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(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 253) cont.

association with the universe. The political element 
is for him only the foreground of a revelation which 
he pictures on the most stupendous [unreadable].
(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 253)

A red thread may be plainly seen running through 
all the inconsistent, contradictory activities of 
this most extraordinary man. "Activity is everything. 
Keep always on the move." His natural restlessness 
finds expression in everything. But at the back of it 
there is not only his own "haunting hysteria," as he 
himself so significantly calls it. A world in full 
process of dissolution, and a people no less hysterical 
than himself could not but come under the leadership 
of a man of this sort.
(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 253-254)

Anyone who has seen this man face to face, has met 
his uncertain glance, without depth or warmth, from 
eyes that are hard and remote, and has then seen that 
gaze grow rigid, will certainly have experienced that 
uncanny feeling: "That man is not normal."
(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 255)

My own experience of him and what I have learned 
from others indicate a lack of control amounting to 
total demoralization. His shrieking and frenzied 
shouting, his stamping, his tempests of rage--all 
this was grotesque and unpleasant, but it was not 
(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 255)

Hitler, however, has states that approach persecution 
mania and dual personality. His sleeplessness is more 
than the mere result of excessive nervous strain. He 
often wakes up in the middle of the night and wanders 
restlessly to and fro. Then

(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 256)

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(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 256 cont.)

he must have light everywhere. [rest of selection 

(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 256-257)


Hitler is exacting, spoiled, avaricious, greedy. He 
does not know how to work steadily. Indeed, he is 
incapable of working. He gets ideas, impulses, the 
realization of which must be feverishly achieved 
and immediately got rid of, He does not know what 
it is to work continuously and unremittingly. 
Everything about him is "spasm," to use a favorite 
word of his. Nothing about him is natural. His professed 
love of children and animals is a mere pose.
(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 260)

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He loves solitary walks. The mountain forests 
intoxicate him. These walks are his divine service, 
his prayers. He watches the passing clouds, [unreadable]

(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 260)

He has acquired the most curious habit. He can only 
get to sleep if his bed is made in a particular way. 
The quilt must lie folded exactly as prescribed. Men 
whom he trusts must make the bed. Is he afraid of 
poisoning, of some secret contrivance, poison on the 
pillow, an infernal machine in the mattress?

(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 261)

He is timid and sensitive. He has to force himself 
by such preparation to put on a bold front: he 
[unreadable] become aggressive. He is without 
natural coolness.
(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 261)

Hitler used to like to be seen with a riding whip 
in his hand; he has given up this habit. But the 
qualities it revealed remain--contemptuousness, 
arrogance, brutality, vanity.

(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 262)

But Germany's Fuehrer is not only vain and as 
sensitive as a mimosa: he is brutal and vindictive. 
He is entirely without generosity. He lives in a 
world of insincerity, deceiving and self-deceiving. 
But hatred is like wine to him, it intoxicates him. 
One must have heard his tirades of denunciation 
to realize how he can revel in hate.
Brutal and vindictive, he is also sentimental--a 
familiar mixture. He loved his canaries, and could 
cry when one of them sickened and died. But he 
would have men against whom he had a grudge 
tortured to death in the most horrible way. He 
eats incredible quantities of sweetmeats and 
whipped cream; and he has the instinct of the 
sadist, finding sexual excitement in inflicting 
torture on others.
(Destruction-Rauschning-p. 262-263)

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Most loathsome of all is the reeking miasma of 
furtive, unnatural sexuality that fills and fouls 
[rest of page unreadable}

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