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A. P. Laurie

The Case for Germany, Berlin 1939, Internat. Verlag, pp. 179


It is with admiration and gratitude for the great 
work he has done for the German people that I dedicate 
this book to the Fuehrer.                                             
A. P .L.


          There are two sides to every question. You have 
read one side in our Press for six years. This book gives 
the other side.
         *      *      *
The Highland crofter with his fierce independence, and 
the poor Scottish student who worked on the farm all 
summer to pay his university fees, are our equivalent 
to the finest type of European peasant, who produces a 
Mussolini, and a Hitler.....


_Biography:_ No mention of the name of Schicklgruber. 
Stresses the fact that Hitler's father after his retirement 
became a farmer again.

Mention of Swastika on monastery school.

"You will never be a painter", said the Professor who 
glanced through his drawings, "but you show some talent 
for architecture." An interesting prophecy for the future 
of the boy who was to superintend the rebuilding of Berlin.

(In Vienna)
For long his only home was the corner of a cellar which he 
shared with other workmen,

(In Munich before 1914):
...he made his good landlady anxious for his health by his 
omnivorous reading on history and politics, which often 
continued through the night.                              
p. 13

He denied himself bread in order to have the means to 
visit the theatre. 
p. 13

He was chosen for the dangerous task of dispatch carrier 
.....and won the affection and admiration of his fellow 
soldiers.......the Iron Cross of the First Class was won 
for capturing single handed a small French force and 
leading them back to his own trenches by sheer bluff 
and personality.
p. 13

When he left prison in December 1924 he had come to 
the conclusion that a revolution based on a coup d'etat 
did not provide a permanent foundation on which to 
build a new state, and determined to undertake the 
colossal task of converting the whole German people 
and obtaining power by their

00011180.gif  page 2

Case for Germany

votes. In spite of being forbidden to speak in several of 
the German federal states, his movement made rapid 
progress and returned larger and larger numbers of 
members to the Reichstag at each election.

Placed in power, he did not follow the usual practice of 
Dictators and shoot his opponents. The more dangerous 
enemies of the new government were put in concentration 
camps, where they suffered no more hardships than the 
common soldier.
p. 18

(Mention of his good relationship with his jailers and 
that he used to straighten out trouble among his fellow 

His kindly personality, simplicity, modesty and absence 
of all pretense are spoken of by everyone. When his old 
Munich landlady summoned up courage to call upon him, 
she had only to explain to the two S.S. men on guard that 
she had known Hitler in old days, to have every door 
opened to her and be greeted by Hitler as a dear old friend.

While Hitler has this charming personality, he is of the 
stern stuff of which leaders of revolutions are made. He 
stands apart and like all men of genius who have led 
great movements he is simple and direct, and puzzles 
and alarms the complex confused personalities of the 
ordinary diplomatist; .... Dwelling among his beloved 
mountains he makes his decisions and carries them out 
swiftly and with absolute certainty.

He burns with one consuming passion, his love of Germany.
p. 19

Hitler has been entrusted not only with the task of saving 
the German people, but of securing peace in a distracted 
Europe. _Future generations will recognize him as the 
man who led Europe into the paths of peace._
p. 20

There are times in history when a great leader arises 
and sweeping aside all forms of Government establishes 
a personal rule. Such a crisis has arisen in Germany, and 
Hitler has become a great leader, but the main interest 
to the student is not his personal rule, but the ideal of a 
State which he has evolved and is working out in Germany.                          
p. 29

00011181.gif  page 3

Case for Germany

(Party Rally at Nuremberg, 1937)
.... at last I was to see the Fuehrer ..... His solitary open car 
moving at about six miles an hour, accompanied with no 
escort, was approaching. Standing in the car beside the 
driver was a slim erect figure in brown uniform, with 
one hand resting on the windscreen and the other arm 
held out in the Nazi salute. He looked straight in front, 
his face serious and composed. We are accustomed in 
our processions to the smiles and bows of Royalty, but 
I imagine the [unreadable] erect figure is derived from 
the tradition of the old Roman Generals when receiving 
a triumph.

I had read in our newspapers that Hitler never dared to 
move outside unless he was surrounded by an armed 
guard. Not only was he alone, but the S.S. men lining 
the street had no weapon to protect him. (Except, as 
mentioned by author a few lines above, a dagger).

But what of Hitler himself? I saw him many times 
afterwards talking with the officers of the S.S. and 
S.A. and speaking in the stadium and tried to compare 
him with other great men I have seen in my life, men 
of strong personality as all such men must be. No man 
cares less for the display of power. When he received 
the march past of the S.A. and S.S. men in the old market 
square, he was dressed in a brown shirt, riding breeches 
and black riding boots without hat or coat. We are used 
to a display of gorgeousness on the part of generals 
riding on a charger wearing a magnificent uniform 
and covered with medals. Hitler's uniform is not 
different from that worn by his S.A. men, and his 
only decoration was the decoration for valor - the 
Iron Cross of the First Class. It seemed inconceivable 
that this man in the brown shirt talking with his 
officers was the master of Germany.

His face is familiar to all of us from his photographs 
but they do not do him justice. I have never seen one 
that I liked; he eludes the camera which does not 
register what is most of interest in his face and 
expression. He is different to any man I have ever 
seen before. A flame seems to burn within that slim 
figure and to look out of his eyes. There is nothing of 
the fanatic in his expression, but a look of superhuman 
energy and intensity of purpose; the face of a man 
specially endowed with the capacity for power; his 
very simplicity and absence of ostentation strengthens 
the impression. Bonaparte for all his genius was a vulgar 
soul and clothed himself in Imperial robes and troubled 
himself about the details an,d the etiquette of a court. 
Such trivialities are impossible for Hitler. Studying his 
face we can understand those quick decisions which have 
astonished his followers and electrified Europe; decisions 
carried out with a surprising rapidity and efficiency....

in truth there is only one man in Nuremberg amid all 
these crowd - the Fuehrer.
.. 36/37
One day standing in the street, I found myself next to 
an Austrian aldy [sic]. Among the laughing crowd she 
was silent, her eyes filled with tears. She turned to 
me and said in English: "I have never see the Fuehrer 
before - I think my heart is breaking."
p. 40

00011182.gif  page 4

Case for Germany

Karl Marx and Hitler were equally horrified by the 
inhuman exploitation of the 19th century, but Karl 
Marx a journalist, saw it from the outside. Hitler 
lived and suffered inside the system and and Karl 
Marx gave the world a message of hate, of [unreadable], 
of a brutal materialism, while Hitler brought it a 
message of Peace and revival of the message of the gospel.
p. 148

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