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Pope- has seen Hitler frequently in Restaurants, 
Exhibitions- Operas and theaters.
...And last but by no means least, I have reluctantly 
turned my eyes from the stage of the Theater am 
Gaertnerplatz to watch the Fuehrer, resplendent 
in a white jacket and black trousers, whip out his 
high-powered opera glasses when Dorothy, hispet 
[sic] nude "Beauty Dancer" made her erotic 
appearances at the Nazi theater in Lehar's Merry 
Widow... and other operettas..
..Let me take you to a performance of the Merry 
Widow.. Of course we have no idea that the Fuehrer 
will slip into his royal box when the curtain rises. 
But then why did the cast have to go through an 
extra rehearsal without any pay yesterday afternoon?
 .....The lights go out, the curtain goes up, and Adolf 
comes in, with his adjutant, Wilhelm Bruckner, on 
his left and his favorite Gauleiter, Boss Adolf 
Wagner, on his right....
Taking orders from his chief, Fritz Fischer packed 
the stage with a cast of two hundred actors and 
extras...He imported other foreign stars for special 
numbers in the show...
(after intermission) ... Hitler waits until the bells 
have rung and the lights have dimmed again before 
he slides into the box. His adjutant has polished up 
the lenses of his opera glasses, for Dorothy, the Can 
Can Chorus, and the American dancers don't perform 
until the second half. (For this reason Adolf sometimes 
does not arrive at the theater until after the intermission.)
Dorothy begins her blitz-tease number. Sometimes her 
costume is a pair of transparent butterfly wings, more 
often she is completely nude. I have seen Hitler nudge 
his Gauleiter and smirk when Dorothy does her famous 
back-bending number in the spotlight. Watching Adolf 
ogle Germany's naked "Beauty Dancer" is just one more 
reason why I discredit the stories to the effect that the 
Fuehrer does not nurture a carnal interest in the female 
of the species....

At one showing of the Merry Widow, Hitler himself 
applauds for twelve curtain calls before he left his 
box amid the "Heils" of the audience.
p. 5-9 Pope, E. Munich Playground

For his own pleasure in Munich however, Hitler sent his 
private plane to France to pick up American dancers for 
the Merry Widow, which in addition to these he has paraded 
English chorus girls, Czech and Yugoslav Widows, Danish 
-p 7. Pope, Munich Playground

After the Merry Widow, Fritz Fischer, in full dress, 
accompanies Hitler down the theater steps to his 
bullet-proof Mercedes limousine, where he is joined 
by his adjutant and his Gauleiter. Around the corner, 
by the stage entrance, several buses chartered by the 
theater begin filling up with the cast in their costumes 
and make-up. Both the limousine and the busses have 
the same destination- another of Hitler's pet Munich 
projects, the Kuenstlerhaus (Artist's House). Adolf 
wishes to treat the cast and the girl extras (and 
himself of course) to a private after-the-theater 
party in this very special Nazi building.
Hitler's extravagant theater parties within the healously 
[sic] guarded walls of this Nazi club are famous in Munich 
theatrical circles. Almost invariably when the Fuehrer 
attends a performance at the Theater am Gaernterplatz, 
he invites the most attractive members of the cast to 
the Kuenstlerhaus. Somehow the male extras fail to be 
asked. Hitlerlikes [sic] to be surrounded with beautiful 
women in his leisure moments.

The Artist's Haus on the Menbach Platz was rebuilt 
by order of the Fuehrer shortly after he had remodeled 
the Gaertnerplatz theater

00010586.GIF  Page 2

..Hitler proclaimed that the Kuenstlerhaus was to be 
the club of Munich film and stage artists, Nazi painters, 
sculptors, authors, and journalists, where the Bavarian 
world of art and letters could dine, drink, and dance in 
luxurious halls away from the envious eyes of the 
ordinary German public...In a few month [sic] the 
Kuenstlerhaus developed into a hotbed of Nazi intrigue,  
orgies and artistic turpitude....

A special suite in the Kuenstlerhaus is reserved for Adolf...
...The Reich Chancellor's theater parties are held in an 
ornate hall decorated with oriental rugs, furnished in 
the height of style and comfort. At one end of this hall 
the actresses and chorus of the Gaertnerplatz theater 
give intimate command performances for Adolf and his 
retinue in return for his champagne and company. The 
vaulted ceiling is covered with astrological figures of 
gold on a lapis lazuli background.
Before these parties, Hitler's adjutant informs the 
Gestapo manager of the Kuenstlerhaus that the 
Fuehrer is again "in the mood". The manager promptly 
orders an abundance of champagne. Knowing that Adolf 
wants beautiful girls, he [unreadable] them as living 
decorations for the entire house.
The Nazi Artists guild in Munich has a complete file of 
several hundred Munich extras and models with their 
physical characteristics painstakingly described and 
photographed... The girls are warned to keep the Fuehrer's 
presence in Munich a strict secret.

Four hours after the Munich extras have been told to 
show up at the Nazi club, I called the management in 
my capacity as Munich Reuter correspondent and asked, 
"Is the rumor true that Der Fuehrer will visit the 
Kuenstlerhaus tonight?"
"We know nothing about any such visit", the Gestapo 
manager snapped.
p. 9-11 - Pope, Munich Playground.

...These private performances in the Kuenstlerhaus are 
the climax of the Fuehrer's indulgence in his passion for 
bright lights and colors, seductive music, and gorgeous 
women. Billy Rose is a blushing amateur compared to the 
streamlined Nazi efficiency in getting the most out of 
beautiful girls.

Hitler's theater parties last from midnight until ten 
o'clock the next morning or later. The Great Man himself 
leaves for his Munich apartment between three and four 
A.M. while...
...The favoriteactress [sic] or dancer of the evening has 
a way of leaving the party shortly after Adolf. A closed 
Horch, Maybach, or Mercedes provided by either Fritz or 
the Fuehrer's adjutant calls for her at the Kuenstlerhaus. 
I have trailed these cars several times along the 
Prinzregenten Strasse past the House of German Art 
to Hitler's apartment. Perhaps I was guilty of lese-majeste. 
But parked at a discreet distance in the dark [unreadable] 
Strasse, I watched the young lady being escorted into the 
Fuehrer's house. After somewhat less than an hour, she 
returned to the waiting Mercedes with her uniformed 
chauffeur and was driven away. Adolf is a great 
protagonist of the blitz technique!
P. 11-12 E.R. Pope- Munich Playground

00010587.GIF Page 3

Hitler laid the cornerstone to his artistic temple on 
October 15, 1933. "[unreadable] this House of German 
Art... the Fuehrer said on that occasion. Then he rapped 
the stone vigorously with a mason's hammer, while the 
spectators and guests of honor looked on in awed silence. 
The hammer broke! Hitler, intensely superstitious, turned 
pale. He was so upset by the incident that he locked 
himself in his Munich apartment and would see no one 
all next day...
P. 45- E.R. Pope- Munich Playground-

Hitler drops in at the gallery frequently to watch the 
progress in the hanging of the latest harvest of Nazi 
paintings of the mise en scene of Joseph Thorak's newest 
nudes. His constant companion on these inspection tours is 
Frau Gerdy Troost, widow of the House's architect and a 
member of the Hitler hanging committee. These people trail 
the Fuehrer through the incompleted exhibit with greater 
trepidation than that experienced by the submitting artists. 
For Adolf is very outspoken about his views on German art.
During one of these rips, Hitler dove into the cellar to select 
an appropriate picture for one wall of the gallery. After much 
fussing, he finally found what he wanted and ordered the men 
to carry up the painting and hang it.
"But, Mein Fuehrer. You can't hang that painting!" objected 
Gerdy, who knows a thing or two about art. "It is impossible. 
The people will laugh at it. Look at the horrible color of the 
sky. And no grass ever has that tinge. It would never do to 
show the German people this absurd picture as an example 
of German art."
Adolf turned on Frau Troost, his eyes blazing. "I know what 
I'm doing," he barked. "How dare you question my judgment? 
In the world of art as well as politics, I am the supreme judge. 
Hitler scolded the widow of his dearest architect so savagely 
that she fainted on the spot. SS guards carried her out... I was 
fortunate enough to obtain the true explanation from someone 
who had witnessed the Fuehrer's outburst and the fainting...

P. 47-48 E.R.Pope- Munich Playground-

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