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I remember that as he perused the two pages I had 
marked, he wore the vacant expression often typical 
of him when he is intently reading or listening - mouth 
open and underlip drawn in. When he had finished ... I 
fairly snatched the magazine from him; I did not want 
his attention wandering to extraneous things. He 
submitted without a word, and looked up at me with 
an expression almost of docility.
Ludecke. I knew H. p. 453

(Lunch hour during same conversation, 3/12/32)

"I've been doing without alcohol for a long while," 
he said. "It can't be good to take alcohol with meals; 
it ferments in your stomach, and that doesn't help 
your digestion. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't 
have some wine if you want it. I'm glad you've 
stopped smoking... I can't abide the smell of cigarettes." 
I asked about his vegetarianism. He said that he had 
tried it during the first presidential campaign that 
spring, and it had so increased his efficiency and 
endurance that he had decided to go on with it.

p. 478, Ludecke, I knew H.

Hitler gave me a shrewd look: ... "Ludecke, you neddn't 
[sic]  worry... Schauen Sie, Goebbels ist ein vom 
Schicksal geschlagener Mann."at was it... this clubfoot 
can never be dangerous to you...
p. 476, Ludecke, I knew H.

"I think that Magda Goebbels really wanted to marry 
you," I said.
He met that with a simplicity which disarmed me 
completely. "no," he said. And after a moment: "In 
those days I was the happiest man in the world," ... 
there were tears in his eyes and he was clearly 
unashamed to have me see them. "You remember 
what Schiller says about the envious gods: 'Life's 
undiluted joy is not granted to a mortal.' ... Geli - 
you never knew her. She was very dear to me."

.. the physician who had examined her body had 
told one of my friends that she had died a virgin. 
The special quality of Hitler's affection for his 
half-sister's child is still a thing of mystery to 
those closest to him.

pp. 476/77. Ludecke, I knew H.

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"I'm utterly sick of these gossip-mongers and 
moralists", Hitler told me. "... complaining about 
all the women-chasers among the... SA. ...I'd a lot 
rather my good SA men took the pretty women 
than that some fat-bellief [sic] money-bag should 
have them.... Why should I concern myself with 
the private lives of my followers.... Any quite 
apart from Roehm's great achievements, I know 
I can absolutely depend on him."
In other words, said my mind, Roehm, like Goebbels, 
is vulnerable - his perversion has delivered him 
into your hands....
pp. 477/48, Ludecke, I knew H.

We talked easily for a while about Nazi prospects, 
but whenever I pressed for precise instructions or 
for information... Hitler at once became reserved or 
evasive. I had the impression that this was due less 
to his secretive nature than to the fact that virtually 
nothing had been planned, either in practical foreign 
policy or in diplomatic personnel. He did concede that 
something should be done... He would discuss ... with 
Rosenberg... For the rest, I was able to elicit only 
general suggestions....
p. 481, Ludecke, I knew H.

...a young acquaintance... insisted that I help her 
to get a glimpse of Hitler...
We sat at a table... from which my companion could 
watch the Fuehrer. He saw us at once and returned 
my salute with a friendly smile and a wave of his 
hand. Presently... the Nazi dictator was behaving in 
an amazing manner, showing us his best face and 
looking at my young lady with soulful eyes...
"Why didn't you join my table? Was that your wife?" 
he asked. "A striking woman, beautifully dressed... 
very good looking."
pp. 487/488 Ludecke, I knew H.

(In a train from Berlin to Munich, Sept 32)

Hitler was in an optimistic and expansive mood...
"I don't intend to be treated like a glass-doll, 
riding only in special trains at fixed times..." 
And here he got up again the perfect mime, and 
advanced on Schaub in a take-off of the typical 
German station-master... coming to pay his 
respects to a traveling Personage...'I'll keep 
on doing as I please..." His pleasures, he said, 
were too precious to him - motoring, flying, 
going places and seeing people and always returning 
to ... the Obersalzberg...

pp. 488/89, Ludecke, I knew H.

00010538.  PAGE 12


Then he told me about his police-dogs at Haus 
Wachenfeld - Blonda, Much, and Wolf. Bolnda [sic] 
was his special pet, and like a boy he imitated her 
wiles for wheedling favors out of him.
During our evening in which he talked almost 
continuously without giving me even a moment 
of boredom, I kept sufficient detachment to 
observe the expertness with which Hitler created 
his effects - drawing forth details from a mind 
which had them ready in nice order, modulating his 
voice, using his body, his head, his hands, his mobile 
face. It was not so much conscious acting as the 
perfect co-ordination of impulse and expression, 
something that had become second nature with him.... 
Even in his intimate and cozy moment, I sensed no 
attitude of familiarity towards him on the part of 
his staff; there was always a certain distance about 
him, that subtle quality of aloofness which unquestionably 
contributes to his unusual ability to deal with individuals....
pp. 4(?), Ludecke, I knew H.

...I visited Hitler in his luxurious, modern flat of eight 
or nine beautiful, large rooms covering the entire second 
floor of 16 Prinzregentenplatz ... His body-guard was 
quartered somewhere on the ground floor. The same 
Frau Winter who had looked after him in the [unreadable] 
was now keeping house for him; his sister spent most 
of her time at Haus Wachenfeld.
...This flat showed for pure legend the idea that Hitler 
was still living simply. The furniture had been designed 
by Ludwig Trosst... and Hitler would not have accepted 
such a service for nothing, since he always made a 
point of refusing important gifts. It was legend likewise 
that he still lived exclusively on his earnings as a writer. 
He had a fleet of private cars at his disposal; his gasoline 
and travel bills were always paid by his adjutant, 
Brueckner, out of an expense account provided by 
Party funds. Though occasionally he kept to second- 
or third-rate histelries [sic] endeared to him from 
the old days, for the most part he stayed at first-class hotels.

...With visible pride Hitler conducted me to his library, 
an attractive, cozy room, lined with several thousand 
books, many of them gifts... He waved me on into his 
study, ... which... somehow reminded me of a college-boy's 
study fitted out by rich parents.
pp. 507/08, Ludecke, I knew H.

00010539.GIF  Page 13

The Fuehrer came in late, looking very preoccupied, and 
restraint fell over the table. He ate hurriedly and said 
little. The moment he left...the jollity welled up again. 
Few people ever seem really at ease in Hitler's presence.
(Munich, 1932)
p. 512, Ludecke, I knew H.

The time of farewells had arrived and Hitler seemed 
genuinely moved... his eyes were moits [sic]. With as 
much spontaneity as I had ever seen in him, he clasped my hand...
... all his personnel idolizes him ... the office-girl dashed 
up to the car, after the driver had started the motor, 
laid a bundle at Hitler's feet and said: "Herr Hitler, 
here's the rug you wanted..." and then scurried shyly away...
pp. 512/513 Ludecke, I knew H.

As usual Hitler sat in the front seat beside the driver. 
He adores automobiles and knows everything about 
them, but told me regretfully that he dared not drive, 
for in case of accident he would be personally responsible. 
Systematically he was subduing everything to his plan ... 
I realized how amazingly he had learned to discipline 
p. 512, Ludecke, I knew H.

(In the Carlton tea-room in Munich,fall, 1932; with 
Hoffmann, his wife, the Schirachs and the author.)

...Hitler, completely at ease and saying little, plundering 
the pastry with great gusto; content to indulge in his sweet 
tooth and his fondness for cakes and "Melhspeisen." Relaxed 
as he was, he gave me the best opportunity to study the 
physical man since my return. He wore no jewelry, as 
always, and looked very neat and clean in his dark blue 
suit, which fitted him none too well, for he was still 
loyal to his third-class tailor. His once lean and serious 
face with its cruel, ugly, and individual mouth was 
beginning to be caricatured by furrows along his nose 
and cheeks and by the start of pouches underneath eyes 
and chin. For the first time I observed that he seldom 
shows his teeth, probably because they are bad; there 
are several prominent gold teeth ..... contrary to the 
prevalent impression, he is not "alpine" either in stature 
or head. He is narrow-faced and dolichocephalic rather...
pp. 514/15, Ludecke, I knew H.

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