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HansJuergen Koehler
Inside Information                                                            

Henny von Schirach takes quite a special 
position among the wives of the leaders. 
She is the daughter of Hans Hoffmann, Hitler's 
photographer. As a young girl she lived with her 
father in close proximity to Hitler. She was 
extremely pretty and attractive, and it appears 
that Hitler was in love with her for a while. But 
Hitler's make-up......  prevented him from making 
normal approaches to her. So Henny was very soon 
disgusted and turned her attentions elsewhere like 
his earlier flames.

It only remains to say a few words about the women 
whose names have been linked with that of Hitler 
himself. Adolf Hitler has a peculiar kind of perversion 
in his behavior to women which is impossible to 
describe in detail. This, however, did not stop him 
in the early days from showing a very keen interest 
in them. Only when he was compelled to realize that 
this peculiarity excluded normal relations did he 
withdraw to the solitude of Haus Wachenfeld and 
give up the idea of finding a wife who would be 
amenable to his peculiarity. It is absolutely untrue .... 
that Hitler married some months ago. Hitler has gained 
the reputation of being a misogynist, which he by no 
means is. I have already mentioned that I had occasion 
to live for some months under the same roof as Hitler, 
and I have repeatedly noticed how susceptible the Leader 
was to pretty women and how quickly and skillfully he 
withdrew after his first advances.                                                      
In earlier years, this was not so. Once he went as far 
as to be engaged. This was in 1923, the woman was Jenny 
Haug, the sister of his first chauffeur, Actually Hitler 
was already conscious of his perversion which excluded 
the possibility of consumation, so although he courted her 
and took her out frequently he politely took his leave at 
her door. Practical Jenny was by no means content with 
this merely superficial attachment, for she suspected 
that her swain must be intimate with some other woman 
and as a consequence shrank from making love to her more 
violently. Hitler was annoyed about this abd [sic] soon broke 
off the engagement.

The greatest attachment he has had for a woman 
was in his Munich days, and this for his niece, Grete 
Raubal. I have only heard the stort [sic] told by friends 
in the Party, as Grete herself - or 'Geli, as Hitler called 
her -took her life in 1930 out of grief for her "Alf's 
abnormality. Grete grew up in her uncle's house. She 
appears to be the only woman who has loved him really 
unselfishly and who strove for a permanent tie with him. 
As she was the daughter of his step-sister a legal 
marriage would have been possible.
Hitler loved his niece enough to think of wedding her 
yet he knew that his abnormality woild [sic] make a 
marriage scarcely tolerable. He visited several well 
known doctors and even underwent treatment which, 
however, was not successful. In spite of this he 
endeavored to steer his relations with Geli into normal 
channels, for he believed that he would find in her a 
sympathetic understanding. It seems that Geli was with 
him in his efforts. But the various courses of

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Hansjuergen Koehler
Inside Information                                  

of treatment which he had undergone became public knowledge
and were used by friends and opponents for extortion. This,
and their actual relationship which was becoming more and more
intolerable, finally seem to have driven Geli to suicide.
[Unreadable] all events Hitler was for a while completely Geli's, and
her death was a very heavy blow for him.
Nevertheless, quite a number of other women have played
a certain part in his life. In his Munich days his friend
Esser's rather common wife took his fancy. There followed
in rapid succession Erna Hanfstaengl, (Putzi Hanfstaengel's
sister), and Winifred Wagner .... Both affairs fell through
without any more intimate attachment having been formed
[unreadable] although he still keeps [unreadable] very good 
friendship with them. Then Hitler fell for Leni Riefenstahl, 
the film star, and the prima-donna, Margarete Slezak. 
More recently he took a liking to an American dancer 
and a young Englishwoman whom he h.d invited to Haus 
Wachenfeld. All these women
have passed before him like shadows and, as is 
understandable, have done nothing to alter the morbidity 
of his nature.
It must be stressed that the Leader is decidedly not 
a homosexual. All such rumors are based on the fact 
that it cannot be proved that he has had any normal 
relations with women. His sexual abnormality is of 
quite different a nature. It is not incumbent upon me 
to go into details regarding this rather rare condition, 
and to do so would only give offense. It will be for the 
medical profession, at a later date, when Hitler is but 
a name, to expatiate on this aspect. I am convinced that 
lack of knowledge on this point leaves much unexplained 
in his life and disposition, because the absence of facts 
leaves his character incomplete. It must be stated that 
the facts arc well know to a number of doctors and also 
by his own circle.

pp. 23-25; Koehler, Inside Information

One of Hitler's affairs was with [unreadable] pretty 
opera singer, Margarete Slezak ..... Her mother was a 
Jewess; but this made no difference during the brief 
infatuation of the Fuehrer. Nor did he hesitate to visit 
Bayreuth and admire Winifred Wagner.
The daughter of the great German composer was certainly 
no pure Aryan ....

p. 191, Koehler, Inside Information

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Hansjurgen Koehler 
Inside Information

(From a secret file of Himmler's)
Perhaps I should mention here another newspaper 
cutting ..... dated in the year 1911, it was taken 
from the Kronenzeitung of Vienna. There are only 
a few lines:

Sunday' s Bathing Accidents. 'The unemployed Adolf H. 
drifted into strong currents
while bathing near Greifenstein and was in danger 
of drowning. He was rescued by the bathing attendant, 
Josef Ehrenstrasser. '

pp. 208/209, Koehler, Inside Information

 "e learned that a letter went from the Imperial 
Chancellery to the Mayor of Greifenstein. It roused 
no little sensation in the little summer resort. The 
Chancellery requested the full address of Josef 
Ehrenstrssser, since the Chancellor proposed to 
send him a present. What could the German Chancellor 
have to do with Josef Ehrenstrasser? ....

'If people find out that I once saved the chap's 
life, they'll knock me in the head,' he grumbled.. 
'Tell the Chancellery I'm dead .'
This was done, Greifenstein denied his hero, the 
man who almost made history.

p. 220. Koehler, Inside Information

(Himmler(s secret dossiers)
One note read: 'Boasts that in the early days 
of the party he was always giving the Fuehrer 
money, as one gives
a tip to a servant.' (Hence his effrontery). 
p. 219, Koehler, Inside Information.

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