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TO:  Col. William J. Donovan
DATE: March 8, 1943
FROM: Dr. Walter C. Langer

SUBJECT: Memorandum on Hitler's Proclamation to the 
National Socialist Party on the Anniversary of its 
Founding February 24, 1943

A psychoanalytical study of Hitler's Proclamation is 
scarcely feasible due to the fact that it was prepared 
in advance and read by another person. Furthermore, we 
have no way of knowing what Hitler actually said in this 
Proclamation. We have three versions at our disposal: 
(a) the short wave trans-ocean broadcast reported by 
AP appearing in the New York Times, Feb. 23, 1943; 
(b) long wave broadcasts in German from Oslo, presumably 
intended for the German troops in the Northern area; and 
(c) the Berlin press version broadcast on short wave in 
Morse code over DNB.

No two of these versions agree with each other, although the 
core of each is fundamentally the sane. Obviously, the original 
proclamation was severely edited and whole paragraphs deleted. 
The AP version contains the essential core but due to the 
omitted paragraphs it seems, at first glance, like a jumble 
of disconnected thoughts. It is safe to assume that the original 
was not disjunctive and that the editing of the different 
versions was done with a definite goal in view. It is barely 
possible that the editing in the English version was designed 
to create the impression that

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Col. William  J. Donovan                          - 2 -                           
March 8, 1945

Hitler's mental condition is far more serious than it is in 
reality. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand why some 
of the paragraphs appearing in the German versions should 
be omitted since they contain no incriminating material.

Even the Berlin Press version, the longest and most complete 
of the three, shows a great many signs of tampering. In fact, 
it is far more difficult to understand the disparities between 
the two German versions than between either of these and the 
English. Perhaps the aim underlying the editing can best be 
illustrated by an examination of the same paragraph as it 
appeared in the three different versions.

Berlin Press version    

When, in 1929, I announced in this hall the, Party program 
and the decision to annihilate the enemies of our people, 
with all the fanaticism of which we were capable, I was a 
lonely and unknown man. Germany, however, was going 
through her deepest humiliation. The number of those who 
believed in her revival was negligible. The people who 
hoped for this to happen within our lifetime were fewer 
still. The few followers who adhered to me at that time 
were faced by an almost crushing enemy. superiority. For 
each 100 National Socialists, there were many millions of 
enemies, partly misguided, partly filled with hatred, not 
counting those of little faith who always wait for success 
before they bravely march alongside the victorious party.

Oslo version            
Welch ein Unterschied gegenueber dem Kampf von Heute! 
Denn wie gross auch die Koalition unserer Feinde sein mag, 
sie ist als. Nacht geringer ale die Kraft des Buendnisses der 
Voelker die sich der bolschewistisch-plutokratischen 
Vernichtung entgegenwerfen

AP version.              
The party has always been imbued with unbendable 
determination not to capitulate in any circumstances 
and not give up the struggle in any case before the 
conspiracy of our enemies has been snapped off at its 
core and been eliminated.

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Col. William J. Donovan                           - 3 -                  
March 8, 1943

Throughout the Berlin press version there is a great deal 
about the Party, its lowly beginnings, its loyalties and its 
undying devotion to Hitler. Interestingly enough, there is 
very little said about the Bolshevist menace on the Eastern 
front. The great enemy of Germany and the world in general 
is, as it was from the first days of the National Socialist 
Party, the Jew. The big difference is that now the Jew has 
allied himself with the Bolshevists and the democracies: 
"The same joint front of enemies we had to face in Germany 
now faces us again as an alliance between Jewish bankers 
of New York, the Jewish plutocratic ruling caste of London 
and the Jews in Moscow's Kremlin." Furthermore, "Above all, 
this war demonstrates incontrovertibly the complete 
identity of plutocracy and Bolshevism, as well as the 
eternal unchanging aim of all Jews which
is to despoil nations and convert then into slaves."

In both of the German versions he has much more to say 
about the Jewish menace than is included in the AP text. 
He is liberal in his prophecies and as the war goes on, 
one nation after another
will realize the Jewish menace and "just as the German 
people, realizing this danger, successfully fought the 
Jewish enemy at home and is now about to finish them 
off once and for all, just so other nations will become 
increasingly conscious of their true selves as the war 
goes on and will finally make common cause against the 
race which works for the destruction of them all."

Just as the Jew has always been responsible for all of 
Germany's misfortunes, so he is now responsible for the 
present war and the 

00011313.gif  page 4

Col. William J. Donovan                         - 4-                          
March 8, 1943

miseries of the German people. This is the whip Hitler has 
always used to arouse the German people to action and it is
 difficult to escape the impression that coming in this form 
at the present the can only mean new pogroms. In another 
place, the Berlin version says "For, thank Heaven, not only 
the Jews in London and New York have unambiguously stated 
what Fate has primarily intended for the German people; 
those is [sic]  Moscow have done so, too. But we are 
determined to give them a no less clear reply."

If this impression is correct, it seems safe to assume 
that resentments within Germany are rising to a 
threatening degree. An examination of the past will 
reveal that terror against the Jews almost invariably 
follows a period of rising discontent within Germany. 
It is the old technique of redirecting aggressive 
impulses away from yourself to some scapegoat 
against which they can find  unlimited expression.

All of the material against the Jews is contained in 
identical form in the Oslo version. However, much of 
the material pertaining to the Party is completely 
omitted . In place of it, we find grim determination 
and assurances that Germany is stronger and that 
German might is still superior. It is interesting, for 
example, that the Berlin version omits completely 
the following paragraph:

"As in the period of my struggle for power, every onslaught 
of our enemies and every one of their apparent successes 
made me grit my teeth even more firmly and become more 
determined never to stray from the way. which leads sooner 
or later to my aim. Today, too, I am inspired by the same 
willpower to resolve to the last consequence the task 
which fate has entrusted to me."

00011314.gif  page 5

Col. William J. Donovan    -5-
March 8 1943

In the English version the frequent references to the 
Party are also omitted, as well as any personal references 
such as: "I, an unknown man, could not have [unreadable] 
from this hall on my way through all obstacles." Perhaps 
there is an attempt to create an impression of solidarity 
and determination, together with the paragraph on 
fanaticism which [unreadable] people which does not 
appear in the Berlin version. Together with the 
aforementioned disjunctivity, one might [unreadable] 
the propagandists were trying to present him as an 
insane individual with a fixed determination never to 
yield and that he is prepared to loose all kinds of 
terror. The Berlin version, on the other hand, tries 
to create the impression of the great leader [unreadable] 
single-handed has guided his people away from destruction 
and that the present crisis is only one more obstacle in 
the road to ultimate success. Inasmuch as he has overcome 
many similar obstacles in the past, he is entitled to their 
loyalty in his present struggle and they can help him by 
wreaking vengeance on his enemies who are close at hand, 
namely, the saboteurs and the Jews.

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