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_Mowrer, Edgar Ansel: Germany puts the clock back (1933) 1938_

An unconvincing figure in black suit, white shirt and 
inevitable raincoat. An unconvincing face with impertinent 
nose, dark hair and Charlie Chaplin dab on the upper lip: 
with the anything but aristocratic head, and eyes that 
pleaded for sympathy. In appearance utterly commonplace....

.... Later his tear glands became more active: in the 
course of a single interview with Otto Strasser he wept 
no less than three times.

Did he believe all that he said? The question is 
inapplicable to this sort of personality. Subjectively 
Adolf Hitler was, in my opinion, entirely sincere even 
in his self-contradictions. For his is a humorless mind 
that simply excludes the need for consistency that 
might distress more intellectual types. To an actor 
the truth of anything lies in its effect: if it makes 
the right impression it is true.

It was before the Munich judges that I first saw him-and 
marveled. Was this provincial dandy, with his slick dark 
hair, his cutaway coat, his awkward gestures and glib 
tongue, the terrible rebel? He seemed for all the world 
like a traveling salesman for a clothing firm.

Hitler cannot write. He makes speeches. He does not think. 
He gropes about until his mind hits a well-worn word-path 
and slides into an oration. His so-called ideas are canned 
formulae that hide wishes. They merely decorate his 
totally subjective ego. That he does know how to lead 
men and women by the nose is a matter of instinct.

And last, behind them, smiling as benignly as a victorious 
general reviewing his army, the LEADER Adolf Hitler. No 
uniform. Ho airs here. Just like one of the crowd. A regular 
fellow. Pale tan raincoat, black shoes and socks, black 
suit and tie, white shirt, gold party pin in the lapel, 
slick dark hair and dark "Chaplins" in the upper lip 
reflecting the severity of the costume.

Military bands crash a gigantic salute. Then the LEADER 
arises, stands silent for an impressive moment, and 
speaks. In a rough but powerful voice. One hour. Two 
hours. Four hours. The crowd hangs on his words. They 
have ceased to be beings with minds, they have become 
a single sounding-board for this man's music! If he 
stops, they howl for more. He states-the most
astonishing. and totally inaccurate things. He roars, 
he pleads; if need be, he can weep. But he never analyses, 
discusses or argues. he affirms, attacks, comforts. 
According to his axiom of aiming at the lowest in 
his audience, he keeps to the vaguest

Mowrer, Edgar A. :Germany... pp. 187. 188.193.

00011002.gif  page 2

_Mowrer, Edgar A: Germany puts the clock back (1933) 1938._

generalities and formulae, repeating them with infinite 
verve. At the same time he appeals to the personality 
of each class of hearer, of each hearer in person.

When he finally decides to let up on them and turns 
away to wipe the flowing sweat, and the bands burst 
out in a military apotheosis.

Amidst the thousands were perhaps a handful who did 
not rise to the occasion. They looked for persuasion 
and perceived only theatricals of a pretty cheap type. 
They wanted argument. They hoped for elevated oratory 
and heard only colloquial appeal. They expected to see a 
superior being and saw a man in physique, perhaps worse 
than most of themselves -"face and head bad race mongrel" 
(Professor von Gruber, M.D., President of the Bavarian 
Academy), a mediocre, awkward figure, apparently at 
home behind a provincial shop counter.

If he had not become a political prophet, he might 
equally well have been a great preacher, a great 
actor, a ring-master (his whole appearance 
suggests the circus), a magnificent producer of 
theatrical spectacles, or an unequaled advertising 
manager. There is something of William II about 
him, save only that Hitler. despite a mediocre 
appearance, stands head and shoulders above the 
former Emperor in the certainty of his dramatic appeal.

One of Hitler's talents consisted in attracting around 
him a number of extremely capable lieutenants and in 
skillfully playing them off one against the other, thus 
keeping practically all the power in his own hands. In 
every decisive matter the judgment of Hitler was 
absolute. To ensure dependence, every National Socialist 
candidate for office was required to deposit with the 
LEADER a promissory note in blank, which the latter 
could fill out and cash in case the elected candidate 
attempted to desert. A large number of party lieutenants 
were supposed to be in a condition of permanent financial 
dependence on their chief. This limitless power was a 
source of unending pleasure to Hitler. When he announced 
that nothing could be in the party without his consent, 
it was entirely in the manner of Louis XIV identifying 
himself personally with the French State.

Especially effective was Hitler's tact in overlooking 
alleged personal blemishes in the characters or history 
of valuable assistants.

Mowrer, Edgar A.:Germany.... pp.

00011003.gif page 3

_Mowrer, Edgar Ansel: Germany puts the clock back (1933) 1938._

Hitler made it clear, that, in his opinion, politics is no 
profession for the overscrupulous. So long as his 
lieutenants were efficient and faithful their personal 
records and moral idiosyncrasies seemed not to interest 
the great LEADER. Notable is the hospitality and honour 
given to several of the former Vehme murderers and to 
various other personalities of unenviable notoriety.

Quite clearly, the greater the assets of which the party 
disposed and the more jobs it has to offer, the less 
disposed its beneficiaries were to leave merely because 
of some unimportant clash of principle. Hitler, who 
understood such matters instinctively, cleverly exploited 
this feeling.

Adolf Hitler was in his heart a ferocious reactionary. 
That this did not prevent him from becoming the 
LEADER of millions whose greatest approach to a 
common denominator was their hatred of capitalism, 
testified to his consummate skill as a practical 
politician. He succeeded in persuading millions 
blindly to trust their future to him. A revivalist 
phenomenon. The party newspapers announced that 
"the sight of Hitler preserves the despairing from 

He first, among German politicians, felt the young 
people's need for sympathy and the re-expression of 
old longings in contemporary terms....

....Hitler had a nose for the intra-family struggle 
between fathers and sons occasioned by war and 
reparations and unemployment. The [unreadable] 
who had no part in the war refused to suffer for it. 
Equally stupendous was Hitler's skill in feeding the 
hostility of the German Protestants for the Catholics. 
Masterly his appeal to the women-not as you might 
have expected by promising greater rights and 
concessions; no,  but by promising to relieve them 
of participation in public affairs altogether, to take 
them out of the offices and the factories, and to 
provide each and every one of them with a husband!

Hitler collected his motley army by the trick of taking 
all their troubles upon his shoulders.

Mowrer, Edgar A.:Germany...pp.

Adolf Hitler's heavy rather feminine body, with its 
sloping shoulders and soft flesh, his!passion for rhetoric, 
his frequent fits of weeping, his incredible tenacity of 
purpose, his belief in his inspired role, his lack of any 
deeper than national feelings-these have been 
sufficiently described.

Mowrer, Edgar,A. :Germany... p. 247

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