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_Interview with Louis Lochner_ Hollywood, California, 
June 23, 1943

 Lochner had little to add concerning Hitler which he 
had not written in his book. He feels sure, however, 
that Hitler himself is the moving spirit behind the 
Jewish problem and that he is primarily responsible 
for the treatment accorded the Jews throughout Europe. 
He claims that at one time Hitler actually foamed at the 
mouth when the Jewish question was introduced into a 
conversation. Just the word Jew set him off on a lengthy 
tirade in the course of which he made the assertion that 
Germany could not permit Jews within its borders because 
as a country it was not strong enough to digest them.  He 
also said that some countries could assimilate them without 
too much danger to the national character but that this was 
not true of the Germans; that the Jew only served to corrupt 
the Germans and always remained a disturbing factor.

Lochner also reported that Hitler acted in very much the 
same manner one time when he had an interview with 
Herbert Hoover and the word _democracy_ was mentioned. 
His rage and his insults reached such a point that Hoover 
had to remind him that he was a former President of a 
democracy. Hitler then quieted down very quickly and 
changed the subject.

Lochner is under the impression that Hitler is suffering 
from an inferiority complex for which he is always trying 
to compensate. He cannot tolerate anyone who considers 
himself superior or refuses to permit him to play the 
dominant role. At one time, for example, a state luncheon 
was being given in honor of Eckener for some of his 
achievements with Zeppelins. Eckener had always refused 
to acknowledge Hitler's greatness or to be submissive to 
him in any way. Hitler appeared at the luncheon and since 
the guests directed their attentions primarily to Eckener, 
Hitler abruptly rose from the table and left without 
apologies. Lochner commented that all of Hitler's followers 
acted like whipped dogs in his presence.

When interviewed Hitler stares directly into the eyes of 
person for some little time and then turns his eyes to the 
ceiling of the room and rarely looks at his guest again. 
Lochner believes that Hitler thinks that he has really a 
hypnotic power in his eyes and that the initial stare is an 
attempt on his part to hypnotize his guest.

Lochner believes that Hitler has suffered from injury to 
his genital organs which has incapacitated him for normal 
sexual relations. He says that among his intimates that 
Hitler is frequently referred jokingly as the "wart man" 
and for this reason he assumed that Hitler had lost at 
least a part of his penis. At one time he asked Hirsch 
of the moving picture industry what Hitler did with all 
the actresses that he invited to his parties and to entertain 
him late at night. Hirsch said that as far as he knew this 
never went any farther than Hitler pawing them over and 
feeling them which seemed to give him great pleasure. 
What seemed to give him even greater pleasure, however, 
was for the girls to tell him in detail the circumstances 
under which they were first seduced. Even on very short 
acquaintance he almost invariably asked them to tell him 
about it as well as about later affairs they they might have had.

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Hitler is very fond of Mrs. Goebbels. He frequently has 
her at the Chancellery to supervise arrangements for his 
parties and in the past she has sometimes spent weeks at 
Berchtesgaden while Hitler was staying there. He has 
considerable respect for her opinions and since she enjoys 
and does everything in her power to further it. One of her 
techniques for doing so is to prepare special dishes which 
Hitler is particularly fond of. The other is to keep him 
informed of her private life which is always fraught 
with marital difficulties. On several occasions Hitler 
had to step into the picture and reestablish some harmony 
in the Goebbels family.

Lochner also spoke of Hitler's technique of playing off one 
powerful subordinate against the others in order to keep 
them from becoming a threat to himself. When one of them 
succeeds in becoming too powerful and assumes that he is 
indispensable, Hitler puts him in the doghouse for the time 
being and begins to cater to the others. Very seldom, however, 
does he leave one of his immediate subordinates in the doghouse 
permanently. He is much more apt to liquidate them if they 
are of no further use to him.

Lochner also commented on the fact that Hitler is continuously 
on his guard and takes extreme measures to assure his safety. 
He had nothing new to add in this respect.

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