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Dutch Oswald

Hitler's Twelve Apostles

 ....Hess .... at his first meeting with Hitler 
feel for him as though under a spell, and for 
twenty years has been completely dependent 
upon the Fuehrer. .... his ambition is completely 
bound up with Hitler's....

...Hess served Hitler from the beginning with 
an almost doglike devotion.

 ...In his immediate acquaintance Hitler will 
not tolerate brains, but only brawn. All three 
men who from the beginning of the movement 
up to the present day, have belonged to Hitler's 
most intimate circle, fit this description. These 
are Rudolf Hess,...Heinrich Hoffmann .... and Max 
Amann .... All these men have really far more 
influence on Hitler than his principal Ministers....                         

..... Hitler admitted Hess .... into his private 
guard as a powerful swashbuckler ..... In numerous
Saalschlachten Hess sprang to the defense of 
Hitler he covered the Fuehrer's retreat, and 
often stayed by him when some plot was 
feared. In the prison at Landsberg, he not 
only drew closer personally to Hitler....but 
he it was who....gave "Mein Kampf its proper 
shape. Hitler was not then able to produce his 
confused and tumultuous thoughts in a form 
suitable for the publisher. His ideas simply 
poured forth, and Hess, who had no concrete 
thoughts but was better educated, set them 
down on paper.

In this way the much discusses [sic] "Hitler style" 
came about.....

....only the first part of Hitler's book was 
written at Landsberg. The greater part was
 written, still with Hess' cooperation, in the 
following years at Obersalzberg....

At this period Hess was a decisive factor 
for Hitler ..... for another reason ..... .the two 
were practically financially destitute, and Hitler 
could do nothing about it. Hess turned to an old 
friend for support, General Hasuhofer .... At the 
same time...Haushofer came into close contact 
with Hitler....Hitler now learned for the first 
time practical economic geography....

The influence of Hess on Hitler is very 
great,.....also because he has most certainly 
a better knowledge of human nature than 
Hitler. Party members...are unaware that Hess 
invented the diction to use in "Mein Kampf" and 
Hitler then took over happily worded phrases 
from his secretary.....It is said that Hitler originally 
wished Hess to take first place as his successor.....

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Dutch O. 12 Apostles                                            

The close connection between Hess and Hitler 
has of course given rise to much gossip. For 
quite a while the private secretary was called 
nothing but "Fraeulein Hess". .....  This suspicion 
is certainly not rounded on fact .......

         Hess' confidential position with Hitler has 
already expressed itself in the selection of certain 
persons for the Fuehrer's close acquaintance. If a 
Party member did not respond to Hess one could be 
sure that after a while a corresponding reaction 
of Hitler toward this man would ensue. On the other 
hand Hess chose especially responsive individuals 
and these made much more rapid headway than would 
have been possible by recommendations from other
sources equally great.

pp. 106-118, Dutch, Hitler's Twelve Apostles

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