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Men of Chaos                                                                   

 .... But Forster was a sort of feebler edition of 
Hitler's sentimentalism; he copied, uncritically 
and rather innocently, Hitler's secret fears and 
his emotional outbreaks. Hitler's forebodings that 
he would not live to complete his "life's work" 
his certainty that there would come a vast 
treasonable volte-face on the part of his own 
collaborators and the destruction of everything 
that had been achieved, must constantly have 
oppressed the Fuehrer. The way Forster reproduced 
Hitler's forebodings revealed, for all its rhetoric, 
a deep sense of a coming and inevitable catastrophe. 
The eternal doom of the German people lay in wait, 
Hitler felt, for him too.

p. 104, Rauschning, Men of Chaos.

This sentimental, tasteless rhetoric cannot disguise 
the fact that Hitler's foreboding of an inevitable 
catastrophe is something real, perhaps something of 
great importance. His own friends would one day stab 
him mortally in the back - that was a complaint that 
frequently recurred. And it would be just before the 
last and greatest victory, at the moment of supreme 
tension. Once more Hagen would slay Siegfried. Once 
more Hermann the Liberator would be murdered by 
his own kinsmen. The eternal destiny of the German 
nation must be fulfilled yet again, for the last time. 
The German nation would destroy itself. It would 
throw away this victory like the others. "Red Front 
and Reaction" are, after all, not merely memories of 
the vain putsch of 1923, they are the threatening signs 
of the future.

p. 105. Rauschning, Men of Chaos

Strange how Hitler gave himself away to his 
intimates in other ways too. How he would blab 
his secret weakness and foreboding, perhaps not 
even unintentionally. Once more it was Forster 
who drew my attention to Sulla ......

Hitler secretly compared himself with this wild 
destroyer who imagined that he had once more set 
up a permanent order. Hitler found this figure attractive. 
He found in it his own reflection. Was it no more than 
a sign of his lack of historical education, or was it 
the expression of a deeper knowledge of the limits of 
his mission? Hitler was most attracted, if I can place 
faith in Forster's report, by the end of Sulla's life; 
when he regarded his mission as ended, Sulla voluntarily 
relinquished power.

pp. 105/106, Rauschning, Men of Chaos

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Men of Chaos                                                                      

...Forster... said,"..just as Sulla did, Hitler will abdicate 
one day, and will retire entirely from public life. Others 
will then take up the visible task. He, however, will 
embark on a new and yet greater mission."

p. 106, Rauschning, Men of Chaos

...I have told earlier of Hitler's ideas of a possible 
"Third Punic War". These are romantic and yet very 
pertinent ideas, [unreadable] perhaps to break off his 
mission, because Great Britain's world empire can be 
destroyed only in a third assault. In his seclusion, he 
will then pursue two aims. He will complete his 
religious mission and will proclaim the new religion. 
And from his "Little [unreadable]" he will also make a 
return in [unreadable] to power and reappear at the 
head of the Reich, after his successors have failed 
to cope with their difficult problems.
p. 106, Rauschning, Men of Chaos

"I have a sort of jester's freedom to say anything I 
like to the Leader", replied ... General (Blomberg). 
"But I shall never dream of saying anything to him 
about Austria, and I strongly advise you to steer 
clear of the subject yourself. Austria is his weak 
point. It's a matter on which he is hardly sane. He 
won't allow anyone to influence his decision on the 
Austrian question." 

p. 281 Rauschning, Men of Chaos

 "That man," said General von Blomberg to me once, 
full of enthusiasm, "that man teats down all the 
paper obstacles. He teaches to detect the papier- 
mache where we thought we saw iron iron and 
steel. He has the penetrating glance of the truly 
great leader, who sees through human weaknesses 
and knows how to make use of them.... Don't worry; 
Hitler is not going to land us in a world war."

p. 318, Rauschning, Men of Chaos.

Make no mistake about it - that man really has 
exceptional abilities. He has managed things 
amazingly well...." [handwritten: A friend of R's and H.]

p. 318/19, Rauschning, Men of Chaos

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       Men of Chaos                                                                               

"So he's done the trick, the German Napoleon!" 
I exclaimed. "He has made every opponent toe the

Shall I give away his dodge to you?
He has simply agreed to whatever anyone has asked. 
He has even given men more than they asked. Thus he 
has laid them all under an obligation to him. He has 
made all rivalries pointless and reconciled all differences. 
Finally, he has driven everyone into the arms of radicalism. 
For if you voluntarily and lavishly provide the wherewithal 
for the expert to do his job, he finds one job after another 
practicable where he had given it up as a wild dream. In 
this way Hitler has brought all the rival schools and 
personalities to his side, by giving help to them all 
and accepting everyone's ideas. These generals who 
have been used to nothing but sour warnings from the 
civil side about the need for economy, have come across 
a man who says to them every day that their plans and 
demands are entirely inadequate, that we have got to get 
twice as much, ten times as much done. I'd like to see 
the officer who will say "No, thanks" instead of 'Let's 
have it, let's have it, we'll take it on.'" 
 (A friend of Rauschning's about H.) 

pp. 320/21, Rauschning, Men of Chaos

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