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[Transcription note: Nizkor has obtained photocopies of the original
Saturday Evening Post article, which includes some text not included here 
the OSS. The text pointed out how unusual it was that Hitler could have
carried on a love affair while his lover's name was "practically

Norbert, Richard: Is Hitler married?
_Sat. Eve Post 212:14.15.December 16, 1939_

Editor's Note:-The materials of this article came 
to us from sources inside Germany which we have 
always found dependable.

Dec.16.1939 ...In the closing days of last August, 
the object of his affections-a blond Bavarian girl 
named Eva Ralen Braun-moved into Hitler's official 
residence in Berlin, the great Chancellery on 
Wilhelmstrasse. There she occupies the honored 
position of typical German Hausfrau in the Hitler 
menage, and there she conducts herself as if she 
were the wife of the Nazi dictator. And despite the 
fact that the eyes of the whole world have been 
focused on that building in Berlin, the arrival of 
the girl from Munich escaped publicity.

However unsavory Hitler's international reputation 
may be, he has selected a thoroughly conventional 
wife. Against a background of wars and revolts, 
bloody conquests and brutal suppressions, Adolf 
Hitler and Eva Braun have carried on their colorless 
little love affair for a decade, experiencing the petty 
trials and the small pleasures of some suburban 
[unreadable] and his [unreadable] bride.

Amid campaigns and conquests, Hitler has been 
compelled to tale time out to suit the feeling's 
of Eva's family, because they felt he had 
compromised her reputation.

Eva Braun is the daughter of Herr Doktor Josef 
Xavier Braun, who possesses the German ranking 
of Studienrat. Until his recent retirement, he was 
a professor in a junior college. Evi-as she is called 
by all her friends-was born in Munich nearly 
twenty-eight years ago, the second of three 
daughters. Her earliest memories are the bad 
years of the last war, with its hunger blockade, 
which starved German children. and the subsequent 
inflationary period, which impoverished her family 
and the whole German middle class. Evi was given 
a modest education during those difficult years, 
but when she was seventeen she had to find work.

Like many members of the Munich intellectual class, 
Evi was interested in art, but her family felt that her 
talent was too slight to offer much prospect of 
earning a living from painting or designing. Instead 
it was arranged that Evi should be apprenticed to 
Munich photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, who was 
an acquaintance of the Braun family. When Evi went 
into Hoffmann's studio, she took her first step 
toward the lofty eminence which she occupies 
today. For Heinrich Hoffmann was more than a 
photographer. He was afanatical [sic] believer in 
the new political movement then spreading over 
Germany. He talked so much to his apprentice about 
National Socialism and its Leader, Adolf Hitler, that 
the young girl decided to accompany him one night 
to hear this great man. She went home converted to 
Nazism. She told her family about Der Fuehrer.

The Braun family was typical on the conservative 
middle class of the period, the class which did so 
much to establish Hitler's regime. They were 
suspicious of German republicanism, and when 
they heard Hitler's promise to revive Germany's 
greatness, they were impressed and they believed. 
After attending some Nazi meetings, Doctor Braun 
encouraged his daughter to attend other meetings 
and assist Hoffman in the photography connected 
with the Nazi movement.

Some meetings were arranged in other cities outside 
of Munich, and Hoffmann and Evi followed Hitler. The 
girl wasn't then-and isn't now-politically minded. 
She simply shared Hoffmann's faith in Hitler's 
destiny, and to this end she added, from the depths 
of her own warm personal kindliness, sympathy for 
the essential loneliness which she recognized in Hitler.

Norburt, Richard: Is Hitler married? Sat.Eve.Post  212.pp.14.15

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Norbert, Richard: Is Hitler married?
_Sat. Eve Post 212:14.15.December 16, 1939_

[entire page unreadable]

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Norbert, Richard: Is Hitler married?
_Sat. Eve Post 212: pp.14.15.December 16, 1939_

One reason why Evi is kept out of the limelight is 
her inconspicuous appearance. She. is of medium 
height, reaching to Hitler's ear, and is a typical 
blonde of South Germany. She once tried bleaching 
her hair into a fashionable platinum hue, but Hitler 
didn't like. it. She wears it in a rather long bob, but 
not of exaggerated Hollywood length. Her eyes are 
grayish blue and her complexion unremarkable. She 
uses little, if any, make-up-UNTIL LAST SUMMER 
SHE had no particular interest in clothes, and in 
general she looks like and acts so much like thousands 
of other unassuming, rather dowdy German girls 
that would never stand out in a crowd. Perhaps 
her most conspicuous feature is her frequent and 
attractive smile.

No photograph of Evi ever has appeared in Germany, 
to date, and those which were published in the 
United States this fall were smuggled out of 
Germany. Evi's old employer, Heinrich Hoffmann, 
has seen to the suppression. Hoffmann has become 
the official Nazi photographer and he supervises 
the distribution of all pictures containing Hitler 
and other chieftains.

As the years passed it became gradually accepted in 
Nazi circles that Evi was Hitler's fiancee. When they 
were together in Hitler's mountain retreat at 
Berchtesgaden, he openly held her hand in the 
presence of their friends, and she began referring 
to him as her betrothed. He gave her many gifts of 
valuable jewelry, which she wears occasionally 
but without ostentation. He also built for Evi a 
small house adjoining his own great estate at 
Berchtesgaden, and made a point of paying for 
this with his own money instead of ordering it 
from party funds. Although in time many people 
in Germany understood that Evi was engaged to Hitler, 
they avoided public discussion of the matter. The Nazi 
leader desired this matter to remain private, and these 
who knew most about Evi were those least inclined to 
talk about her. She rarely made a public appearance, 
except at art exhibitions or theater festivals, when 
she was sometimes pointed out by old Munich friends 
or the pretty, ambitious young women who had tried 
to replace her in Hitler's affections. But Evi's 
appearance remained so utterly inconspicuous that 
she never attracted much attention.

Engagements extending over several years are difficult 
for any girl, and the situation became particularly 
strained for Evi. Personally, she was willing to accept 
cheerfully Hitler's decision that he couldn't marry until 
his mission was completed and he could retire from 
public life. But by the beginning of 1938 Evi's family 
began insist that her good name was being compromised, 
and they urged her to ask Hitler to set a date for the 
wedding. Evi mentioned the matter to Hitler, but by 
that time his mind was full of plans for annexing 
Austria, and he rather impatiently reminded her that 
he must complete his mission first.

His attitude somewhat distressed Evi, and the family 
began to suspect-as all the world was also beginning 
to suspect at that time-that Hitler's historic mission 
was an endless process. So the family continued to 
impress upon Evi the importance of persuading Hitler 
to recognize her situation formally. Evi isn't jealous 
by nature, but she couldn't help observing that Hitler 
was meeting Germany's most beautiful and talented 
women and that they were throwing themselves at his head.

Norburt, Richard, Is Hitler married ? Sat.Eve Post 212 p 58.

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Norburt, Richard: Is Hitler married?
_Sat. Eve .Post, 212 .p 58, December 16, 1939_

When Hitler entered Vienna in the triumphal procession, 
following Anschluss, one automobile in his retinue was 
filled with women, wives of leading members of the party. 
Among them sat Evi. She wasn't very happy. Hitler had 
achieved a great triumph, but politics absorbed him to 
the exclusion of everything else. It was on his trip to 
Vienna that she rather awkwardly struck up a flirtation 
with the handsomest young man in Hitler's bodyguard, 
hoping to attract Hitler's attention. But he was so 
flushed with triumph that he failed to notice wither 
Evi or the embarrassed youth.

After their return to Berlin, however, Hitler tried to 
placate Evi and her family. He personally gave orders 
that Evi should receive the salute reserved for the 
highest dignitaries, and Hitler added,"Make the salute 
snappy." This personal order was widely quoted in Nazi 
circles and the tag, "Make it snappy" has become a Nazi 
byword. At about the same time, Hitler told Evi she must 
cease driving about alone in her car,and assigned his 
bodyguards, in black-pad-silver uniforms, to accompany 
her everywhere.

The salute and bodyguards didn't satisfy Evi's family 
for long, In particular, they became distressed to note 
that Hitler was showing great attention to the opera 
singer Marguerite Slezak, daughter of the popular 
German singer and movie star, Leo Slezak. Fraulein 
Slezak isn't young and her figure is that of the traditional 
Wagnerian prima donna, but Hitler was much impressed 
by her tremendous vitality and quick mind, and he 
invited her to the Chancellery with increasing frequency.

In fact, Fraulein Slezak saw so much of Hitler that 
some of his best friends, including Heinrich Hoffmann, 
became anxious. They felt that her influence upon Hitler-
who is particularly susceptible to flattery from 
artists, musicians and dancers-was becoming too 
strong. (So they took )to musical comedies, a form 
of entertainment new to him.

Evi's dancing ability is limited to the rhythmic dances 
which were in vogue in Germany years ago. When swing 
music crossed the.Atlantic, Evi took up that style of 
dancing with great enthusiasm (what may have meant 
the end of swing in Germany. It so happened that one 
evening when Evi was in Munich and Hitler in Berlin, 
he tried to get her by telephone all evening, not 
succeeding until very late. He asked her where she 
had been, and she told him she had been out swinging. 
By a strange coincidence, an official order banning 
the new importation was issued almost immediately.

After (his) great triumph... Hitler began meeting 
sophisticated women, while Evi, who had always 
relied upon her youthful freshness, faded into the 
background. She was then twenty-six years old and 
(began) to reveal the Bavarian tendency toward 
stoutness. She worried about that and began dieting 
and taking slimming medicines. Her family's 
apprehensions added to her own depressed spirits 
until she became quite despondent.

One night she attempted to commit suicide by taking 
an overdose of sleeping tablets. It was a half-hearted 
attempt, like her flirtation in Vienna, but it served its 
purpose. Hitler visited her several times while she was 
convalescing, was warmly affectionate and made her 
promise that she would never again try anything of 
that sort.

Norburt, Richard, Is Hitler married? Sat.Eve Post 212.pp.58.59.

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Norburt, Richard: Is Hitler married ?                       

Sat.Eve.Post .212.p.59 .December 16, 1939                                                 

...last summer, when friends arranged..a birthday party 
for Evi at Munich, Hitler himself was prevented by state 
business from attending the festivities, but he sent Evi 
a large valuable emerald ring and assigned a private 
airline to take Evi's school chum, Frau ZechBallott, 
and Evi's married sister from Berlin to the party.

Through all the years of his love affair with Evi, 
Hitler's problem has been to reconcile marriage 
with the ideal of a great ascetic Leaderwhich [sic] 
he had built up for himself. When Mussolini visited 
Germany in 1937, Hitler was much impressed by 
the virility of the older man, while Mussolini, for 
his part, was not at all impressed with Hitler's 
austerity. (Mussolini) ... in a heart-to-heart talk, 
is reported to have told Hitler that he should appear 
more human....A year before his meeting with 
Mussolini, Hitler, addressing a Nazi women's 
organization at Nuremberg, had declared, "I should 
love nothing more dearly than a family. My work is 
almost done, but it is not yet complete. When I feel 
I have accomplished my historical mission, I intend 
then to enjoy the private life, which I have hitherto
 denied myself."

But when the Schwarze Korps newspaper echoed 
these words in adulatory poems published this 
year in honor of Hitler's birthday, Hitler was very 
displeased. He told Himmler that he did not want 
to pose as an ascetic saint who was sacrificing 
his life for the Fatherland, and he would rather 
be regarded as a good fellow than as a sissy.

...During those fateful days last August (everything 
irritated him). But he had another and private source 
of irritation which wasn't known outside his immediate 
circle. Evi's family had chosen that historical moment 
to insist, upon clearing up Hitler's relationship with her. 
When Evi dutifully journeyed to Salzburg to remain 
close to her betrothed, she was chaperoned by an 
entire auto load of female relations. (they were..
concerned . .about the good name of Evi Braun. It 
seemed to them...necessary to regularize Evi's 
position immediately. Some sort of family decision 
was made at Salzburg or shortly thereafter. Did 
Hitler agree to a secret marriage then, or the 
Braun family finally accept the notion that the 
position of consort to Germany's Fuehrer is 
sufficiently honorable for any woman? (Anyhow)
 ...when Hitler returned from Salzburg he ordered 
part of his personal suite in the Chancellery prepared 
for Evi's use, and she promptly moved in.

     There in that huge new palace Evi Braun lives 
very much the life she has always lived. (But  
after the outbreak of the war) Evi no longer 
uses the two swank Horch automobiles which 
Hitler gave her, painted ivory white outside 
and upholstered in Royal Blue leather. ...instead 
(she rides) in one of the first miniature People's 
Cars, also furnished in ivory and blue.

     Her chief interest is still in art of one sort or 
another. She has nimble fingers and her latest hobby 
is making rag dolls our of scraps of materials: also 
dogs and more fantastic animals. She has scores of 
those hanging about in her new room in the 
Chancellery now. She also devotes much attention 
to her Hitler photograph album. For ten years she 
has been taking pictures of Hitler, mounting the 
best of them in one great album, Last summer 
for the first time in her life, Evi began to show 
a serious interest in clothes. She is pleased with 
the short-skirt style, as she is conscious that her 
own legs are decidedly good-looking, and how she 
is designing her own dresses. Evi always has 
delighted in cooking for Hitler whenever she 
had the opportunity, and now that she lives in 
the Chancellery she still insists

Norburt, Richard: Is Hitler married ? Sat.Eve.Post. 212.p.59

00010969.gif  page 6

Norburt, Richard: Is Hitler married ? 
Sat.Eve.Post.212. p.59,December 16, 1939.

upon going into the vast kitchen of the official 
residence, staffed by the best cooks in Germany. 
Hitler is very fond of Viennese pastry and has one 
cook who makes nothing else. This cook hasn't 
welcomed Evi's competition in making Apfelstrudel 
for Hitler. Since the Nazi dictator eats no meat, 
he likes fruits and vegetables, and Evi enjoys 
creating new salads, just as she once exercised 
her ingenuity in mixing new cocktails. Hitler 
also favors Evi's special Thuringian potato dumplings.

Evi cares little for read, but she takes good care of 
her personal library, which consists chiefly of two 
hundred volumes of detective stories. She has pasted 
her own bookplate into each volume and keeps them 
neatly arranged on shelves in her own room. Her other 
reading at present is limited to Hitler's speeches, 
because she is copying choice passages from these 
into a blank book with parchment pages and a pigskin 
binding. This beautiful books is to be her present to 
Hitler on his next birthday, and she has enlisted the 
principal Nazi leader to help her select noteworthy 
passages, which she inscribes in elaborate old 
German block letters. Unconsciously, she may 
thus be creating a new Nazi bible to replace Mein 
Kampf, which has become sadly out of date.

It is a tribute to Eva Braun that never to this day, 
in all the atmosphere of unscrupulous ambition 
and intrigue which surrounds Hitler, has she made 
any personal enemies in the party. She has never 
used her influence to promote her friends,and the 
only member of her family, who has received a 
job through her recommendation is her younger 
sister Gretl, who succeeded Evi as Hoffmann's 
assistant. Since the outbreak of war ... Hitler 
is talking politics with her. He seems to find 
relief in discussing his problems with her, and 
Evi does more than merely listen ... The German 
minister to Denmark and Hitler walked in the 
garden and were joined by Evi, and Hitler's 
guards were amazed to see her actively 
participating in their sober conversation.

Of course, European intelligence services have 
long known about the relationship between Evi 
and Hitler, and there was a period of a few days 
just before war broke out and when it was hoped 
that relationship might have international 
importance. When Hitler announced ... that he 
had appointed ... Goering as his successor... 
and was more interested in art than in politics, 
it seemed possible that Hitler was looking 
forward to early retirement...he might assume the ... 
presidency...willing to sacrifice himself for peace... 
The mood soon passed....

....Today it is believed in Berlin that Hitler has 
decided to combine his career and his private 
life as best he may, and nothing but defeat can 
persuade him to abandon his self appointed 
mission to make Germany the dominant country 
in Europe.

Norburt, Richard: Is Hitler married? Sat, Eve. Post. 212.p.59.p.60 December 16.1939.                                            

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