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Men Whom Hitler Obeys
Translated from Posledniya Novosti, 
Paris Russian Emigre
Social Democratic Daily

Living Age, April l939, pp. 142/145

 .... Kannenberg accompanies (Hitler) on all his 
trips, following him a like a shadow from Munich 
to Berchtesgaden, from Berchtesgaden to Berlin, 
from Berlin to Rome, by plane, automobile or special 
train. Hitler would not dream going anywhere without 
his chef .....

 The Chancellor greatly appreciates his chef and 
never misses an opportunity to present him to 
diplomats and officials as "Herr Sepp Kannenberger, 
my dictator." For ...... Joseph Kannenberg .... rules 
Hitler ....  This exalted personage, who has been 
presented not only to Mussolini, but also to 
Chamberain, Daladier and Admiral Horthy, holds 
supreme authority over Hitler's diet.

An old friendship binds Hitler to his chef.... After 
the failure of the celebrated Munich Putsch, Hitler 
... found welcome refuge for a few days in Kannenberg's 
little home in the suburbs. Hitler spent hours talking 
to his host and came to the conclusion that the latter 
was quite an intelligent fellow.

He was particularly impressed by the culinary 
ability of Kannenberg who, as a precaution, 
dismissed the servants and cooked lunch and 
supper for his guest with thi own hands. "You 
are an ideal chef," Hitler exclaimed several times. 
Afterwards, upon coming to power, Hitler remembered 
Kannenberg and entrusted him with the supervision 
of his menu. He treats him with great respect and 
pays him well.

The Chancellor is, in general, very fond of the men 
attached to his personal service. Some of them he 
considers his friends, to whose counsel he listens 
willingly. Often he even discusses with them political 
questions of great importance. Kannenberg holds a high 
place among his confidants. It is generally believed that 
his advice is often taken and that he has considerable 
influence on Germany's ruler .....

Heinrich Hoffmann, the official photographer .... 
is the second man who is able to give the Fuehrer 
orders. (Follows story of discovery of the picture 
of the outbreak of the war with a cheering crowd 
and H. among it.)

 .... He is the only one authorized to photograph the 
Fuehrer in his more intimate surroundings: in the 
Berlin Chancellery, in the Fuehrer's house in Munich 
or in the Berchtesgaden castle.

 .... It is he who dictates to the Fuehrer the pose that 
he must take before the camera, the suit that he must 
wear, or where he must stand, if he is photographed 
in a group. It is also he who has the last word on what 
photographs may be released .....It often happens that 
Hitler himself takes a special fancy for some 
photograph. Hoffmann ... intervenes with:

 "I know better about these things, my Fuehrer, this 
photograph will not do."

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Men whom Hitler obeys.                                     

          ...... he has been known to make mistakes. A few 
years ago he had released a photograph which showed 
the Chancellor during s speech, carried away by passion, 
his face contracted, his fists closed. This photograph 
did not produce a pleasant impression on the public, .....

         Hitler has willingly forgiven such little mistakes 
and obeys with good grace when Hoffmann puts him into 
a particularly effective pose ......

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