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_Page 7 - Langer Memorandum_

democracies who must find their encouragement in 
the most insignificant achievements. The impression 
is cultivated that the people of the democracies must 
wake up, rid themselves of their present leaders and 
select others with vision and integrity who can 
understand the trend of events and, presumably, 
make peace with Hitler when the proper time comes.

The section of the speech in which he asks for unlimited 
power is interesting. At first glance one gets the 
impression that Hitler has turned over a new leaf 
and now requests power before he wields it. This 
would be a considerable divergence from his past 
performances, as for example in the Blood Purge, 
when he wielded the power first and got authorization 
afterwards. On more careful reading, however, we find 
that he wielded such power on the Eastern Front last 
winter when he only believed that the German people 
had invested it in him. Likewise he tries to create the 
impression that the dissenters or slackers were few 
in numbers and that their failure to do their duty was 
solely the result of the hardships and tensions they 
had to endure. Then, however, we find him referring 
to wiping out whole groups who failed to live up to 
what was expected of them and we begin to wonder 
if the purge was not quite extensive.

His use of the term "selbstheiligen" is significant. It is
 difficult to imagine anybody in Germany to whom this 
term was applicable who was not in the highest ranks of 
the military or the

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_Page 8 - Langer Memorandum_

party and one who was not in close contract with Hitler 
himself. In other words, we can surmise from this remark 
that there are dissenters within the ranks of his closest 
advisers. One can imagine that this dissension is confined 
solely to the Russian campaign and its results. This is 
certainly cause for dissension but it hardly seems enough, 
by itself, to account for Hitler's attitude at this time 
when the Spring Offensive is about to begin. It may have 
other sources which we will consider in a moment.

In any case, it seems necessary for Hitler to hold this 
extraordinary power as a whip over the heads of some 
of his ranking officials. In order to justify his request 
for this extraordinary power he tries to create the 
impression that this is an extraordinary war and 
consequently must be fought by extraordinary means. 
The war is one of life or death for the German nation 
and its outcome will determine the destiny of the world 
for hundreds or thousands of years. A war involving such 
stakes can, of necessity, be determined only by a long 
and protracted struggle requiring more than ordinary 
courage and endurance. Defeat for the Germans would 
mean the slaughter of millions of people as it did in 
Russia. Everything must be sacrificed to prevent such 
an outcome in comparison with which the present 
state of the war effort, the partial starvation and 
the Nazi domination of all activities is infinitely 
better than the consequences of giving in. From which 
the conclusion is to be drawn

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_Page 9 - Langer Memorandum_

that the sacrifice of all acquired rights and submission to 
additional Nazi terror and lawlessness are the sole 
protection of the German people against the Bolshevist 

One could also surmise from his speech that Hitler does 
not propose to make his peace overtures in the near future. 
First the Fifth Columnists must do their work, then 
increased submarine warfare against England and then, 
perhaps, some concentrated bombings which will inflict 
untold misery on the people, who should then be amenable 
to his proposals. Also, perhaps, a few spectacular 
victories against the Russians, although one has the 
feeling that in this speech he is leaving loopholes for 
himself to make peace overtures even though he fails 
to defeat Russia.

One very important point remains for consideration, 
namely, his scanty references to Japan. He talks at 
length about the great achievements of Italy which 
are meager in reality and makes little mention of the 
achievements of Japan which are impressive. One would 
expect, at this time, that he would magnify them rather 
than to diminish them. We must suppose that he has 
ulterior motives in not doing so. What are these motives.? 
From the few remarks that he makes in this speech, it is 
impossible to say. We might suppose that in order to woo 
England he must soft-pedal Japan. If the British. Empire 
is to remain intact as he implies, provided that it works 
with the New Order, it would require considerable 
settlement with Japan. Perhaps he does not feel that 
this is the time to talk

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_Page 10 - Langer Memorandum_

of such a settlement. Or, again, we might suppose that 
his feeble references to Japan are designed to indicate 
to the English that he is ready to sell them down the river 
whenever England is ready to talk peace. He therefore 
treats them lightly as though they were unimportant to 
his future plans.

 There is, however, another possibility which seems (to me) 
even more likely, namely, that Hitler and the leading Nazis 
are afraid of the growing power of Japan. It looks almost 
as if some of the ranking Nazis were beginning to question 
the wisdom of the alliance with Japan and her entry into the 
war. While Germany struggles to acquire relatively worthless 
territory in Europe at terrific costs, they see Japan acquiring 
the colonies, rich in raw materials, which Germany has always 
coveted, with comparatively small losses. At the time of 
Hitler's speech Japan stood on the doorstep of India which 
has for years been the dreamland of the Germans - Japan 
seizes the world's riches while Germany fights for worthless 
territory which may prove to be a liability rather than an 
asset. It is possible that the German leaders are beginning 
to wonder who will recover these territories from Japan 
when the war is ended and Germany, together with the 
other European nations, are exhausted.

It has long been known to psychoanalysts that one of the 
Germans' favorite defense mechanisms in propaganda is 
that known as _projection_. By means of this mechanism 
they project on to others their own wishes, ambitions 
and fears. The clearest example is to

00011335.gif  page 11

_Page 11 - Langer Memorandum_

be found in connection with the Jews. By projection Hitler 
is able to accuse the Jews of planning all the things which 
he himself wants to do. May it not be that in the present 
instance he is projecting his own fears, anxieties and 
difficulties to the English? In one place he says that 
England has made a tremendous error in allying itself 
with the United States since in the end she will find her 
ally stronger than herself. The same may be true of 
Germany in respect of Japan. In another place he says 
of England that if she wins she wins nothing, while if 
she loses she loses everything. May this not be equally 
true of Germany in regard to things of value? Perhaps it 
is he who finds himself in the position of having sold 
Germany down the river to Japan and his advisers and 
ranking officials may be rebuking him for it.

When we view the speech in its entirety from this point 
of view, it begins to make sense. There is a reason for 
laying the foundations for peace overtures in the not too 
distant future. Certain it is that nowhere in the speech 
does Hitler lay any claim to credit for bringing Japan 
into the War. If everything were above-board we would 
expect this to be a feather in his cap. Instead of that we 
find that Japan's entry into the war was the result of the 
stupidity of the democracies. May this not be another case 
of projection? That all is not well is evidenced by the cool 
commentaries on Hitler's speech given by the Japanese 
radio in the days immediately following its delivery.

00011336.gif  Page 12

_Page 12 - Langer Memorandum_

Whatever the case may be, this latter point of view offers 
us an excellent opportunity for counter-propaganda to 
Germany. By reversing the whole picture and sending it 
back to Germany, (I believe) we will be striking close to 
doubts already existent in the minds of many Germans. While 
Hitler is exhausting the energies of Germany and its allies 
in combating the menace of Bolshevism, he is paving the 
way for the Great Yellow Peril to sweep over Europe 
(although the latter need only be implied). It is our 
opinion that such an approach will tap latent anxieties 
which are far stronger than any connected with the 
Bolshevists and help drive an opening wedge between 
the German people and their leaders.

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