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I could hardly believe my eyes as Otto Bauer, Der Fuehrer's 
personal pilot swooped into a perfect landing just below 
the chalet, and I saw he familiar fifure [sic] approaching 
Bareheaded, and with the unruly "browlock" broken loose, 
Hitler might have been a hired garderner[sic]. Clad in an 
old brown tweed coat, tightly buttoned and too short for 
him, and shabby trousers that did not match, he was 
waving a crooked stick wrenched from a cherry tree- 
for Hitler must [sic] carry SOMETHING, even on his 
woodland hikes and hermit picnics in these lonely hills.

Hitler had aged a good deal, I thought, during the past 
year. He had grown thicker in girth, and showed signs 
of strain about the eyes and mouth.

"The pace has been hot," he owned. And then, with the 
wistful air of a man unsure of the task he has set 
himself, "Mind you, I don't feel so young as I did!"
Yet standing there in the summer's blaze, he looked very 
alert; no huskiness in his voice, and an almost boyish air 
of joyous expectation. While he dwelt on the "world 
airport", which the capital would have in a couple of 
years, I stood gazing up and down at Alpine scenery of 
...This is Hitler's one and only "home", the idyllic spot he 
selected twelve years ago. It is perched on the shoulder 
of the Obersalzburg...
Everyone knows how the modest chalet of today- "Haus 
Wachelfeld" is the name its Squire gave it- grew out of 
the original peasant hut were [sic] sister Angela kept 
house and washed and mended for a troublemaker who, 
from that day to this, had no use for any other woman 
in his emotional life. Hitler plays no [unreadable], is 
only a spectator of outdoor sports, and "collects" nothing 
but books on art and music.

Holiday with Hitler- by Ignatios Phayre- Current History 
July 1936

...There is little to note about Der Fuerher's summer home, 
save the odd profusion of cactusplants in pots, the many 
canaries in gilded cages whose tolls and trills fill these 
bright rooms with tireless rapture, and the assortment 
of presents- furniture, china, silver, and rugs- send by 
German admirers from far and near. These, I thought were 
not well arranged; but then this is a bachelor's home. A 
woman's taste is in many ways missed- from the kitchen 
and bedroom (those in the guest wings, as well) to Hitler's 
own study.
In this last, by the way, he writes all his important 
Holiday with Hitler- by Ignatios Phayre- Current History 
July 1936

...Dinner at eight was a jolly affair. Everything was 
discussed expect politics. Hitler himself, of course, 
ate his meatless dishes, yet the richness and variety 
of these, as prepared by Herr Kannenberg, his well trained 
cook, was a revelation to us grosser feeders. It was a 
well-spread table with fine wines, choice liqueurs and 
cigars. But our host is no smoker, and he drank only fizzy 

"Tomorrow," he announced at last, "we're going to have a 
children's party. So we'll hunt the highland villages for 
guests and then go down Berchtsegaden to complete the list."

Holiday with Hitler- by Ignatios Phayre- Current History 
July 1936


...There was music until the small hours. Herr Hanfstaengl 
gave us delicate bits from Mozart, with terrific crashes of 
Liszt in between. It was a relief when the last Rhapsody 
was played and we could listen to the plaintive flutes and 
strings of  a party of guides and hunters who serenaded 
their Leader from the cherry orchard close by.
Current History-July '36 Holiday with H.  I. Phayre.

The furniture in my bedroom was of that 18th century 
German type which Hitler affects, and on the walls I saw 
a few water-colors by Der Fuehrer himself.

These I inspected closely; for he still paints at odd 
hours- chiefly architectural subjects- and he signs 
these with a scrawly hieroglyph which no one could 
ever make out unless he knew the artist's name. Under 
one study of typical French peasant houses was written
:" Harbourdin: 15-2-1916". Another was dated "November-
1916" Yet another showed the interior of a field-dressing 
station. One that had no trace of havoc was painted on 
"June 29-1917", this was the Cathedral of Ardoye in 
Flanders. Before I left Haus Wachenfeld I discussed his 
art aspirations with my host.
"I once took samples of my work," he told me with a 
wry smile, "to the Kunstakadamie in Vienna. But I had 
no luck there, and all hope of a scholarship ended when 
my drawings were refused a show through 'poverty of 
talent' and because they were too architectural."
Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre- Current History, July 1936

...He had never forgotten his "five years of misery in 
Vienna." There he had hunted odd jobs as a common 
laborer, a carpenter, or house painter with a little 
money picked up at intervals by drawing Christmas 
cards in sentimental vein. In quiet tones will Hitler 
recall his dreary tramps with workless hordes past 
the noble mansions of the Ringstrasse. There the 
contrast between the lot of rich and poor made a deep 
impression on this heartsick ex-service man, to whom 
social injustice was a crying evil that would not let 
him rest.

It was then, I gathered, that the first idea of the 
Volksgemeinschaft took root in his brooding brain. 
"I remember sniffing at a cook-shop door in the luch-hour [sic]. 
I had not a cent to buy food, and read rather vacantly a 
notice smeared with wet chalk along the steamy window: 
Dein Volk ist alles; De bist nichts- (Thy People is Everything. 
But YOU are Nothing!)

There is nothing doleful in these memories as Hitler 
tells them at table. Even if there were, there is always 
the lively Goebbels to disperse sadness with a sudden 
quip or an old German folk-song.

Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre- Current History- July 1936

...Next morning, after Breakfast on the terrace, under big 
canvas umbrellas, the Squire and Marshal von Blomberg 
set off to collect their guests for the children's party. 
A smiling Fuehrer would tap an open door. Entering - 
perhaps at meal-time - he would inquire what the brood 
of babes had to eat (four is the minimum family he likes 
to see). And of course, he must dilatge [sic] on the 
vitamin-values of his own milk soups, cinnamon-rice, 
potato-pancakes and the rest. At four o'clock or so, a 
crowd of his little friends came straggling across the 
upland meadows.

Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre- Current History- July 1936


...Hitler was quite excited; never was there a middle-aged 
bachelor who so delighted in the company of children. I 
couldn't help  recalling the somber exponent of the 
Reichsfuehrerschaft whom I had seen toiling in his 
Berlin bureau. He is ill at ease in that Presidial [sic] 
Palace on the Wilhelmstrasse, where the Graf von 
Bassewitz presents ambassadors and plenipotentiaries 
of all the nations. Again, I could see him orating in the 
open air,... But here in his hill perched eyrie, Hitler is 
wholly changed and calmed. He can laugh heartily as he 
grabs up a tiny tot to show her all the fun that is going 
on in the aerodome. Or again, some rustic maid of six or 
eight plucks up courage to creep up and pipe, "Ein Autogramme, 
Mein Fuehrer!" Out flashes that golden pen, and in a moment 
Hitler's name is scrawled in a way to defy the handwriting 
expert. They say his autograph is negotiable anywhere in the 
Reich for ten marks or so. It is certain that scraps of paper 
with "A. Hitler" on them have already built orphan homes and 
hospitals from here to the far marches of East Prussia.
...When Hitler visits this lake or its neighbors, the Ober-see 
and the [unreadable] - see, he ignores all the motor-craft that 
ply for hire, preferring a stout rowboat, and will act as his own 
Schifflemeister, bending to the oars as though he loved physical 
Holiday with Hitler- I Phayre- Current History July 1936

...Retiring to his own study, where untidy books line the 
green walls, Hitler will roughly outline a manuscript 
without any embellishment or frills. He will then take 
the loose sheets to some favorite spot of meditation 
on the rocky heights, there to develop his thme [sic] 
and to memorize his arguments on a time basis. I was 
shown a steep [unreadable] in a clump of firs where 
this earnest Demosthenes had such preliminary rehearsals 
quite alone. Here the mountain walls fall away, leaving the 
glorious view over into Austria unbroken for many miles. 
One can almost see Salzburg station from this point and 
the tranquil valleys of Hitler's "forbidden" native land.

Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre-Current History- July 1936

...Here Hitler will speak of his boyhood days, just over
the frontier in Leonding village, where, in a four roomed 
cottage, his father, the much-married Alois Hitler, dwelt 
with his Klara. Young Adolf was a disappointment to them, 
as a dreary and moonstruck ne'er-do-well who could never 
help the family budget to win a higher standard.

"My father," Hitler mused, "made rather a mess of his 
brief farming venture. He had no real bent in that way, 
being always the village official, and something of a 
martinet with us children. My little pal, Max Sixtl, and 
I were mighty keen on drilling rag-tag 'Armies' in the 
street. And I must own that our attack and defense shocks 
were a real affliction to the women shopkeepers. Once or 
twice we tried girl recruits in the ranks; my sister Paula 
was among them. But somehow, there's that in the feminine 
make-up which sees no fun in war-games. The girls broke 
down and cried when they were thumped and knocked about 
in our battles. So after a short court martial we drummed 
them our of the ranks in disgrace.
Holiday with Hitler- I.Phayre- Current History, July 1936


"But we had awkward moments of our own, too. I remember 
that in the midst of tactics more or less on 'Clauswitz' lines, 
I'd hear two piercing blasts on a dog whistle from down the 
street. Right weel [sic] did I know what they meant! As as a 
headlong deserter- to Max's gaping amazement- I would race 
home as fast as my legs would carry me! At our cottage door 
stood the dread figure of my father. He'd be loud in reproach, 
and quite ready with heavy clouts that hurt my pride more 
than my person."

Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre- Current History July 1936

...Of those past days (of the putsch) Hitler speaks freely 
enough, but rarely of the present events, and never of his 
future in politics. About music he will grow eloquent on a 
summer night, sitting out on the balcony as a big moon climbs 
up in a while gory from behind dark masses of the 
Schoenfeldspitze. All forms of jazz Hitler detests as "a sign 
of neurastia, with a baleful influence upon our young people." ...
No one can say that this man courts the company of the grand 
folks. Neither is he physically robust, and when in Berlin he 
soon becomes fretful and tired. On the other hand, out here 
on the mountain frontier he can walk for hours without fatigue. 
Often he will rise at dawn, and soon the ground floor of the 
chalet resounds with the clack of typewriters and telephone 
calls. For there is business to be done, and quickly, so that by 
nine or ten he is free to devote himself to his friends, visitors 
and neighbors.
Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre- Current History July 1936

Women are rarely seen in this bachelor stronghold, apart 
from the wives of his ministers and official chiefs of the 
State Department in Berlin. Now and then one of the party's 
amazons, such as Frau Scholtz Klink, may bring along a party 
of girl scouts for a brief review and casual blessing.
Hitler's reading hours out here are divided among the 
foreign newspapers, world history, both ancient and 
modern; biography and poetry. Blue is Der Fuehrer's 
favorite color for clothes: a double-breasted lounge 
suit, stiff white collar, and a dark tie with a pin-emblem 
in it.
Very few lwtters [sic] are allowed to reach Haus 
Wachenfeld from the Chancellery in Berlin....
Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre- Current History July 1936

"You love this place?" I hazarded at last, watching this 
very "different" man with surprise, as he jested and told 
funny yarns to his friends out on the moonlit balcony 
after dinner.

"I am happy here," he replied simply. "High up on these 
sunny slopes,I feel I can breathe and think- and live! The 
very thought of all that reek and rattle of towns often 
appalls me as I recall it here. So does all the fuss, all the 
guarding, and cheering, and flower-pelting with the tedious 
routine of bureau and official life. Besides, I fancy the folks 
esteem me. You see, I'm just 'one of them'! They know I can 
enter into their joys and woes. I remember what I was, and 
what I have yet to do- if only my strength lasts, and God 
and Luck remain with me to the end!"
Holiday with Hitler- I. Phayre- Current History July 1936

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