced the draft of an agreement 
containing eleven paragraphs practically placing Austria under Nazi regime,
demanded that Schuschnigg read and sign it at once. Then again an outburst 
with stamping and shrieking. "Good friend Guido Schmidt interceded, tried 
to persuade Schuschnigg to accept most of the conditions. The Chancellor 
remained adament. Finally he said that he would acceptthree [sic]: 
Appointment of the Nazi, Seyss-Inquart, as Minister of the Interior, a 
general political amnesty, and the admission of Nazis into the Fatherland 
Front. Further than that he could not go without consulting President 
Miklas. After another hour of Hitlerian tirade, the Fuehrer suddenly 
broke off, growled brusquely that he would accept Schuschnigg's 
concessions as "temporarily", and still muttering threats of invasion, 
violence and bloodshed, stamped off without a word of leave-taking.
The interview was over.

Sondern Jr,Frederick:Schuschnigg's"Terrible Two hours." 
Sat.Eve.Post 211,August. 13,1938, p/72.

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